Iceland Wedding Ceremony: To Seat or Not to Seat?

If you’re planning on having your Iceland wedding ceremony outside you have some really exciting decisions to make!  One of those being…

To Seat or Not to Seat Your Guests

Seating your guests can be a tricky little decision to make but today, I’d like to give you some Iceland wedding advice for why you should and when you can get away with not…

Why should you seat your guests for your Iceland wedding ceremony?

  1. Comfort of your guests (An Iceland wedding can bring in a whole new level of interesting dynamics like 16+ mph winds, sideways rain/snow, blazing sunshine, or a late starting ceremony.  A chair can make a world of a difference to the guest avoiding fatigue or becoming antsy).
  2. For the sake of your EPIC Iceland wedding photographs!  No joke folks… The framing on your wedding photos will be stellar if you have your guests seated versus not.  If there is not a taller point (or your Iceland wedding photographer doesn’t come with a ladder like we do) then your photographs may not have as awesome of a depth and defining point between you two and your guests without it (Note: There are exceptions to this rule as you will read below).
  3. Allows for you to have a pretty and/or formal aisle way to make your walk down (whether that means you get walked down by someone special, your strut yourself down it yourself or hand in hand with your soon to be!).
  4. This also sets the scene for you to have a rockin’ exit! Hello petal throw, bubbles, or banner waving!
  5. We offer Iceland wedding ceremony seating rentals… Making it very EASY on you!  See HERE for more information on items we rent.


So then you’re probably curious as to how you should seat your guests during your wedding ceremony in Iceland, right?

  • VIP’s in the first row (IE, Parents / Grandparents).
  • If going a traditional route and wanting people to “pick sides” then anyone there specifically supporting the bride would sit on the left hand side (lucky left!).
  • Groom’s family and friends would then sit on the righthand side.
  • The following rows consist of other immediate family and friends.

Additional sensitive issues to keep in mind…

  • Any elderly folks should be seated in the front few rows to be able to see and hear properly.
  • Any parents with small children seated at the end towards the back incase they need to step away.
  • Folks who have any injuries, diseases, or disabilities seated on the ends so their equipment has space.

So then you are now dying to know what seating options are available here in Iceland for your wedding ceremony.. Some sweet and unique selections follow below and vary in price (also be sure to check out our Ceremony Rental section):

  1. Standard Wooden Folding Chairs (typically in black or white)
  2. Chiavari Chairs with Cushions
  3. Clear Chairs
  4. Benches (with and without fur)
  5. Sheep Fur Stools
  6. Wooden Pallets
  7. Antique Chairs
  8. Hay Bales
  9. Driftwood
  10. Icelandic Wool Blankets or Reindeer Skins


Iceland wedding locations or scenarios where you do not need to seat your guests:

  1. Iceland Church Wedding (because they are already there!).
  2. Iceland Glacier Wedding (it’s just not safe between the ice, potential of glacial quick sand, or the length of walk/hike to get to the perfect ceremony spot).
  3. Moss Covered Lava Field (we cannot ruin nature).
  4. Your Ceremony is less than 5 minutes.
  5. You have under 3-6 guests attending and they are fully aware and on board.
  6. You have hired a very capable Iceland Wedding Planner (Day of Planner) who can take charge and clearly direct guests to standing spots that create a nice aisle for you to walk down and your photographers to shoot through.


So what is our preference for you to have during your wedding ceremony in Iceland?  Have chairs, just do it.  They may seem like an unneeded expense at the time of planning but  when you get your wedding photos back, you’ll be so happy you splurged for them (happy comfortable guests)!

Outside of the fabulous choices for Iceland wedding ceremony decor, you should also make the decision on whether or not you will have an unplugged Iceland wedding ceremony.  Our vote is that you for sure DO IT.  I hope today has provided you with some “food for thought” as you plan your epic adventure to Iceland for your wedding!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Wedding Photographers + Planners)


© 2016, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.

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