Iceland Hidden Waterfall Wedding Ceremony Adventure of JoAnne + Corbin

Sometimes secrets are good.  Especially when they protect a relationship and love that is in the midst of blossoming!  Two adventurous, caring, and career motivated people found their way to each other thanks to a super sweet box office film called G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Since they were co-workers on the set of this captivating film, they needed to keep their relationship a bit of a secret until they completed it.  Not sure if either of them knew they would fast forward 9+ years later to having an Iceland hidden waterfall wedding!  Allow me to welcome you to the Iceland adventure wedding of JoAnne + Corbin!

As we alluded to moments ago, Californians JoAnne and Corbin share a passion in the film business.  But that is not the only commonalities between this duo… For the 9+ years they dated they traveled near and far together falling deeper in love.  They found their way as far north as Iceland, South as South Africa, and so many places epic places in between!  March 2015 was the year they ventured to Iceland in hopes of witnessing the Northern Lights together.  Upon arrival to Iceland, they were greeted with a snow storm.  But luckily for them they rented a car to explore the island and were able to experience Iceland both snow covered and also the yellow-ish green that sits underneath during the winter months.  J+C left Iceland completely renewed, revived, and under the islands magical spell leaving them dying to return again!

The Proposal:

Okay okay okay so we know how they fell in love with the idea of Iceland…. But then how did the proposal go down?  Well the funny fact in all of this is that Corbin had JoAnne’s engagement ring for 4 years before we found the right moment to propose.  He had anticipated doing it under the Northern Lights when they explored Iceland, but the weather gods did not get the memo!  So several months later Corbin decided it was the perfect time to propose while at home in Los Angeles on a random Sunday so JoAnne would have no idea 😉  She said “YES!” and Iceland wedding planning began!

Well sort of, they were actually originally thinking about Patagonia (our Your Adventure Wedding team would have helped them there!) and then found their way going back to the land that felt so MAGICAL to them, Iceland.  With Icelandair and Wowair both offering such amazing flight deals from LAX to KEF, it was a no brainer to get their loved ones to be alongside of them.  I remember specifically, JoAnne and Corbin saying they LOVED the idea of elopement adventure but with their nearest and dearest “tagging along” to experience the Iceland wedding adventure awesomeness!

Iceland Wedding Planning:

One of our favorite Iceland Wedding Planner Skype interview questions to ask our potential couples, is for them to describe what their “ideal wedding day” looks like or feels like in 3 characteristics.  Not describing a specific kind of place, but the terms they want their wedding adventure to be “summed up” by their guests in years to come.  These two had some of the BEST descriptions… JoAnne’s terms were: Pure; Discovery; and Rustic.  Corbin’s terms were: Informal; Adventure; and Unique.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team was ecstatic to begin crafting their unforgettable options!  So come along with us today to see how their Iceland hidden waterfall wedding adventure turned out!

Hotel Borealis: Iceland Wedding Host Hotel

Following in line with the rustic vibe JoAnne was interested in attaining, our team felt Hotel Borealis was a perfect fit for their July 7th Iceland hidden waterfall wedding adventure! Hotel Borealis is a charming countryside hotel with no frills in room amenities, but rather focuses on your experience of being in the moment with the folks you adore and embracing nature at its best.  It is nestled below the mountain Búrfell so you are up close and personal with the mountains!  And each night you can relax your tired hiking legs in the hot tub!

Our dynamic Iceland wedding photography team Your Adventure Wedding and Jean Smith began around 5am with capturing JoAnne and Corbin’s amazing details.  We loved loved loved that JoAnne has 2 Iceland wedding dresses!  One of course for the adventure portion and the other for the Iceland wedding reception.

The only traditional aspect that J+C wanted to keep in their adventure wedding in Iceland was having a formal “first look” moment before their adventure wedding in Iceland.  Although it was raining, it was such a beautiful quite moment for them to share before the amazing fun with their guests began!  All of their guests were bustling around in excitement to get the adventure started!  So when our Iceland 4×4 super jeep team arrived everyone was all smiles and ready to go.

Iceland Hidden Waterfall Wedding Ceremony:

JoAnne, Corbin, and their 20+ Iceland wedding guests loaded into the super jeeps with their “go bags” in tow.  The ride to J+C’s Iceland hidden waterfall wedding ceremony location was picturesque!  Arriving to the waterfall, our Iceland Wedding Planner team prepared the site with black wooden chairs (from the rental section of our website).

Our favorite Pastor performed an intimate ceremony which connected note only the bride and groom to a lifetime commitment but also to our unforgettable land of fire and ice!  Following the adventurous Iceland wedding ceremony, the group toasted the fabulous bride and groom!

Waterfall Wedding Photos in Iceland:

One of the sweetest things about having and adventure wedding in Iceland with guests, is that your guests have their own adventure within your amazing journey!  You are truly gifting them with an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.  So after JoAnne and Corbin finished their family portraits, our Iceland wedding photographers created some amazing portraits of them while their guests explored the Iceland wedding location on their own.  Such a perfect end to their Iceland hidden waterfall wedding ceremony!  And did you see JoAnne’s awesome Iceland wedding bouquet?  It’s a silk one from the rental section of our website!

Adventure Wedding Locations:

There are a lot of Iceland wedding locations which take our breath away and several we could spend hours at but this canyon waterfall seriously feels like the first time every single time…  Each time we visit, I feel like we should be buzzing through it in a helicopter with the Jurassic Park theme song playing.  Note: Fast forward to 2:34 in the song and then peruse these amazing Iceland hidden waterfall wedding images!  Who doesn’t love Iceland wedding locations that look like a Jurassic Park movie set?!

July Iceland Wedding:

One of the huge benefits of having your Iceland summer wedding between June 15 – July 15th is that you will have Alaskan lupines likely in your wedding photos!  JoAnne, loved the look of the purple flowers and ask if there was a location within their adventure wedding route they could stop at.  Our Iceland wedding planning and photography team of course made that happen!  …they just do happened to be near a super cool mountain and waterfall too!  #toofer!

Private Geothermal Area for Iceland Wedding Exploration:

You cannot plan an Iceland adventure wedding without having some element of fire or ice in your wedding photos.  JoAnne and Corbin, alongside of their guests explored a private geothermal area together.  It was such a dreamy location for Iceland wedding photos… All that steamy romance!  Note: Our Iceland Wedding Planner ensures the safety and education of all folks involved in our adventure wedding days.  At no point were our clients or their guests in unsafe areas.

Offbeat Black Sand Beach for Iceland Wedding Photos:

Black sand beaches are quite abundant throughout Southern Iceland.  One of the last locations that this Iceland adventure wedding group journeyed to was a private black sand beach.  The sun was shinning so soaked in every drop as they ran around the whimsical sand dunes!

Iceland Wedding Reception at Hotel Borealis:

The group returned to Hotel Borealis around 6:30pm.  They had about 60 minutes to rest and refresh before embarking on Part Two of the day… The Iceland wedding reception!  Hotel Borealis has a lovely rustic barn to hold a private Iceland wedding reception in.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team decorated the elegant reception with earthy brown accents, candles, and eucalyptus.  The group delighted in a 3 course meal and finished the night with a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Did you find yourself loving JoAnne and Corbin’s Iceland wedding locations, the overall vibe, and the decor?  Want something just as adventurous and beautiful?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to speak with you more about crafting your own privately unique day, contact us for more information!

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