Perfect Luxury Elopement Adventure: Rachel + John

“I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.”

LeAnn Womack

As I write this, the inspirational song “I hope you dance” by LeAnn is on repeat, which is not typical, because honestly, I usually write my Iceland Wedding Planner blog posts in reflective silence.  But I’ve found myself obsessed with this today because I think the words resonate with me and my experience with one of my all time favorite clients, EVER:

Rachel + John

These two East Coasters set the bar pretty damn high in regards to finding a soulmate.  Never have I ever met a couple more on the same page, with such an endless amount of appreciation / adoration / mutual respect for each other, serious playfulness, and know adventures together (big or small) need to be part of their core foundation, because it will keep the newness continuous in their relationship.  Not to mention, they always choose to DANCE because they know a lifetime together isn’t enough… But they are going to try and squeeze every single bit of happiness out of it while they are here together!

It’s not super often that we have repeat clients in the same country, but when we do we know that it’s going to be one freaking EPIC adventure with them mainly because they know what they are in for with us! 😉  You may remember these two lovers from their Iceland engagement session adventure from the summer of 2016.  If not, go back HERE to relive it!  When they came for their Iceland engagement session, they were already in the midst of planning a traditional wedding back in the USA.  I was a bit bummed because they were ideal clients for an adventure wedding in Iceland.  Plus, I personally had SOOO MUCH FUN with them and they looked / felt so at home here in Iceland.  But alas, we delivered their beautiful Iceland pre-wedding photos and wished them well on their beautiful wedding back home.

When you get engaged there is a level of excitement that emerges and keeps you in a delightful euphoria.  You should freaking savor the shit out of that time in your lives!  Then sometimes during big wedding planning, too many hands can reach into the cookie jar and it can turn a lovely milestone moment into a bit of a stressful one.  When you reach a point of where it steers you away from what is most important: The two of you…  Just as the song above boasts, “When you come close to sellin’ out, reconsider.”  These two did just that.

Full disclosure: I secretly wished to hear from them again.  And… Lucky me, my wish came true this past summer when they reached out to our Iceland Wedding Planner team again!  They were interested in having a luxury elopement in Iceland for just the two of them, before the day they would share with friends and family back home.  I may or may not have squealed in excitement… Okay, I totally did!  So come along with me today as I share with you Rachel and John’s perfect elopement adventure in Iceland!  …and then head over to the inspirational Burnett’s Boards for more as they did a lovely feature!

Rachel and John’s Iceland wedding day began at 5am and both the sun and moon were out to greet them!  The view from their gorgeous room at Icelandair Vik, was incredible!  Before these two went out on their adventure, we took Rachel’s Iceland wedding dress on a little journey and oh la la and look at her stunning 3-piece dress!  Swoon!

John had some really handsome details to share with us too!  Seeing the two of them get ready together was really sweet.  You could just tell they were ready not only to be married but start their lifetime adventure together in a really unique way, just the way they wanted it to happen.

Our bad-ass super jeep arrived at 8am and we all loaded in and embarked on Rachel + John’s stunning Iceland elopement!

After going through our intricate Iceland adventure wedding planning process, Rachel and John ultimately decided that a gorgeous Private Cave in Southern Iceland is where they wanted to start their wedding adventure and hold their ceremony.  Fun Fact: Did you know our Iceland Wedding Planner team has exclusivity over this wonderfully unique location?  No other wedding planning or wedding photography team has contractual permission.

Our favorite celebrant, Pastor Egill officiated their lovely Iceland elopement ceremony.  It was personal, spiritually inspiring, so sweet, and simply unforgettable.

Afterwards we spent some time exploring in and around the exclusive cave area with super fun Iceland wedding photos!

There are 13 glaciers in Iceland and some of them even have volcanoes beneath them!  More often than not, you can see several of the glacier outlets as you cross the Southern region of Iceland, making it a lovely playground for your Iceland wedding photographer for romantic shots!

When mountains are beautifully lit, the timing is perfect to share a first dance beneath them during your elopement in Iceland!

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team recently scouted an incredibly unique private waterfall that felt more like a mirage than a real place.  Rachel and John graciously obliged to being our first clients there to explore it and have some beautiful Iceland wedding photos taken at this secret waterfall!

Working up an appetite during an adventure wedding day in Iceland is totally normal!  So we picked a super sweet spot for these two to have lunch at during their luxury elopement in Iceland.  It just so happened to have a stunning view alongside of it!

Staying with our luxury elopement theme of private locations that are super secret and astounding to explore… We headed to one of our other favorite waterfalls where there was endless blue skies and puffy white clouds for their Iceland wedding photos (it was stupid pretty, seriously!)!

The adventurous elopement in Iceland continued with cliff side mountain views and slow pauses of savoring them between Rachel and John!

Continuing to trust us and our desire to explore an impromptu ride through a private canyon (where we actually drive through a river to get there… yeah our super jeep team is AMAZING) Rachel and John were yet again the first couple to have Iceland wedding photos at one of our new locations!

The afternoon quickly turned towards the evening during their August elopement in Iceland.  But we still had a few more dynamic Iceland wedding location spots to adventure to!   Rachel and John delighted in a private black sand beach together, ran around laughing hand in hand and seriously savoring every single second!

After discovering over 10+ Iceland wedding locations together, they were in total bliss and felt so fulfilled.  This is exactly the type of day they wanted… A  magical day just for the two of them to celebrate their unconditional love for each other!  Once we arrived back at the hotel, they had a little time to rest and refresh before we welcomed them back down for a cozy romantic Iceland wedding reception for two!  It was fully styled with lovely Icelandic keepsakes they went home with!  Our theme we carried out for their Iceland luxury elopement table styling was “Let’s Get Lost” with pink, green, gold, and lava accents.  How fun, right?!

The Berg Restaurant in Vik Iceland is one of my favorite countryside dining spots.  The chefs flavor combinations and plating is unmatched.  Having Arctic Char and the Lamb is an ideal and delicious end for any Iceland wedding meal!


Oh la la, Rachel + John!

Please come back to Iceland every year to explore it!  We promise we can keep showing you incredible places!  This place is not only part of your relationship together, but it’s honestly a part of your souls.  Iceland will always continue to marvel and speak to you.  We know these images bring you right back to that exciting time in your lives, so remember those feelings, always!  Never lose your sense of wonder and you keep your hunger for adventure =)  Thank you for choosing our Iceland Wedding Planner team to create such an incredibly unforgettable day for you both!

© 2017, Photos by Miss Ann / Your Adventure Wedding, All Rights Reserved.

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