Vik Iceland Wedding Photographer: Vince + Melissa’s Adventure

There are some adventure wedding days our team wishes we could relive every weekend.  Whether it be because of the couples adventurous energy or the guests positive vibe, the locations, the decor, the dynamic of the day or simply all of the above!  True Story when it comes to this weeks couple we are thrilled to share with you… From the moment our team got the first email from Vince and Melissa and then Skyped with them, we knew they were the right kind of clients for an adventure style Iceland wedding!  Like seriously, poster couple for ‘Who is right for an Adventure Wedding!’  Since the bride, Melissa had spent 2 months here in Iceland previously, falling in love with the food, culture, and music, Iceland immediately came up when they started talking destination wedding locations.  What it boiled down to was that they were seeking an intimate way to experience the more offbeat sides of Iceland together and an exciting way to share it also with their guests.  Finding our Vik Iceland Wedding Planner team was an ideal choice for achieving their goal!

But before we start talking Iceland wedding days with a large group of guests…. Let’s get back to the basics and learn a bit more about these two so you can see how their style and personalities showcased throughout their Vik Iceland adventure wedding day!

Circa Fall of 2013, in New York City, Melissa and Vince both download the super awesome dating application named Coffee Meets Bagel.  When Melissa came into his queue, Vince posed the question: “What’s your favorite scary movie” and Melissa quickly answers back a simple, “IT” whereas Vince’s choice was a romantic pick 😉  Both being so intrigued with the other, they agreed a first date needed to be on the agenda as soon as they were both free.  At the time they were both transplants to New York City (Melissa from Texas and Vince from California) so they were both extroverts who were seekers of experiences and not things.  Their first date began at sweet little circus in New York eating cotton candy, walking, talking, and experiencing the quirkiness of the big top show.  After the show they found their way to having desserts, drink, and finally concluding after a magical 7.5 hours!

Their adventures together led them to do super cool things like cycling, cooking, embrace art, architecture, museums and encourage each others hobbies like sketching, ceramics and leather.  It was several blissful learning years together, where they then decided to make a move from NYC to San Francisco California!  Exciting times for sure for them.  During a trip to SFO before they moved, they met a group of their friends on a Saturday morning at iconic Baker Beach.  Vince and Melissa walk down the stairs while the rest of the group hangs back.  As they get down to down to the beach and Vince started in on a lovely speech where he expressed his never-ending desire, love, and respect for her. He had also brought a vile of sand that was to return to the beach and said that “home is wherever we are together” and it was then he asked her to marry him and she said yes!  But that’s not all… Melissa looks around and then see’s her entire family there on the beach and all of their friends rush down to formally congratulate them!  A super fun party followed!  ::High Five:: Vince!  Epic proposal day!

Shortly after reveling their newly engaged status, they knew with the amount of friends and family that would follow them around the world for a wedding they would need to get started sooner than later!  When they first reached out to our Adventure Wedding Planning team, they expressed interest in not only Iceland, but also the Faroe Islands.  Our umbrella company Your Adventure Wedding happily can flawlessly plan epic offbeat itineraries in both countries but in the end Iceland won out!  Join us today as we delightfully share with you Vince and Melissa’s Vik Iceland wedding adventure with 75+ guests in tow!

Can we give a shout out to our bride, Melissa for a sec for her awesome talent and craftiness?!  She single handily crafted all of their Vik Iceland wedding invitations, timeline cards, and ceremony instruction cards!  They were so memorable and pretty!

The Morning:

Their Iceland wedding adventure day began around 5:30am that brisk October morning.  The Iceland wedding host hotel for this fabulous group was one of our favorites: Icelandair Vik.  Our Iceland wedding hairstylist was hard at work while our Vik Iceland wedding photographers (Your Adventure Wedding Team – Specifically Ann + Jean) were at work capturing all of the glorious details.

The First Look…

It was important to them both that they not see each other while they got ready.  They wanted to have a formal “first look” before heading out on their epic adventure.  But since it was still dark when we were going to leave, we staged the first look inside of the Vik Iceland hotel.  The happiness was brimming as they laid their eyes on each other!

