Iceland Wedding Details: Vow Books

The vows you say on your wedding day in Iceland, may be the most personal statement you will ever write in your life.  The intention is to declare your undying love, honor, respect, gratitude, and promises of the future, to the person who you will adventure together through life forever with.  Crafting your wedding day vows takes time, tenderness, love, and lots of thought!

Will your Iceland wedding vows be emotionally driven?  Reminiscent? Affirmations for your future together?  You’ll find yourself speaking from your heart, I’m sure of it!  After putting in all of that focus and attention, in writing them… What would be worthy of holding them?

Allow me to introduce you to one detail of weddings that I would encourage you to purchase as a lifetime keepsake:

Vow Books

More often then not, we’ve seen Iceland destination wedding couples scribble their vows onto the hotels stationary or use their phones to read their heartfelt vows from.  We urge you to STOP this now as you plan your Iceland wedding (or elopement) because of 2 big reasons…

1- It looks awful from a Iceland wedding photography perspective (see Iceland wedding photo below for reference).

2- You have no tangible keepsake you can share with each other (or your legacy) later on in life.

Imagine, on every anniversary of your wedding ceremony in Iceland, being able to pull out your wedding vows and affirm your bond with each other by having them crafted into a keepsake book.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how special that would be for you!

So now you’re likely wondering where you can find vow books that may accent your personalities, wedding location, colors, or theme.  You’re in luck, we have some great advice for you to consider!


Our personal favorite Iceland wedding vendor who hand crafts vow books that truly turn into a lifetime heirlooms is:

Wedding Story Writer

Wedding Story Writer’s, quality in creating vow books is unmatched.  Never have my fingertips been so happy with the dreamy textures they offer.  They invite you to have your choice in color, fabric, and cover text.  What text would be meaningful to you both, to have on the front of your Iceland wedding vow book… “Happily Ever Ever,” “I Do,” “Vows,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Our Vows,” or a custom saying?  And if you really want to take it up a luxury notch then upgrade your vow book to include your vows written in stunning calligraphy!  What an unforgettable keepsake to walk away with after your Iceland wedding day adventure!

Iceland Wedding Planner Tip:

Weatherproof your vows!  Have the calligraphy pages laminated and/or have the keepsake box on the ground at your Iceland wedding ceremony location to ready to bring the vow books out from and put away in after use.


Additional unique vow book options for your Iceland destination wedding could be perusing through the handcrafted Amazon selection.  Another goodie… BHLDN offer a simple selection such as the below, we personally had for our Lofoten Islands Elopement:

Sentimental Way to Create a Vow Book:

Write your Iceland wedding vows into your partners favorite book!

Iceland Wedding Planner Advice: What if you surprise your partner with vow books on your Iceland wedding day, as their “day of gift“?!

Budget Minded Vow Book Options:

DIY your own Iceland elopement vow books… Make it a fun “date night” activity!  Buy notebooks that have wooden hardcovers and purchase/borrow a Dremel (for wood burning/etching) and engrave the front!  The lovely Kara at the Happy Go Lucky blog also shares with you a DIY vow book template, here!

Iceland Wedding Planner Tip: What if you have the GPS coordinates of your wedding location on the front?

So as you say your wedding vows, remember this helpful Iceland wedding planning advice and put those unforgettable vows in something you will love and cherish dearly later!

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