Surprise Luxury Proposal in Iceland

Iceland not only changes as winter comes, but it gives the land a new lease on life.  The air is crisp, the light is warm, the landscape takes on a new look, and often the Northern Lights can be dancing.  This is one of the most romantic times to come to Iceland.

Now it’s one thing to propose in Iceland (which high five to you if you have or are considering to propose in Iceland!), but then it’s another to plan a luxury surprise (see below what that means) proposal in Iceland.

That is just what Amit, a dapper gentlemen from England hired us to help him with!  So I invite you today to witness their unforgettable proposal in Iceland, watch these two lovers in Iceland getting cozy and adventure around hand in hand!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Marriage Proposal Planner and Photographer)

Iceland Proposal Photos-6

I cannot tell you how happy these two were to see this amazing fresh layer of snow!

Iceland Proposal Photos-2

Iceland Proposal Photos-3

Iceland Proposal Photos

Iceland Proposal Photos-11

Iceland Proposal Photos-4

What exactly is a luxury proposal in Iceland? …It’s when you craft a fun story to your significant other (with the help of your Iceland wedding photographer) that gets them thinking they are simply going on a “photo adventure” in Iceland, because you two do not have enough beautiful photos together!  So we had her thinking that it was just a romantic couples session in Iceland until THIS moment!

Iceland Proposal Photos-6

Iceland Proposal Photos-7Then you mix in an Iceland Wedding Planner who creates a stunning picnic for you with all kinds of fabulous details! Ingredients to a perfectly styled Iceland luxury picnic consist of the following: Warm blankets, comfy pillows, champagne, artesian chocolates, cheese and crackers, other Icelandic snacks, lanterns, and a LOVE marquee sign!

Iceland Proposal Photos-8

Iceland Proposal Photos-9

After she “said yes” they delighted in this Iceland luxury private picnic for two!

Iceland Proposal Photos-10

Iceland Proposal Photos-13

Iceland Proposal Photos-14

Iceland Proposal Photos-12

Iceland Proposal Photos-17

Iceland Proposal Photos-16

Iceland Proposal Photos-15

Iceland Proposal Photos-18

Iceland Proposal Photos-5

Iceland Proposal Photos-19

Iceland Proposal Photos-20

That Iceland wedding ring!! Stunning!

Iceland Proposal Photos-21

Iceland Proposal Photos-22

Iceland Proposal Photos-24

Iceland Proposal Photos-23

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