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There are several moments in your life where time will stand still.  Whether the moment is defined by a look, a touch, or a question, it will impact you.  For some it will feel like life is happening in slow motion and others will think it’s happening warp-speed, yet savor every single second.  A moment that goes that fast should be forever documented in photos so you can relive it any day of week whenever you wish (or need)!  Hiring an Iceland Proposal Photographer is a must have as you begin to plan your proposal adventure!

Choosing an Iceland Proposal Location

After deciding what country you’ll propose comes the heavier set of logistics, where within and when!  Thinking about proposing in Iceland bring a lot of excitement an options to the table!  Likely, you’ll Google terms  like “best places to propose in Iceland,” or “best Iceland proposal planner,” etc to get yourself inspired.  Do your research and make sure you don’t end of among the hoards of tourists trying to make a romantic moment happen.

For example, your soon to be fiancé or fiancée deserves to marvel in the magic of being proposed to in privacy.  Not being distracted or judged by 100’s of tourists behind your beautiful face (no shame in a happy cry!).  But… For real, do you want randoms taking photos of your intimate moment and posting it on their Instagrams?  Um no, I didn’t think so!  So what’s the alternative you ask?  Allow us to educate you!

To illustrate, in hiring our team, we pitch you a thoughtful list of amazing Iceland proposal locations that fit your relationship, adventure level with adding the sought after twist of PRIVACY!  Rather than just giving you the same cookie cutter list you could compile in doing your own research, we focus on unique, non-touristy, and private.  Hello hiking proposal in Iceland, you’re unforgettable!!

Next, we add in our superior American style customer service and the mad skills of our Iceland proposal photographer (aka, Iceland elopement photographer) you got a primo combo!  Not only that, but also the options for adding an Iceland luxury picnic in a remote location!  Totally  would be a perfect way to celebrate with your lifetime love, am I right?!

Iceland Proposal Photographer Captures the Moment!

Los Angeles California native, Jack excitedly reached out to our team with the opening line of, “Reaching out because your photography looks absolutely stunning!”  Followed by tons of other enthusiastic sentences.  Needless to say, our Iceland proposal photographer and planner were thrilled at the idea of crafting an epic day for him too!  Are you familiar with the saying,  “positivity begets positivity?”  Totally our belief system!

Meanwhile, the “must have” on Jack’s list as he shared with us, was to have “a beautiful location where I can propose to her in private with a photographer present.”  Dream come true, right?!  Good news, is that our team made it happen and our Iceland proposal photographer forever documented it going down!

When Jack and his soon-to-be fiancée arrived, they wandered around enjoying the sunshine.  As Jack led her over the lava rocks and closer to the canyon, Christine was left speechless by the massive waterfall and mountain view!  As she got lost in the sights and sounds, Jack got down on one knee…  Christine’s reaction our Iceland proposal photographer captured was literally PURE JOY!

Discovering Þjórsá River Canyon

Over a 140 mile stretch of South Iceland has the Þjórsá River running through it.  Just so happens to be Iceland’s second most powerful river (second to Ölfusá River).  The area also happens to have an endless supply of lava rocks compliments of the various eruptions.  Exploring unique landscapes for these two is an ultimate date day so it felt fitting to plan a hiking proposal discovering the area!

Exploring Lava Fields and Waterfalls

One of the best things about the Icelandic landscapes is that almost always there are locations within locations.  Jack’s pick for an Iceland proposal location is a prime example of this!  For example, you have canyon features, massive waterfall, interestingly shaped mountain, lava rock fields, and a view of the stratovolcano, Hekla (if it’s a clear day)!

There is just something uber romantic about lava rocks.  Maybe it’s a heat that it takes to create them or the designs they mold into, I dunno!  What I do know is that is that fields of lava are stunning and make you feel like you’re on Mars!

Does an Iceland Marriage Proposal Turn into an Iceland Adventure Wedding?

We’re always curious to know if couples will find themselves so incredibly inspired by their Iceland proposal adventure that they may want to come back to marry!  The jury is still out on whether or not Jack and Christine will return, but several of our couples have continued to visit us each year to have an adventure together.

To illustrate, do you remember Rachel and John?  In 2016 they came for Iceland engagement photos.  Then in 2017, they decided eloping in Iceland before their traditional wedding back home felt best.  Next in 2018, they wanted to celebrate their first year of newly wedded bliss with an adventurous couples anniversary session discovering another area of the Icelandic highlands!

Lastly, if you find yourself inspired by our Iceland proposal photographer photos and contemplating proposing in Iceland… Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that incredible journey started!

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