Iceland Luxury Picnics for Proposals, Weddings, and Romantic Elopements!

Imagine being given GPS coordinates to a secret spot… Then after a short walk you are greeted with a breathtaking location and a surprise luxury picnic!  Sound like a fun adventure to have during your trip to Iceland?!  If the answer if yes, please read on 😉

Iceland Luxury Picnics crafts unique experiences for all types of occasions in all areas around the island.  So if you find your way to Iceland because you are planning to…

Elope in Iceland

Get Married in Iceland

Propose in Iceland


Celebrate an Anniversary

Delight in a Birthday

Cheers a Milestone Moment

Booking a Luxury Picnic in Iceland is a perfect way to enhance that special moment and impress your loved one with an unforgettable memory!  Come along with us today as we introduce you to some of their offerings!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-15

One of the most popular options Iceland Luxury Picnics offers is a Lavish Luxury Styled Picnic.  This is the most detailed and romantic package to indulge in!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-16

Creature comforts like pillows and blankets are included and ready for you to snuggle up with!

Iceland Wedding Anniversary-1

Whether you’re looking for an adventure theme or ultimate romance, Iceland Luxury Picnics will do their best to accommodate your unique requests!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-17

How delicious does bruschetta and cured meats sound for your luxury picnic in Iceland?!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-19

Or what about sipping champagne overlooking an epic view?

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-20

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-21

Or sharing with your loved one a yummy cheese tray, Icelandic chocolates, and fruits during your Iceland elopement or wedding lunch…

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-22

The level of attention to detail is at a superior level when you book a picnic with Iceland Luxury Picnics!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-18

Half of the fun in exploring a new country is experiencing the unique culture and THE FOOD!  Having an traditional Icelandic picnic is a fantastic way to give it a go.  Iceland Luxury Picnics offers a delicious option, see here.

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-12

The Icelandic beer scene has really taken shape over the last 5 years with several microbreweries and flavours emerging.

Iceland Wedding Beers

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-11

Sampling a tasty display of traditional Icelandic sandwiches Rúgbrauð and Gravlax is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the native food.

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-7

And we must not forget about giving Skyr a whirl!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-5

Cuddling up on sheep skins or reindeer furs is such a romantic picnic option!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-4

Fish jerky, licorice and chocolate balls (with coconut toppings) are some of the traditional Icelandic snacks you can anticipate trying during your luxury picnic!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-9

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-10

Icelandic Brennivin (also known as “black death”) is often paired with the tasting of fermented shark but it’s actually one of Iceland’s oldest schnapps (circa 1935)!  Adding a shot or two of this will make you feel like a real Viking during your luxury picnic in Iceland!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-3

Iceland Luxury Picnics has the capabilities of setting up any sort of picnic anywhere in Iceland.  They are also offer smaller scale of sweet champagne picnics as well, see here.

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics-2

A beautiful bottle of bubbles pairs well with exciting news of an Iceland marriage proposal, being newly married, or celebrating that milestone anniversary!

Iceland Wedding Luxury Picnics

Iceland Proposal Picnic-1

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