Iceland Glacier Wedding || Devin + Crystal’s Adventure

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ?Anita Desai

This quote very time I read it gives me goosebumps and after I read it, Crystal and Devin’s wedding day instantly comes to mind.  Why?

The love they exude.

Their endless addiction to adventure.

Their wedding ceremony.

The locations.

The ever-changing Icelandic weather.

Every single element of the day impacted them (and their guests).  The epic moments throughout their journey will forever be in their hearts for the rest of their lives.  Iceland is apart of them and their love story.

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-59

These two Florida natives found themselves searching for a unique awe-inspiring wedding location that would break the mold of the traditional American “destination wedding” experience.  I know this is how the majority of our offbeat couples find us, but this was even more critical than usual, because Devin is a fellow destination wedding industry entrepreneur (check out Swag Decor).

After indulging in photos of glaciers, volcanos, black sand beaches, hidden caves, secret waterfalls, and the greenest mountains on the planet, Devin and Crystal quickly found themselves obsessed with Iceland.  It was the answer.  So please follow us along today as we experience their incredible Iceland adventure wedding!  Then also head over to the awesome POPSUGAR / MSN to see more from their amazing day!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Adventure Wedding Planners)

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-94

How pretty are these Iceland wedding invitations?!

Iceland wedding invitations-Iceland wedding planner

The adventure began where luxury meets homey-charm: Hotel Ranga.

Hotel Ranga Wedding

You all know we’re a huge fan of Iceland wedding welcome bags, right?  How fantastic for your Iceland wedding guests to receive the below?!

Iceland Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas-Iceland Wedding Planner

The BEST Iceland wedding dress combo right here folks!  Long sleeve lovely elegant dress plus some warm but stylish Sorel boots!  #yesalldaylong

Serious kudos goes out to the fabulous Vault of Wonder on Etsy who created my personal and all time favorite ring box EVER, below:

Unique Wedding Ring Holder-Our Adventure Book

Iceland Wedding Ring Box

Iceland Wedding Photographer-3

Iceland Wedding Vow Book

Iceland Wedding bride details-12

I love when the bride and groom write love letters or exchange Iceland wedding day gifts before seeing each other!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-15

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-16

Crystal’s Iceland wedding bouquet is one of my favorites because she had it made of maps of all of the areas they have explored together!

Iceland Destination Wedding Bouquet

Before sunrise and we all loaded into super jeeps for the day, Crystal and Devin shared a private “first look” at the hotel.

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-21

Iceland Wedding First Look at Hotel Ranga

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-23

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-24

Hotel Ranga Wedding-1

Then we were on our way to a private side of a glacier for their unforgettable Iceland wedding ceremony!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-66

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-4

Crossing rivers whether it be in a super jeep, by foot, or dodging glacier quicksand, our couples are the coolest!  Crystal and Devin were fearless!

Iceland Hiking Wedding-1

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-57

The private glacier area our Iceland wedding planning team has access to, was super moody looking that gorgeous fall morning!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-27

There are many amazing celebrants to choose from for your Iceland wedding ceremony.  In the end, Crystal and Devin chose to go the old-world Norse route and have a Asatru wedding ceremony.

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-31

It was surreal seeing these two profess their love to each other at the base of this amazing glacier side!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-34

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-33

Iceland Glacier Wedding

…and who doesn’t want to share their first drink from a horn during their Iceland wedding ceremony?!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-35

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-38

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-29

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-39

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-44

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-46

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-52

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-47

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-41

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-53

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-48

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-49

Iceland Adventure Wedding at a Glacier-45

Iceland Adventure Wedding Shoes

Iceland Adventure Wedding at a Glacier-54

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-37

Have you seen greener mountains for a wedding in Iceland?

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-58

Ughh, so moody and dramatic!! …an Iceland wedding photographers DREAM come true!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-64

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-59

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-63

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-68

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-60

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-65

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-70

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-67

The shapes of the Icelandic mountains still be-still my heart years later!

Vik Iceland Wedding-79

Vik Iceland Wedding-76

Vik Iceland Wedding-73

Vik Iceland Wedding-74

Vik Iceland Wedding-78

Vik Iceland Wedding-75

Vik Iceland Wedding-72

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-93

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-87

Pit Stop!! Lunch in a private cave… A traditional Icelandic BBQ of Hot Dogs!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-81

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-82

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-84

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-83

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-86

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-85

After lunch it was onto secret waterfall hunting during Crystal and Devin’s Iceland wedding day!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photographer-88

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photographer-89

Iceland Wedding Photographer-92

Iceland Game of Thrones Wedding Location-Iceland Wedding Planner

The variety of Iceland wedding locations during their adventure was stunning!!

Iceland Canyon Wedding-2

Iceland Canyon Wedding-5

Iceland Canyon Wedding-3

Iceland Canyon Wedding-4

More often than not, you only run into sheep during our Iceland wedding days…

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-95

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-110

Iceland Waterfall Wedding

Sunset on a black sand beach!  Reynisfjara is not one of our usual stops for our Iceland adventure weddings, but we are happy to oblige if a couple has it on their “must have” list.

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-111

Iceland Wedding Photographer

Oh la la THAT LOVE!

Iceland Wedding at a Reynisfjara-115

Iceland Wedding at a Beach-116

Iceland Cave Wedding

Iceland Wedding at a Cave-118

Ha, typical Iceland depicted here… Downpour of rain and sun at the same time!

Iceland Wedding at a Glacier-117

Misty secret canyons… a fave for Iceland wedding photos!

Iceland Canyon Wedding-6

Iceland Canyon Wedding-9

Iceland Canyon Wedding-7

Iceland Canyon Wedding-8

After relaxing and refreshing guests enjoyed a delicious meal at Hotel Ranga during Crystal and Devin’s Iceland wedding reception!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga

How sweet are these Iceland wedding favors?

Iceland Wedding Favor-1

Iceland Wedding Favor-2

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga Menu

Iceland Wedding Cake Hotel Ranga

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-129

Closing out their adventure wedding in Iceland Crystal and Devin attempted to launch chinese lanterns as a send off… Sadly the wind decided we go with “plan b!”

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga130

I always seem to have sparklers in my Iceland wedding planner “go” bag =)

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-131

Crystal + Devin,

So many epic moments that still leave me speechless months later.  Thank you for being so willing to adventure in the rain, climb, and hike!  You’re freaking amazing together, thank you for choosing our team to plan and photograph such an EPIC day in your lives!  Okay, so hurry and come back so we can go on another exploration together!!  ?

Adventure Wedding at a Glacier-69

© 2017, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.

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