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The colors Iceland exude are shocking to most who find their way here!  To illustrate, there are a set of green colors that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world but in Iceland.  Think: Moss covered lava rocks next to black sands, lush green canyons with secret waterfalls, and caves decorated by crazy green ferns!  From the variety of different types of landscapes, you’ll easily feel like you’re on another planet versus exploring a new country.  All these elements set the scene for the most out of this world wedding adventure!  And oh boy this weeks adventurous couple went to the most AMAZING Iceland wedding locations!

Common Interests Spark Curiosity

Allow us to introduce you to Corey and Zac!  This super fun, witty-sarcastic, travel loving New York City couple met each other during their college days.  As a matter of fact, Corey was hanging lights getting ready for a theatre production and Zac had to help her because she realized she was scared of heights in that moment!

Shortly after, they re-met during a friends birthday and their formal dating escapades begin!  Eight fabulous years have been filled with work in the arts, project management and restoration as careers.  When they have down time together they adore traveling to ski, scuba diving, exploring NYC foodie spots, and Netflix alongside of their fave cats Rogue and Remy!

Switzerland Proposal to Getting Married in Iceland

Rush forward years later to August and these two were on a hiking adventure in Switzerland.  Zac proposed on top of the famed Männlichen Ridge and Corey was stoked to say YES!  Oh shit there they were officially engaged in the ALPS!  << High five Zac! >> Returning from the trip, they put off wedding planning because of all of the societal pressures and location debates.  If they chose a location in the USA, one side of the family (if not both) would be upset.

Turning to Google, they began searching for unique destination wedding locations found Ireland and then stumbled upon our Your Adventure Wedding site and our private adventure wedding locations through this brand, Iceland Wedding Planner.  Needless to say they were hooked and Iceland wedding planning began!

Out of this World Wedding Adventure Begins…

6am came quick that summer morning on July 23rd!  Our hair stylist and Iceland elopement photographer arrived ready to rock!  As for most of our couples, nothing screamed traditional about these two.  So there was no need to hide from each other while getting ready they enjoyed their room together and casually got ready as the morning continued.

To every couple, we always give a choice on how they want to roll the morning… For example, do you want photos of you getting into your Iceland wedding dress or groom suit?  These two didn’t, so they just met our team and their 10 guests down in the lobby to begin their out of this world wedding adventure in Iceland!

Surrounded by Lush Greens and Adventure

Travelling to the ceremony location you could feel the excitement on both sides of the family!  They could hardly believe the day was finally here and they had no idea where in Iceland they were going!!  The terrain they passed was rugged and raw as the jeeps entered into the Icelandic Highlands.  Arriving to the private waterfall for their Iceland wedding ceremony, the guests jawed dropped.  Likely because they spotted our team setting up chairs on an island in front of the waterfall.

For real, who can say they were married on an ISLAND in front of a private WATERFALL in Iceland?!

<< Crickets >>

Meanwhile, the out of this world wedding ceremony in Iceland was short, sweet, and inspiring.  Exactly what Corey and Zac were seeking.

Adventure Wedding Turns into an Elopement!

Next, after our fabulous photographer took a group photo, family photos, and candids it was time for the newlyweds to say “Bless! Bless!” (Icelandic for- Bye! Bye!) to their guests and embark on the rest of the day in a hiking elopement style adventure.  Their guests 100% were not offended, were grateful they witnessed their incredible ceremony in such an EPIC location and wished them well!

Now, please do not misunderstand us.  Although, we love Iceland weddings with guests.  However, being able to break away from them and share in your own adventure hiking, climbing, and being your crazy selves with ZERO judgement or stress is GRAND!  There is something really freaking special about planning a day that centers around the two of you, the way you travel and explore.  I’d dare to say it’s the wedding you really want to plan and always remember!

Lava Rock Waterfall in Iceland

It is fair to say that our Iceland wedding planning team are waterfall connoisseurs, right?  Having an endless collection of them throughout portfolio of Iceland wedding locations and all 😉  Lava rock waterfalls though are super unique in our eyes.  Personally, I’m captivated by them because of the force that usually flows and sometimes they are spring water based and others they have glacier rivers running to them.

This particular lava rock waterfall took this out of this world wedding up a notch!  Because our team had only scouted it and hadn’t had a couple yet willing to take on the hike.  Eloping in Iceland gives you the ability to have our team suggest things on the fly… trust us to do it too!

A Wedding in Iceland or Another Planet?

  The Icelandic highlands are filled with an endless supply of “wow factors!”  Firstly, the 360 views to the shocking “how can a place like this even exist” moments.  Secondly, you’ll easily find yourself obsessed exploring them!

