Iceland Highland Elopement: Katy + David

The Icelandic Highlands (the entire interior part of Iceland is called this) is hands down our favorite place in the world to go exploring.  There are hundreds of waterfalls to discover, “Mars” looking textures, crazy cliffs, raging rivers, gorgeous geothermal areas, frankly the list is endless!  Each year once winter starts to melt away new landscapes appear and this happens again after Summer heading into Fall.  No joke… Like new waterfalls emerge, rivers swell, glaciers start to recede back and we literally witness the “birth of new landscape” as the season transitions.  The mystery and uniqueness that surrounds these places really provide an ideal adventure for an Iceland elopement.

This is exactly the kind of adventurous elopement scenery Katy and David were seeking as they began to destination wedding plan.  After all, they have set the bar pretty high during their relationship from exploring every inch of Australia (where they hail from) and Tasmania to now living in Germany and taking journeys throughout continental Europe and the United Kingdom.  So shortly after a lovely proposal back home in Australia in Sydney Gardens (near to the famed Opera House) David planned a delightful picnic for Katy where he also surprised her by proposing!

While they savored their engagement for a bit, they began brainstorming about where they would elope since the idea of having a big wedding back home sent them both into a stage of panic.  Both having Norse interests and roots, they felt drawn to the Icelandic landscapes and the adventure that came with trying to find them.  Once they found our Iceland Wedding Planner team, they could not see themselves doing anything else except an adventurous Iceland elopement throughout the highlands.

Fall weddings in Iceland, as we have alluded to before, are some of our favorite because of the colors that emerge.  This is also a time that can be quite tricky, because it’s also a time of year where parts of the Highland roads can begin to close because of the roads washing away and snow consuming them.  But it just adds to the EXPERIENCE!  David and Katy decided that early October would be an ideal time to elope in Iceland, as October is a time in Australia when many folks take their holidays (as it is Springtime there in the Southern Hemisphere).

Come along with us today as we share with you their stunning fall Iceland elopement!

Katy + David’s Adventurous Iceland Elopement in the Highlands:

Katy + David’s Iceland elopement began at one of our favorite hotels, Icelandair Vik.  Having an elopement adventure in Iceland with us means you get up very early (most begin between 5-6am) with our fantastic hair and makeup teams.  Katy decided to bring her own silk flowers that had many flowers that were native to Australia as a little piece of home with them.  The bright yellow flowers proved to be a nice “pop” of color for their Iceland wedding photos.  And speaking of color…

Let’s talk about Katy’s amazingly BLUE wedding dress!  As you likely read in one of our previous how to pick an Iceland Wedding Dress, it’s nice to be a contrast in the middle of the landscape you’ll be venturing through.  Then to compliment her dress, David wore a handsome gray suit, making him into a very dapper groom!  As 8am drew near, our team and the fabulous couple headed downstairs to load into the super jeep for the day!

Iceland Elopement Ceremony:

The adventure officially kicked off and everyone was on their way to an offbeat waterfall for the Iceland wedding ceremony.  The excitement was high!  Upon arrival to the waterfall, they had a nice 5 minute hike to the waterfall.  It was there that Pastor Egill performed a moving and inspirational marriage ceremony that was exactly what David and Katy envisioned.

After the ceremony concluded our Iceland wedding photography team took over both on land and in the sky (flying a drone).  There are so many lovely angles on this waterfall so it’s important to get them all!  David and Katy ran around hand in hand laughing and having so much freaking FUN!

The Iceland Elopement Adventure:

It was officially time to head into the formal Icelandic Highlands for a serious adventure wedding day!  We never ever look at the weather on the day because we know it will likely change.  These two were totally prepared for the skies to let loose but got lucky for the first half of the day.  Our first Iceland wedding location brought an endless amount of blue skies and hiking.  It was a location that our Iceland Wedding Planner team had only scouted up to this point and Katy and David were glad to be the FIRST photographed there.

There are secret waterfalls and canyons throughout the Iceland Highlands that will literally and figuratively take your breath away.  Our next stop during Katy and David’s elopement in Iceland did just that.  The colors, texture, tones, and depth that was within were the perfect backdrop for their Iceland wedding photos!

One of the most interesting things about the Icelandic Highlands is how dynamic the landscape is.  Which is one of the many reasons why Katy and David were thrilled to adventure through part of them.  In a matter of 90-120 minutes, they explored 4 secret waterfalls that all looked completely different from each other, fell in love 3 different sets of amazingly shaped mountains, and ventured into an area that seriously LOOKED LIKE MARS.  Yes, Mars.  I mean come on, who doesn’t want Iceland adventure wedding photos that look literally “out of this world?”

So by this point, I think everyone lost count on the number of amazing Iceland wedding locations they were experiencing during their adventurous elopement.  But there was still more fun to be had!  …the beauty of a 10-12 hour adventure wedding day, right?!  Next on the agenda was time to discover the 4th largest glacier in Iceland.

Intimacy is the mission at every Iceland wedding location we explore.  We want you to feel like that place only exist for just you and only in the moment in time.  The next location our super jeep team took Katy and David was to a private super green canyon!  They explored throughout it and savored every second of it during their adventure wedding in Iceland.

Ending the day with something super special is important to our Iceland wedding photography team.  It’s all about full circle story telling. And that may mean many different things like staying up for the Northern Lights, rigging up a fabulous nighttime shot, or chasing an incredible sunset.  During David and Katy’s Iceland elopement, they were lucky to have a glorious sunset to complete their full day adventure wedding!  After sunset, they made way back to Icelandair Vik to rest, refresh, and catch a second wind!  They headed down after 8pm to The Berg for a delicious semi-private dinner for two!

What a day!  …and what an incredible adventurous Iceland elopement they experienced!

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