Háifoss & Granni Waterfall Hike Details

Impressed by tall waterfalls?  Likely then exploring a 400 foot high one in the central highlands sounds like fun to you!  Therefore, allow our Iceland Wedding Planner team to introduce you to Háifoss and Granni Waterfalls!  In fact, if you have time there are more waterfalls in this area nearby.  And you could have a look at a famous volcano on the way too…

Þjórsá River Valley

Iceland’s longest river is named Þjórsá.  Firstly, it runs over 140 miles long throughout the south.  Secondly, it originally flows from Hofsjökull glacier and along the way, many other spring fed rivers merge to make it even more powerful.

Thirdly, maybe you even recall the the beautiful proposal session years ago at Þjófafoss (Thief Waterfall)?  Fourth, this river waterfall, plus Hjalparfoss, Gjáin, the volcano Hekla, and today’s featured waterfall hike to Háifoss is part of Þjórsá as well.  How exciting right?!  Meanwhile, there are so many options for discovery in this area during your Iceland self-drive adventure!

Finding Háifoss

Next, back to the tall waterfalls in Iceland topic… If you do not have the stamina or the time to hike to Glymur Waterfall or Hengifoss then Háifoss is perfect for you!  But how do you get there and when can you visit?  Being in the south and on the edge of the central highlands, Háifoss is not a year round location if you do not have the right vehicle or knowledge of the area.  Meanwhile, here is the rundown of specifications to get you started…

Granni and Háifoss Specs:

  • Distance: ~1.35 miles one way (2.15 km).
  • Hike Times:
    • Cliff Top Loop: 5-10 minutes out (one way) to 2 viewpoints.
    • Loop Down to the Falls: 30 minutes to 1 hour (one way) depending on your pace, photo stops, and how far back you go.
  • Terrain:  Loose rocks, dirt/mud, grass, marsh, slippery rocks, bridge, sand, volcanic rocks, narrow ledges, a small ladder crossing, and spots of snow/ice depending on when you go.
  • Elevation Gain: ~787 feet (240 meters).
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate (depending on hiking experience).
  • Háifoss Parking Lot: Google Map
  • Best Time to Hike: Late May to mid October.
  • Notes:
    • Between the months of mid October – Early May, it is best that you hire a local guide with super jeep to be with you.  Why?  The road is “impassable” during that time due to snow, slush, deep ruts, and river flooding.  Furthermore, sometimes in April and May it’s closed by the environmental agency and/or Icelandic Road Authority because of snow melt and is “closed.”
    • Please respect the ropes, signs, and LEAVE NO TRACE!

Driving Info and Times:

Quick directions are as follows:  First, from Route 1 you turn LEFT onto Road #30.  Also referred to as Skeiða- og Hrunamannavegur (you’ll see a car pool parking lot on the left as you turn).  Second, follow this road for about 18km (~10miles) until you see Road #32 (Þjórsárdalsvegur).  Third, turn RIGHT onto #32 and follow this road for about 76km (47 miles).

Fourth, turn LEFT onto Road #332 (called Háifoss Road).  Fifth, you’ll see #332 merge with Road #327 that goes to Gjáin.  But keep on #332 so you turn slightly to the RIGHT.  Be aware there are a few river crossings (not super deep but check before you enter) and then you go up hill towards the powerlines.

  • From downtown Reykjavik: 2 hours 15 minutes (MAP).
  • From the town of Selfoss: 1 hour 25 minutes (MAP).
  • Driving from the village of Hella: 1 hour 30 minutes (MAP).

Háifoss & Granni Hiking Directions

Excited to begin your hike to Háifoss and Granni waterfalls?!  Let’s do this thing!  Feel free to follow these step by step hiking directions for both the top Cliff Loop hike and the bottom inside loop…

Hiking to Granni Waterfall

Meanwhile, keep the journey going and continue the hike further into the Háifoss Canyon to Granni Waterfall!  Personally, I prefer this view than the main… And far less people continue on too so maybe you’ll have it to yourself!

Planning a Wedding at Háifoss Waterfall

Okay so you did the hike and LOVED it.  Or did it vicariously through us here… Likely, your next question is can I get married at Háifoss Waterfall?  The answer is yes, but in advance permission from the landowner / local agencies is needed.  It’s best to hire a local Iceland wedding planner to help you through that process.

In conclusion, although this is not a location that our adventure wedding team goes to any longer due to the increase of popularity, added ropes, signs and barriers… We would love to introduce you to some of our locations that will have ZERO tourists!  Lastly, feel free to contact us to gather more information on what that looks like with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!

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