Packing a “Go Bag” for an Iceland Adventure Wedding

One of the countless things our Iceland Adventure Wedding Planner team talks about on a initial Skype call with potential clients is how unpredictable and challenging the Icelandic weather can be.  And frankly, if they (and their guests) can handle it, since our full day adventure weddings happen rain or shine.  It is important to set yourselves and you guests up for a successful day of adventuring so having everyone pack “go bags” is extremely important.  Let’s embrace the reality of having a crazy weather day during your adventure wedding in Iceland and get prepared for it!  Today we happily walk you through… Packing a “Go Bag” for Iceland Adventure Wedding!  And if you have a sec, checkout our Iceland Wedding Planner Store for ideas and items you can buy right now!

Couple walking on a black sand beach in Iceland

The Icelandic Weather:

So why is a “go bag” even needed?  Iceland is the most unruly weather place you will EVER experience!  No joke.  It is super common for Iceland to have a steady 16 mph winds just like everyday and sometimes gale force wind or sand storms (IE, 60+ mph winds).  More often than we have overcast skies that could bring any element down from sideways rain, snow, sleet, or even just an annoying constant drizzle.  There is a huge difference in being prepared for it and enjoying versus not and being insanely miserable.

The list below is comprehensive and what you two and your Iceland adventure wedding guests should bring in your “go bags” regardless of the time of year you visit.  Also feel free to go back and check out our previous posts on “What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland” and “What to Wear to an Iceland Wedding.”

Packing a “Go Bag” for your Iceland Elopement:

Eloping in Iceland and spending the day exploring will prove to be one of the most exciting and invigorating days of your lives!  So let’s make sure the weather won’t spoil it for you and get you prepared to PLAY in it!  Will you be having a hiking wedding ceremony or can the super jeep get you right in front of your private waterfall wedding ceremony spot?  Packing a “Go Bag” for Iceland Adventure Wedding is super easy and we will break it down for you in 3 sections for you to consider along with giving a shout to our favorite suppliers.

Packing a “Go Bag” for Iceland Adventure Wedding as a Couple:

  1. The actual “Go Bag” for your Iceland Elopement that you’ll put all of your items in…  Our favorite backpack type is a Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack.  It’s one of the more comfortable and easy “day” backpacks we have ever encountered.  If you aren’t a “backpack” type of person and want something a bit more easy then we would suggest a canvas bag that says “And so the Adventure Begins” so you can remember your adventure months to come when you’re getting groceries!
  2. Portable Travel Charger for your phone (with cords).
  3. A “Go Pro,” because who doesn’t want to capture crossing a river in a super jeep?!
  4. Bluetooth Speaker (if doing a bus wedding adventure or have a need for your Iceland cave wedding ceremony).  Our favorite is JBL Xtreme.
  5. Your rings!  Our favorite type to exchange for adventurous couples are the silicone ones!  Check out Swagmat Men’s and RINFIT for women.
  6. Vow Books!  Don’t know what those are?  Head back to our previous Iceland wedding blog post explaining what Vow Books are.  A huge “No No” with us is reading vows off of your phone or hotel stationary.  We encourage you at the very least to invest in these Vegan Leather Vow Books or these custom Wooden Vow Books (super affordable too)!
  7. Any cash payments you owe to vendors in envelopes (people like your Iceland hairstylist, makeup artist, celebrant, etc) and / or if you wish to tip any of the fabulous people involved in your Iceland wedding.
  8. Stainless Steel Water Bottles!  The worst thing you can spend your money on in Iceland is water.  Our water is the most amazing (and safest) to drink on the planet.  So fill your Adventure Water Bottle up from the tap or at your private waterfall after your ceremony!
  9. Hot Hands!  In between your Iceland wedding photos, it is nice to put your coat back on and stick your hands in your pockets that have Hot Hands in them!
  10. Towel(s) in case you get insanely wet!  Borrow them from the hotel, just be sure to bring them back.
  11. Umbrellas!  But if you’re an Iceland Wedding Planner, we always have clear ones in our gear box.  If you’re not one of our clients, we highly encourage you to purchase Totes Signature Clear Umbrellas!
  12. Personal Snacks to keep you from getting “hangry!”  …Our personal favorite: Champagne  Gummy Bears or anything from Sugarfina!
  13. If you have not added on our Highland Porta-Potty, make sure ladies you come with a SheeWee or Venus to Mars and a Bridal Buddy (Note: The Bridal Buddy can be handy for longer hikes too!) to make your bathroom experience in nature easier!
  14. Feel free to also review the guest packing section of this post to see if any other items apply to you both while packing  a “Go Bag” for Iceland Adventure Wedding!  …don’t forget important things like sunscreen!


