Icelandic Wedding Adventure: Crystal + Sam

The transition from Summer to Fall in Iceland is one of the most amazing times of the year to experience!  Frankly, it feels like the romance of the season literally overtakes over, leaving you time to just take it all in and be in the moment together!  So as you explore October, you’ll likely notice the crisper temperatures, the color of the moss, ground cover begin to change, and the sound of an adventure plus hot coffee or coco sounds soooo freaking GOOD!  It’s an ideal time to plan an Iceland wedding!


“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”

-Elizabeth Lawrence


In speaking about romantic times of the year, allow me to introduce you to one of our fabulous Icelandic Adventure Wedding clients: Crystal + Sam.  These two California natives met during one of the sweetest times of the year… Valentines Day (February 14th is the official day, for my outside of North America followers).  And of all places to meet, they found their way to a meet and greet singles party over the weekend.  Relationships are always about timing, right?  Luckily, they were both ready and open to meeting someone and as most say, “the rest is history!”

But our Iceland Wedding Planner team, actually loves and wants to know that “history” as ensuring a client is a good fit for an adventure wedding is a very important part of our vetting process.  Over the course of their years together, they found their way all over Europe, discovering Vietnam to Combodia, beyond, and along the way thoroughly enjoying all that San Francisco has to offer partaking in every fun thing they can!  These two are all about making memories together and being fully “present.”  They both leave very busy professional lives but still find the time to do it regardless of what it happening.  I personally envy them and our team was honestly left inspired by that simple quality!  Fast forward to February again (circa 2015) and Sam had planned a romantic night in for them (you know the kind of night that every girl swoons over – chocolate covered strawberries and champagne) for their anniversary and popped the question!

At first when they began destination wedding planning, they were thinking about heading to Italy for a magical twilight wedding.  But then Crystal’s father suggested after the engagement was announced that they consider Iceland… Woah!  After seeing images and find their way to our Iceland Wedding Planner blog and discovering what an “adventure wedding” was, they were hooked!  They were seeking an outdoor wedding no matter the weather and a place that literally “oozed natural beauty.”  Their objective with their Iceland wedding guests, was that they wanted them to be left with a very “powerful impression.”  …and THAT that did!

Follow us today as we relive their Icelandic wedding adventure!  Then make sure you head over to the fabulous Jet Fete and My Hotel Wedding’s blog as you’ll see more of Crystal and Sam there too!

Our adventure style weddings in Iceland always have a very early start to them.  However, if a bride chooses to do her own hair and makeup, she gets to sleep in a tiny bit which Crystal was grateful for as she might have just been re-writing her Iceland wedding vows!  Crystal and Sam wanted to make sure their guests were fully comfortable throughout the dynamic of the day, so each person received a fantastic welcome bag upon arrival to the hotel.

By 8:15am our Iceland wedding super jeep team (2 jeeps plus a private porta-potty) arrived to Hotel Grimsborgir ready to begin the adventure!  Everyone loaded and the excitement was intensifying as the guests read their Iceland wedding timeline cards and didn’t know what to expect upon arrival!

Our Iceland wedding planning and photography team freaking LOVES it when a wedding day begins by crossing these signs…  And so did Crystal and Sam’s wedding guests!  Both jeeps full of people were hooting and hollering!  Upon arrival to the hidden waterfall, the guests didn’t really realize how inspiring the area was until then were literally down inside of the canyon area!  Our team quickly setup Iceland wedding ceremony chairs, the sound guy was ready as well and the meaningful ceremony began.

Crystal and Sam crafted their own ceremony and incorporated some moments in there just for them to share in.  They broke bread together, took their first drink together out of a viking horn, and made Iceland marriage vows to each other that made their friends and family tear up!  We weren’t even half way through the adventure wedding day in Iceland and their guests were already left with am unforgettable impression!

After the Iceland wedding ceremony concluded at the hidden waterfall, they had some group photos, family photos, it was time to get the adventure started by exploring this “Narnia” looking enchanted area!  Oh la la and their Iceland wedding photos are so lovely!  Crystal and Sam both wore rugged boots that were waterproof so that they could easily cross the rivers to do some true exploring like proper adventurers!  Wadding around through rivers was super fun for them and us!

It was one of the more windy days in Iceland and overcast skies that threatened rain, which happens more often than not.  Our wedding planning team encourages providing a hot meal to your guests for lunch as it can help add a “boost” of energy and give people a second wind in challenging conditions.  Crystal and Sam treated their guests to a traditional Icelandic hot dog bbq full of all of the fixings!  It was enjoyed by all!

A few minutes before heading back into the jeeps to the next stop, our Iceland wedding photography team snuck in a few more shots with the drone wedding photos from the top!  They may or may not have ALMOST lost it in the wind 😉  #worthit

The next Iceland wedding location was an epic high cliff waterfall (Note: Our clients were 100% safe the entire time during ALL of these images).

The third stop on their Iceland wedding agenda was an offbeat waterfall that is known to many, but still for the most part remains “bus / heavy tourist” free.  It is a unique waterfall in Iceland that I think carries a beautiful meaning on a wedding day, as it is a “unity” looking waterfall with one running into the other.  It was here we added a fantastic element of Iceland wedding luxury… Champagne tasting!  Partnered with Icelandic chocolates and fruit, YUM!

An Iceland wedding adventure would not be complete without having a super cool shaped mountain in it (the waterfall there is a bonus)!

The final stop of the Icelandic wedding adventure was a private geothermal area.  Is was there that the weather challenged us a bit but Crystal and Sam not only embraced it, powered through it, but had freaking HUGE smiles on their faces savoring the experience!

The crew jumped back into the super jeeps to warm up and begin the route back to the luxury hotel, Hotel Grimsborgir for an intimate Iceland wedding reception!  Don’t worry, the guests and our bride and groom had a nice hour to rest and refresh before!  The styling for the reception was simplistic elegance.

The guests were greeted with menus at their seats and then there were photos throughout Crystal and Sam’s dating escapades that people could relive or ask about the moment (perfect conversation starter between groups) and then take any image they wished home as a keepsake!  The Iceland wedding with guests delighted in a foodie experience of a delicious 3 course meal plus a traditional Iceland wedding cake (Kransakaka)!

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