The Tiny Luxe Iceland Wedding of Kathleen + Drew

Planning tiny intimate weddings are on the rise.  Couples are choosing stand up against the pressures of society and craft the type of wedding they really want.  Truly a day of genuine time spent adventuring together with their favorite people!  Intentionally focusing on planning a day chockful of EXPERIENCES, not of traditional norms.  Kathleen and Drew, wanted to plan a tiny luxe Iceland wedding which spent the day exploring with their core family and 2 best friends.  Their guest list totaled 6 people and it was exactly what they wanted!

What is a Tiny Adventure Wedding?

Before we head into the super awesome details of their adventurous wedding day… We want to educate you a bit on what exactly the classifications of adventure wedding group sizes mean from our Iceland Wedding Planner teams point of view:

  • Eloping in Iceland- Means it’s just the two of you running around adventuring through the Icelandic landscape!

  • Tiny Adventure Wedding- Implies you will have 10 or less guests in tow experiencing the day with you.

  • Small Wedding-  Turns the focus to 25 guests or less hardcore adventuring with you during your wedding adventure in Iceland.

  • Intimate Iceland Wedding- Is reserved for folks who want to have 50 guests or less join them with likely a “bail out” point or bail out jeep in the itinerary.

  • Large wedding in Iceland- Typically we categorize weddings between 51-100 guests being a large wedding in Iceland.  Bail out points are typically needed.

  • Grand- Wedding groups that exceed 100+ fall into our “grand” definition.  And ensuring a designated “bail out” point is important to the variety of your guests dynamic.

So what route will you choose?  There is no shame in taking time to think about Eloping vs Wedding and the different ways to tie the knot!  The bottom line is that your adventure wedding is about you two, your love and the badass way you wish to experience it!  In Drew and Kathleen’s case planning a tiny luxe Iceland wedding was the perfect adventure so follow us today as we share it!!

Long Distance Love

Kathleen and Drew were friends in college from the very first class on the first day of school.  Being friends first, they truly built a foundation that a relationship could really thrive on.  Unfortunately, they did not realize that until 5 or so years after college.  When Drew was living in Charleston, and Kathleen in Atlanta they found their way to reconnecting.  Months went by as they were rocking out their long distance love  and it really taught them to value the time they had together.

As their relationship developed, they moved in together, explored the local flare of museums, festivals, and spent a great deal of time traveling to new cities together getting lost!  Both are firm believers in getting lost to get found.  Really allows your perspective to change and refocus.  Living in Atlanta Georgia, they delight in the local scenes of soccer, football, Atlanta Braves games, and the never ending delicious foodie scene!

The Proposal

Rewinding back to 2012, Drew invited Kathleen out on a walk around the national forest they live near.  While out on the walk, exploring ruins from the earlier 1900’s Drew proposed to Kathleen!  Totally not expecting it, Kathleen was shocked and oh-so thrilled she now had an adventure partner for life!

One of our favorite things about these two was that they are filled with JOY.  They literally live their lives by the motto of… being in the moment.  Further, one of our favorite quotes from them is, “Be happy with the experience you are about to experience!”

Further, being curious people by nature, they began brainstorming on adventurous wedding locations.  Intrigued by the natural beauty and dynamic landscapes Iceland jumped up higher on the list.  Intentionally deciding to not submit to the American status quo, Kathleen + Drew instead turned to our team to plan a tiny luxe Iceland wedding adventure!  Kathleen found us on Instagram and saw our countless Iceland wedding videos showing how different and exciting our experience driven weddings in private locations were!

July Wedding Vibes

Drew and Kathleen looked outside the morning of July 6th and were greeted by endless sunshine!  During summer, Iceland experiences almost 24 hours of daylight!  Between 6-7:30am Kathleen handled her own hair and makeup while our Iceland elopement photographer went to work capturing all of her gorgeous details.

Shortly before grabbing their adventure wedding “go bags,” these two took a quite moment partake in a first look before joining their guests.  It was filled with lots of giggles, smiles, and kisses!  After, they met their 6 guests in the Hotel Klaustur lobby and everyone was crazy excited as they loaded into the super jeep to begin their luxe Iceland wedding adventure!

Getting Married at a Waterfall in Iceland

Arriving to the private property waterfall, the group was all smiles as they hiked to the ceremony location.  Providing their guests with black benches topped with reindeer furs was their choice for Iceland wedding ceremony seating.  Our exclusive pastor led an inspiring and emotional luxe Iceland wedding ceremony.  The soon to be newlyweds, even said their own personal vows to each other which barely left a dry eye!

Intimate Iceland Wedding Photos

Terms that often go along with Iceland wedding photos are intimate, romantic, whimsical, and inspiring.  I mean nowhere else in the world can you travel to and feel like you’re on another planet.  From lush waterfalls, to lunar landscapes to 360 mountain views, 13 glaciers, and countless active and inactive volcanoes.

Seriously, the types of unique landscapes for a luxe Iceland wedding are abundant!  Also, our Iceland wedding photographers love having the opportunity to fly the drone for  a different perspective.  Exploring this private waterfall was the perfect excuse to fly the drone too!

Black Sands and Epic Mountainscapes

Being able to see the Icelandic mountainscapes from up high gives you a feeling of being so small among something so big.  Serving as a good reminder of what should really be valued during a wedding day…  Adventuring together and sharing experiences!  Kathleen and Drew hopped out of the super jeep to take in the fresh air, addicting 360 views, and just be in the moments, in LOVE!  After all that is what a luxe Iceland wedding is about, right?!

The Land of Fire and Ice

When you think about the land of “fire and ice,” what specifically comes to mind?  Maybe a landscape that is both fighting to be dominate over the other!?  There are over 30 volcanic systems in Iceland and many of those can be found underneath glaciers making them sub glacial volcanoes.

Fun Fact- Sub glacial volcanoes are the most dangerous because when they erupt they will send down a large flood (not lava) and possibly a tsunami (if it’s in an area that hits the ocean).  The luxe Iceland wedding group arrived at a sub glacial volcano area to explore it together.  All guests of our newly-wedded couple were intrigued by the textures and tones of the area and thoroughly enjoyed discovering it!

Hot Dog BBQ Lunch during Iceland Wedding Adventure

Hot dogs have forever been a part of the Icelandic “fast food” culture and still remains even to this day.  It’s our teams belief also that treating your guests a delicious hot lunch can allow people to enjoy our luxe Iceland wedding adventures even more!  But don’t fret or cringe folks, as they are not anywhere close to the dirty American hot dogs you’re likely thinking about.  Rather, they are delicious lamb based hot dogs that exude a totally unique taste!

Jaw Dropping 360 Mountain Views

Keeping with the theme of this week of you dropping your jaw, Kathleen and Drew, and their 6 guests splashed through glacier rivers and hiking around exploring mountain tops!

Luxe Iceland Wedding Champagne Toast

Planning a luxe Iceland wedding would not be complete without having a gorgeous champagne toast!  There is just something so epic about spoiling your guests with a stunning view and a glass of champagne!!

Iceland Wedding Reception at Hotel Klaustur

Ten hours of adventure went by crazy fast!  The group had a bit to rest and refresh before joining again together in the Klaustur Restaurant.  Desiring to have a more organic feeling reception felt more “them” to Drew and Kathleen.  On that same note, the reception space was donned with romantic candles, mint colored fresh garland and the most beautiful Iceland wedding cake (Kransakaka – “Ring cake”) than we’ve seen!

Leaving here inspired?  Lastly, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to to craft something similar to Kathleen and Drew’s tiny luxe Iceland wedding! Please contact us to get that exciting conversation started!

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