Eloping in November: Eve + Ryan

Eloping in November means you’re signing up to have a limited light kind of day.  What does that mean?  Basically during the winter months in Iceland the sun does not get very high in the sky nor does it stay daylight for very long.  Which sometimes offers the advantage of having sunrise or sunset light all day.  But that is if the sun comes out.  And if it does count yourself extremely lucky!

Eve & Ryan

British couple, Eve and Ryan met in high school, hit off immediately, and grew their adult lives together.  From foodie to travel experiences, camping, and furthering their careers, these two have built an extraordinary life!

Shortly after their 10 year anniversary of being a couple, they made the exciting decision of getting married in Iceland.  To illustrate, they contacted our team in Spring of 2020 hoping for a February 2021 elopement.  However, we all know the state of the world then so eloping in November was next best!

Eloping in November

Fall transitions to winter quite quickly due to the days getting shorter.  And specifically eloping in November on the 7th, Eve and Ryan experienced sunrise at 9:10am and sunset at 4:35pm.  Which means it’s slightly less than 7.5 hours of daylight to adventure together in.  In fact, that morning though the weather in Iceland was cloudless, a rare yet welcomed sight!  But before everything begins, our hair, makeup, and local Iceland elopement photographer rocked it out.  Then these two grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep for the day!

Ceremony at Sunrise

One of the many benefits of eloping in November in Iceland as we alluded to above is the LIGHT!  And how freaking dreamy is a sunrise wedding ceremony?!  Eve and Ryan held a sincere ceremony where they spoke personal vows, exchanged rings and EXPLORED this beautiful private property waterfall!  Swoon!!

Waterfalls & Weddings

Getting married at a waterfall has a lot of moving parts to consider.  But after your ceremony, it’s crazy fun to explore more of them from the bottom to the top!  After all, look at how much fun and iconic Ryan and Eve look in these gorgeous Iceland wedding photos!

Love is in the Air

Time goes insanely fast when you’re adventuring together.  Therefore, it’s important to savor every single second of daylight when you’re eloping in November.  For example, here are a few things Eve and Ryan did at the next exploration location…

Firstly, they had a lunch experience which was traditional Icelandic meat soup, yum!  Secondly, they explored every inch of the insanely high views.  Thirdly, they witnessed the local bird life by seeing and hearing.  Forth, the moments were forever paused in time by our Iceland wedding photographer as you’ll see below!

Shipwreck Beach Discovery

A perfect stop while eloping in November is experiencing a black sand beach!  For instance, outside of Vik in South Iceland is an important landscape feature named, Dyrhólaey.  This famed sea arch is massive in person.  Frankly, you cannot even wrap your head around how amazing it is unless you see it from our private property beach!

Sunset Picnic in a Cave

Although the sun setting was not visible with the overcast cloud layer, Eve and Ryan’s last adventure elopement location was a big celebration!  For example, the newlyweds enjoyed a sweet luxury picnic inside of our heart natural cave.  After they indulged in their bottle of Taittinger and some other treats they explored the cave.  Then it was time to stage a nighttime shot as there was a rainstorm coming in that night which mean no Northern Lights.  But heck fireworks are just as fun and photogenic!!

Naturally Styled Reception Table for Two!

Returning to the hotel after eloping in November meant they had some time to rest and refresh.  Next, these two were welcomed to their perfectly styled reception for two!  How gorgeous is the table theme which had a theme of natural meets romantic?!  Love love love it!  The food from The Berg was delicious too as a bonus 😉  Lastly, Ryan and Eve ended their evening by participating in the kransakaka tradition.  Intrigued by their unforgettable November elopement adventure?  Please contact us to get more information!

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