Glamorous Destination Wedding in Iceland: Cameron + Beau

“I choose you and I will choose you over and over.  Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you.” –Anonymous

We are presented with a million choices everyday.  From what time we get up, to what we eat, do, who we spend our time with, to who we love.  We also have a choice everyday to choose joy.  Choose to be happy in any kind of situation.  Today I’m SUPER excited to share with you an Iceland wedding that was a personal favorite of this past summer!  It’s not often I meet a couple that exudes positive energy like we do, who also knows exactly what they want, knows their own personal travel style,  respects their own individual limits, understands what their family / guests will be happy and most comfortable with, and straight-up says they are getting married in Iceland somewhere EPIC outside no matter the weather.  Oh la la and the Icelandic weather gave us her best extreme rain and wind!

<< Meet Cameron + Beau >>

Cameron and Beau met senior year at UARK (University of Arkansas) and were both brave enough to start their adventurous travels together on their first date by heading to New York City!  In their 6+ years together they have spent their days exploring the world together falling in love, you know the kind of love that only exists when you face travel challenges together.  From North (Austria – Iceland) to South (Peru – Tasmania), hiking to scuba diving, these two have set the bar pretty darn high in regards to #couplesgoals!

But THESE TWO, seriously guys… they get “all the feels” from our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  To listen to each of them talk about the other on how they admire, love, respect, and wouldn’t be the same person without the others encouragement behind them is amazing.  Like wow-wee, can we say poster-couple for the perfect romance and lifetime marriage?!  Not to mention the fact they both embrace their individuality from each other, taking separate trips, participating in separate hobbies, etc.

So where does a super awesome travel-minded couple like this decide to get married?  Holding an adventure wedding in Iceland, of course!  Cameron contacted us about 8 months before their fabulous wedding date, hoping to make a summer wedding in Iceland doable.  August is our busiest month of the entire year so planning in such short timing and bringing a group can be tricky when it comes to having your first picks on Iceland wedding hotel options.  But luckily they were keeping it intimate and only bringing 10-12 guests, so Iceland wedding planning began!

From the very beginning Cameron and Beau were pretty forward about not wanting to have a full day adventure wedding (since our typical Iceland adventure weddings / elopements usually have a 5am start time) and we appreciated and respected that!  Rather than discovering 4-10 private locations throughout the day they wanted to have a laid back morning of casually getting ready and exploring 2-3 Iceland wedding locations fully.  We were happy to craft a glamorous Iceland wedding experience for them from start to finish, so come along with us today and relive their adventure!  Also check out the beautiful Aisle Perfect blog who recently featured their gorgeous wedding adventure, HERE.

The rainy but lovely foggy morning began at Icelandair Klaustur around 9am with a delicious breakfast, champagne, and Cameron’s talented sister (Blonde Fayetteville) doing her hair and makeup.  Oh my gosh, you MUST see Cameron’s glamorous Iceland wedding details… From the captivating Haley Paige wedding dress (Thanks- Tesori Bridal), to the stunning ring, earrings, and adventure wedding boots (Timberlands).

Beau, had an amazing custom made suit that had his name embroidered in the shirt and the suit jacket!  Brilliantly styled groom details!  That morning, Beau, got ready with the help of his father and even had time to enjoy and Icelandic beer before we headed out for the Iceland wedding adventure day!

The super jeep team lined up outside of the hotel, ready for Cameron and Beau’s half day Iceland adventure wedding day.  Everyone was boasting with excitement!  But first, our Iceland Wedding Planner and super cool video team (White in Revery) grabbed Cameron and Beau and headed to the first location of the day for a intimate first look at a secret waterfall.  A perfect kickoff to their luxury adventure wedding!  It’s super nice if having an Iceland wedding with guests, to have a few minutes before to yourselves.  Despite the pouring rain, Cameron and Beau embraced it by literally dancing and laughing in it and were all smiles!

Cameron and Beau invited 10+ of their loved ones with them to Iceland to join in on the intimate exploration the mysterious Icelandic highlands during their custom adventure wedding.  Since epic, private, and luxury were priorities on their list of “must haves” for an Iceland wedding location, our team transported them to a stunning secret waterfall where they professed their lifetime commitment to each other.  Keeping their guests comfy despite the rain was also important, so the twist of luxury of having black benches and reindeer furs were perfect!

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed having their own mini-adventure within Cameron and Beau’s big day as the couple had Iceland wedding photos taken throughout the awesome secret waterfall area!  Sooo magical!! #bestdayever

A hidden colorful Icelandic canyon was also on the adventure wedding day agenda to explore!

On many of our adventure wedding routes, there are even more secret waterfalls to enjoy and rivers to cross along the way!

Everyone loaded back into the super jeeps, curious to know where the next awesome place was… Beau + Cameron surprised their guests with having a luxury champagne toast in a fantastic natural cave!  It was the perfect place to seek shelter in from the rain and the ideal “morale boost” during an adventure wedding day.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team had a beautiful luxurious champagne toast ready for these two love birds and their guests!  A delicious shout out to our friends at La Caravelle and Hafliði Ragnarsson (HR Chocolates)!

The guests went back with one of the jeeps and the Iceland photo and video team stayed behind to capture some romantic moments inside of this natural cave in Southern Iceland.  Did you know…. This cave is named: Hjorleifshofdi and is on private property and requires special permission to use for any type of event and to have any commercial / professional photography done in (or around the outside area).  Iceland Wedding Planner is the only wedding planning and photography team with exclusivity to this beautiful cave for anything wedding related?  Please see more info HERE.

Upon arriving back to our Iceland wedding hotel, the group had time to rest and refresh to catch their second wind!  They were then invited back down to delight in an elegant Iceland wedding reception!  A several course meal followed and everyone got to taste both a traditional Icelandic wedding cake and a American style wedding cake to finish the glamorous Iceland wedding day!

Cameron + Beau,
Epic day you two!!  Thanks for choosing our Iceland Wedding Planner team to help you plan your adventure wedding in Iceland and forever document it!  We hope you find your way back to Iceland every year to celebrate your anniversary and discover new secret areas!

What a day!  One for the books for sure!!  …and I’m sure all of their wedding guests who came to Iceland would all agree: BEST.WEDDING.OF.THE.YEAR!  Okay okay okay, so now go and checkout their stunning Iceland wedding video by the crazy talented White in Revery!  It STILL gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!


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