Daring Honeymoon Session in Iceland

Believe it or not, sometimes one adventure wedding day isn’t enough!  Therefore, some couples find value in booking two days with our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Because they can partake in discovering more offbeat areas of Iceland or maybe get post wedding photos at some iconic spots.  Either way, today we happily share with you Jess and Shawna’s honeymoon session in Iceland!!

Múlagljúfur Canyon Post Wedding Hike

You all remember Shawna and Jess from their no rules elopement from last week, right?  Following their action packed wedding day, everyone woke up (couple, our elopement photographer, and Veiled in Motion) early to begin the honeymoon session in Iceland.  First, on the days agenda was Múlagljúfur Canyon in East Iceland.  Second, the hike in became a bit misty.  However, witnessing all of the waterfalls along the way make it worth it!

Third, when they arrived to the top for the amazing overlook, it rained harder.  But it’s those sort of moments that make the areas you explore somehow feel more magical.  For example, maybe it’s the rain and the low clouds that give you that earned it feeling and make you want to snuggle a little harder with the one you love.  Regardless, Shawna and Jess thorough enjoying this hike and experiencing this picturesque place!

Honeymoon Session in Iceland Photos

Next, the newlyweds drive to a stunning private property crystal canyon.  And the skies cleared a bit too!  Shawna and Jess were super excited about this hike because it was totally different than the last.  Furthermore, it also offered a very untouched and pure look into a landscape very few have experienced.  During their honeymoon session in Iceland these two climbed, stood on cliffs, and happily crossed rivers with their own two feet!  Likely also ended the day extremely inspired too 😉

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Being among massive icebergs is a very otherworldly feeling.  And who doesn’t like feeling like their on another planet?!  Meanwhile, even though Jökulsárlón is a glacier lagoon where tourists gather, there are various pull offs to the left that are more offbeat.

To illustrate, if you don’t mind hiking a bit like Shawna and Jess, then you’ll be greeted with some fabulous ever changing icebergs!  Further, it was here that Shawna donned her custom painted leather jacket that she had made for her original July 2020 wedding date.  But that’s the beauty of coming to Iceland to get married… Anything goes for a daring honeymoon session in Iceland!

Dusk at Diamond Beach

Following their exploration of the lagoon, these two wanted to check out the famous Diamond Beach.  Even though there wasn’t a ton icebergs washed up on the black beach, they still enjoyed!  Also keep in mind this is a cool place to stop at during your self drive honeymoon so keep it on your list.

Additionally, do you need more reasons to hire a honeymoon photographer?  Likely not since I’m sure Jess and Shawna’s honeymoon session in Iceland has you fantasizing about your own, lol!  Lastly, feel free to contact us for more information on crafting your own unforgettable adventure!

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