Likewise, a popular Iceland elopement location among every single Iceland wedding photographer on our IWP team would say the next location on Zac and Corey’s out of this world wedding adventure would be a personal fave…  For example, this vivid green moss meets black sand glacier river canyon area is UNREAL!  Before ever seeing it in this context, would you say it’s Iceland or another planet?

Newlyweds Zac and Corey, may or may not have twirled around a few times partaking in an impromptu first dance too!  Oh la la the endless pros of planning an adventurous elopement!

Lush Waterfall Wedding Photos

Every week we get emails about the “best time to elope in Iceland.”  Our answer varies depending on the couple and their interests.  More often than not, our adventurous wedding couples seek experiencing the lush and vibrant green colors.

Pair that with chasing interestingly shaped mountains and a waterfall, what more could you ask for?  Okay, so maybe having your Iceland wedding photographer capture the scale on a drone would be icing on the cake 😉  Or at least it was for Corey and Zac!

Highland Canyons in Iceland Blow your Mind!

Staying with the super green theme and 360 views, experiencing a canyon in the Icelandic highlands is unforgettable!  Seriously, they blow our minds every single time we see them.  A few GORGEOUS reasons follow below as to why they make for out of this world wedding photos in Iceland too!

Game of Thrones Filming Location

Throughout the years Game of Thrones, dominated our Sunday night television screens.  Sometimes our clients love the idea of visiting the filming locations during their Iceland adventure wedding.  Hidden mountains in Southern Iceland set the scene for North of the wall.  Corey and Zac thoroughly enjoyed bouncing around where Jon Snow and Ygritte walked together!  If you’re also a GOT fan, then this location could easily take your day to an out of this world wedding adventure!

Adventuring Together Exploring Unique Places in Iceland

When the rain comes and clouds set in low, the mountains in Iceland somehow take on an even more magical vibe!  Giggles and cuddles take the reigns and consume the feelings of cold and allow your bodies to power through.  At the end of the day, you’ll feel empowered that you were such a badass and have so many incredible Iceland wedding photos to show for it too!  No joke!!

Iceland Private Cave Wedding Location

Many may say scouting Iceland private natural caves is our jam.  Rather, we would say if a super jeep and crossing a river or two to get there is a must than YES that’s right up our alley!  To get to the next secret Iceland wedding cave, we crossed I don’t even know how many rivers (lost count after 10)!  That week in July the rain had been endless so the river levels were crazy high, just making it even more exciting than usual!

The Ultimate July Adventure Wedding in Iceland

One of the coolest things about our Iceland wedding locations is often what it takes to get to them.  Splashing through spring rivers, or carefully crossing glacier rivers or traversing through private property tracks or switchbacks really gets the heart pumping and adventuring flowing!  Hands down one of my personal favorite drives in Iceland is to get to the next private property waterfall these two lovers discovered together.  Even though it is another waterfall, it looks totally different than the others they had previously explored, keeping the feeling new.

Soaring High Above the Clouds (and tourists!)!

As if exploring 10 different out of this world wedding locations in Iceland, wasn’t enough there was more to see and do for these two!  Seeing Iceland from literally a birds eye view was an incredible way to end their adventurous wedding turned elopement in Iceland.  They adored the 360 views, textured cliffs, basalt sea stacks, and Dyrhólaey sea arch in the distance.  They were even lucky enough to see a puffin while they were venturing around the cliffs!

Cozy Iceland Wedding Reception at Hotel Klaustur

Woohoo these two returned to Hotel Klaustur after an epic 11+ hours of adventuring together!  Spending their day venturing to the most unforgettable sights together very few people have ever witnessed, was exactly what they wanted!  …mission accomplished!

Concluding their amazing July wedding in Iceland, Corey and Zac met their immediate family again for a cozy dinner together.  The table decor, was rented from our Iceland wedding rental collection.  A basalt rock table runner lined the table with tealights intermingled and marble place cards as the crowning jewel!  Most of our Iceland wedding receptions, are focused on food, drinks, and conversation.  Corey and Zac had a blast recanting the stories and experiences they had to their guests!  Fair to say the guests were hanging on every word too!

Finding yourself inspired after experiencing Corey and Zac’s out of this world wedding adventure?  Bold enough to plan your adventure wedding with guests but want to turn it into an elopement style after the ceremony?  There is no shame in making that happen and we can help you tactfully do that!  Feel free to contact us for more information!  Not your style?  At take our advice on 55 Offbeat Unique Things to Do in Iceland when you come!

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