Tips for Packing a Bride “Go Bag” for an Adventure Wedding:

  1. Makeup Bag with your makeup inside in case you want to touch up!  Our favorite  says, “And so the Adventure Begins…
  2. Bridal Emergency Kit: Our favorite travel worthy one is The Minimergency Kit.
  3. Fur Shawl, we love this faux one from Caracilia!  Guess what, we also have a fantastic Iceland Wedding Planner blog post on Bridal Coats if you want more options!
  4. Gloves- Our favorite Arctic wedding gloves are by 66 North, soooo warm!
  5. A Parka or big ass coat to wear in between.  An idea, anything from Helly Hansen!
  6. Scarf or Blanket to bring along if you are opting out of a shawl.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner pick is from Icewear, the Hlýja Wool Blanket.
  7. Extra Socks!  Like SealSkinz.
  8. Hot Hands, strategically placed of course 😉


Packing a “Go Bag” for Iceland Adventure Wedding Groom:

  1. Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kit!  Has all sorts of things he might forget or need!
  2. Waterproof Socks, nothing worse than a cranky groom because he has wet feet!  Our favorite problem solver while packing a “go bag” for Iceland adventure wedding, are SealSkinz.
  3. Rainboots, so you can run through rivers and hike up mountains!  Our current favorite are Sperry Men’s Avenue Duck Rain Boots.
  4. Rain and Windproof Coat like anything from Helly Hansen!
  5. Gloves like these from SealSkinz
  6. Flask to fill with Icelandic Alcohol, you know just in case you need a little rainy day pick me up 😉  Our favorite is from My Trendy Kitchen  or an Adventure Flask.

Packing a “Go Bag” for an Iceland Adventure Wedding with Guests:

If you plan an Iceland wedding with guests, it’s super important for them each to pack a “go bag” to keep themselves happy, calm, and comfortable throughout the challenging weather conditions.  Many of our adventurous couples provide Iceland wedding welcome bags for their guests. They usually have all sorts of items that will keep them going throughout the entire day which is also an excellent idea if you have the budget to provide.  But for now we will share with you a list you can share with your Iceland wedding guests:

  1. Medications they may need for 8-12 hours adventuring (IE, Travel size things like Advil, DayQuil, Pepto, Dramamine, etc).
  2. Portable Charger with built in cords, our favorite is by Charmast.
  3. Rain and Windproof Gear – Our favorite men’s pants for guests are Prana!
  4. Layers like long underwear, SmartWool, etc.   See our “What to Wear to an Iceland Wedding” blog post for more info on your guests preparing.
  5. Adventurous wedding footwear like hiking boots (Salewa are faves of ours), Sorels, and Sperry’s (specifically the Duck Boots).  Some people bring an extra pair too!
  6. Fleece Lined Leggings (in multi-colors) are our favorite!  You’ll love these!!  Sooo deliciously warm!
  7. Extra Socks!  Sealskinz Socks are  invincible!
  8. A Hat and Gloves.  Our favorite is the Merino Wool Beanie from Smartwool!
  9. Hot Hands Variety Pack!
  10. Things to entertain yourself between locations (or if you are bringing a child) like a Ipad, book, etc.
  11. Travel Emergency Kit (with things like band-aids, stain remover, sewing kit, etc).
  12. Water Bottle like Hydrapeak Adventure Bottle (Dare you to fill it up at one of our countless waterfalls or whatever will keep you going hot or cold!) and Personal Snacks.
  13. Money / Credit Card just in case!  Our favorite international (no foreign transaction fees) is the famed Chase Sapphire card!
  14. Personal things like chap-stick, sunglasses, emergency poncho, mints, facial tissues, safety pins, umbrella (if it’s not windy), fashion tape, etc!
  15. A camera!  Although a professional photographer will be in tow, it’s nice to capture the beauty of the unique places you will experience!  Our favorite rugged travel camera is the Olympus Tough Camera.
  16. A backpack to put it all in like the Marmot Brighton Backpack.
  17. And one more fave for your travels to/from Iceland, make sure you snag the BEST travel pillow combo!

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