The Vik Iceland Wedding Bus Adventure Begins…

Bringing so many guests (75+) from around the world, Vince and Melissa were not so much budget-minded but more “budget conscience” as they wanted to create an offbeat experience of Iceland via bus versus going all in on our private locations via super jeeps.  With our help and guidance they were able to experience a day that had barely any tourists on-looking!

Upon arriving to their Vik Iceland wedding ceremony location, the guests were asked to take a “bell” and journey down inside of the canyon.  The bride and groom instructed them to all stand in a straight line on both side to create an “aisle” where they bride would walk past and they needed to “ring” the bell.  Then at the time of kissing again ring the bell and finally at the end when the bride and groom would walk by again to ring it endlessly in celebration!  It was a sweet idea for the group to participate in and likely enjoyable for Vince and Melissa to experience as well!

Iceland Wedding Planner Side Note: With a group of this size, we highly recommend that you “seat your guests” instead of having them stand.

Iceland Wedding Photos:

Woot Woot!  Their married in Iceland!  Congratulations Vince + Melissa!  The adventure continued with the exploration of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon continued with gorgeous Vik Iceland wedding photos! …Oh la la and you’ll see firsthand the BEAUTY of having TWO Iceland wedding photographers below!  The intimacy that is captured is unforgettable!

The Adventure Wedding Day Continues…

Being based in Vik Iceland for the adventure wedding day, the group were able to travel a lot further east in a more manageable way (we like to keep our drive times low and experience high).  Since so many people have not ever  had the opportunity to experience a glacier lagoon, it was important to Vince and Melissa that they travel to one with their guests.  Did you know that Iceland actually has several glacier lagoons?  Some require a 4×4, a hike, or just local knowledge on how to get there.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team happily introduced their group to a more offbeat glacier lagoon that they had all to themselves!  At arrival, the large group of Iceland wedding guests were treated to a traditional hot dog BBQ!

Special Note (to non-clients and unaffiliated photographers): Did you know having an event, an Iceland wedding group, ceremony, or any professional photos / drone activity at any of the glacier lagoons within Vatnajökull National Park, requires in advance permission / permit?  True story, so know before you go and respect the land!

Once lunch was enjoyed, Vince and Melissa discovered all of the natural beauty the non-touristy glacier lagoon offered!  Their Iceland wedding photos tell such a gorgeous happy story!

Exploring an Offbeat Iceland Wedding Waterfall:

An adventurous wedding in Iceland would not be complete without paying homage to one of the hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls that dot the countryside.  This specific offbeat waterfall was a perfect Iceland wedding location for their super fun group to explore!

Reynisfjara Black Beach:

As you likely already know either from our FAQ section or by being an Iceland Wedding Planner client, we try to stay away from typical tourist locations unless a couple has a strong desire to see it.  In Vince and Melissa’s case they wanted their friends and family to explore Reynisfjara Beach both because of the ginormous basalt stacks and black sand beach!  The Iceland wedding group arrived just as the time for sunset would be happening but it was overcast skies which drew the darkness in faster.  Luckily, our talented Vik Iceland Wedding Photographers are well-versed in off-camera flash lighting and created magic!

Iceland Wedding Reception:

Arriving back to Vik Iceland, the wedding group had time to rest, refresh, and catch a second wind before rejoining together for dinner.  When Vince and Melissa discussed how they wished for their Iceland wedding reception decor to be, they very much wished to “draw from their experiences and the natural / local environment, along with private space for dancing”  So what did this translate to?  Moss as a table runner with large pillar candles in vases which crafted a very romantic atmosphere!

As guests arrived, the Iceland Wedding Planner day of planner escorted the 75+ guests to their seats.  At each place setting guests found their name on a cotton candy stick which they could then go and pay a visit to “cotton candy” making station.  This little gem was to pay honor to their first date escapades, brilliant ideas!  The group thoroughly enjoyed a traditional 3 course Icelandic meal during their Vik Iceland wedding reception and ended the night with all sorts of dancing into the wee morning hours!

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