Glacier Elopement: Heather + Amie

Over 400,000 glaciers across 50 countries line our little planet called earth.  So imagine being a couple who has to narrow down where their glacier elopement will take place.  Hard choice!  But luckily Iceland has 13 insanely beautiful ones to choose from!  And that brings us to our fabulous couple, Amie and Heather whose story we will tell today…

Heather & Amie

From a spring break road trip, a friendship flourished.  Which then led to less and more between Heather and Amie over the years.  However, somehow fate kept intervening and bringing these two back together over the next decade or two.  Then when the pandemic happens, they rekindle their connection and learn how to navigate a long distance relationship.

Next, Heather floats the idea of eloping in Iceland to Amie and the informal proposal leads to the two contacting our team in mid 2021.  In fact, they said the reason for contacting our Iceland Wedding Planner team specifically, was because we were the “best of the best in creating unique experiences for weddings.”  Therefore, lets watch their lovely glacier elopement unfold…

Glacier Elopement Ceremony

October weddings in Iceland are usually a 50/50 chance with rain or heck, even snow depending on how late in the month!  These two lovelies, decided on October 25th 2021 as their unforgettable glacier elopement date.  Firstly, they began their morning with our hair and makeup team coming to the Vik Apartments.  Secondly, they met the rest of our team Iceland elopement photographer, super jeep, and celebrant slightly before noon as they opted in for a half day adventure.

Thirdly, with “go bags” in hand, umbrellas, and smiles on their faces they jumped into the truck and were on their way to get married at the glacier!  Forth, upon arriving to the glacier they put on crampons and began the trek to an ice valley.  Our celebrant Vanessa performed a nature based wedding ceremony which included Heather surprising Amie with a poem she wrote years ago too!  How special and sweet!  After an exchange of rings and a kiss these two were ready to adventure together around the glacier.

Exploring Iceland’s 4th Largest Glacier

Adventuring together as newlyweds feels different.  I don’t know how to describe it.  But I think a sense of euphoria washes over you and you look at things a little different.  Almost like you’re witnessing it for the first time together and it feels so amazing!  That is 100% the vibe our glacier elopement photographer captured while Amie and Heather discovered Mýrdalsjökull!

Curious Waterfalls

Have you ever visited a waterfall and realized something new about it each time you looked at it?  Well, Heather and Amie’s next location experience was an offbeat waterfall that does just that!  To illustrate, when you look at it from far away it seems different.  Then up close it transforms.  And depending on what side of the river you’re on, it also looks a bit different.  Why?  Because it’s almost like it reveals itself to you the more you look at it!  Although it was raining and pretty windy, these two had a blast exploring it!

Vik Black Beach Wedding Photos

Across the South of Iceland there are countless black sand deserts and beaches.  Maybe you even noticed during their glacier elopement there were black sands?  Víkurfjara though is what most folks call “Vik Beach” and as a bonus it offers a different view of Reynisdrangar.  Heather and Amie loved the idea of chasing sunset and partaking in a first dance on this iconic beach.  …and Heather may or may not have walked away with some souvenirs in her dress!

Lightly Styled Dinner + Iceland Cave Fireworks

After ditching the wet clothes for some cozy ones for dinner, the newlyweds were ready for a hot delicious meal!  Once they enjoyed thoroughly, they donned their Iceland wedding dress and attire, to partake in some nighttime photos as the Northern Lights were a no show.  Since the weather wasn’t on our side, a perfect retreat was one of our private property natural caves in Iceland.  Fireworks really lit up the beauty of the place and celebrated the love of these two lifetimers!

Lastly, are you feeling inspired after witnessing Amie and Heather’s October glacier elopement?  Maybe even curious as to what it takes to plan an elopement in Iceland?  Likely just as unique and just yours…  If so, please contact us to get that conversation started… We look forward to hearing from you!

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