Blizzard Vow Renewal: Eli + Laura

Winter in Iceland can be harsh and challenging.  Likely due to a storm that brings with it extreme rain, snow, ice, gale force winds or a mix of all.  Furthermore, there are days where roads are closed, you need to reroute, even test your physical and mental limits.  Eli and Laura’s blizzard vow renewal is a perfect example of all of the above!  But they rocked it like champs and had an unforgettable story at the end to tell too…   Come along with us as we share with you their journey!

Laura + Eli

Adventurous outdoorsy Canadian high school sweethearts were seeking an exciting intimate experience to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.  Luckily, their geologist / mining friends Bonnie and Dennis were previous clients of Iceland Wedding Planner, so they knew a service like ours existed!  These two had the intention of having along their nearest and dearest join them for a February 19th 2021 wedding adventure.  But we all know the beginning of that year went.  So bring on February 19th 2022 instead and a blizzard vow renewal!

Vík í Mýrdal

Before sunrise, these two woke up in the tiny town of Vík í Mýrdal.  It starts as a quite morning before their blizzard vow renewal begins.  But we all knew we were on the edge of a impeding storm…  Those living in Vik even call it the storm of the century!  To illustrate, this past winter (February 2021) was the worst in 25 years.  So heavy that even the highlands as I write now have recently opened (3-6 weeks late)!  Laura and Eli were prepared and ready for anything including changing our adventure elopement itinerary as needed.

Blizzard Vow Renewal Photos

Honestly, it felt a bit like the “calm before the storm” when we arrived to their vow renewal location.  However, one of the best things about this private property waterfall and canyon is that it was FROZEN!  Checking off these forever newlyweds list of wanting to experience an icy waterfall.  Also made it feel like another planet because most of the river had a thick layer of ice over it as well.  Which allowed them to renew their vows as close as possible to the icy walls.  Stunning photos from our Iceland elopement photographer both from the ground and the air!

Basalt Rock Appreciation

Being in the mining industry, the love and gratitude these two have for rock types and features runs deep.  So when the weather in Iceland began to shift, Dverghamrar was a perfect detour.  Pretty stunning to witness the strength, texture, and height of these natural basalt wonders.

Windy Black Desert

One of the many amazing things Laura and Eli said during our first chat together was, “you can’t fight the weather.”  Therefore, embracing it and making it apart of your day is way more memorable!  Well, we put them to the rest quite literally with our next exploration spot…  Experiencing a black desert during their blizzard vow renewal adventure was no joke!  And these two crushed those gale force winds and made that shit look easy!!  High fives again Laura and Eli!!!

Cave Snuggles and a Sheltered Lunch

Hjörleifshöfði is a mountain that use to be an island before settlement time.  And Gígjagjá is the private property cave on the backside of it.  Happily this fabulous Iceland wedding location was next on their agenda and so was lunch!  As the snow increased, winds picked up and the storm became more full on, it was so nice and cozy being inside the natural cave!

Historic Lighthouse Meets Icicle Wall

Hour by hour the conditions got more gnarly and main roads closed around the country.  Meanwhile, Laura and Eli rallied by laughing, kissing, and snuggling between!  Good vibes all around as they explored the last areas of the day which were a historic lighthouse and icicle cliffs!  Epic end their blizzard vow renewal right?  …but wait there’s more!

Iceland Wedding Cake Tradition (Kransakaka)

After a bit of rest and fresh time and getting stuck in the snow several times as it grew deeper… These two enjoyed a lovely romantic dinner together and embarked on the kransakaka tradition!  What a perfect end to their adventurous vow renewal!!  Looking to potentially your own blizzard vow renewal or elopement?  We’d love to hear from you if so.  Please contact us!

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