Volcano Eruption Wedding Photos

By definition, a phenomena is a natural occurrence that is in no way artificial.  Natural phenomena’s big or small are extraordinary to watch happen in real time!  So what elements fall into this category?  To illustrate, weather, tide flows, physical and biological processes, natural disasters, northern lights, moon and sun changes, etc.  But one of the most exciting types to talk about are volcanos!  Thus, crafting Iceland volcano eruption wedding photos for sure falls into that category too!

Iceland Erupts!

When Iceland’s volcano began erupting in March 2021, the world watched!  Maybe even some on the edge of their seats too!  Additionally, countless emails came in from upcoming couple questioning on if this would effect their arrival or adventure wedding with us.  Of course our Iceland Wedding Planner team was happy to advise that this was actually the best case scenario volcanic eruption.

Firstly, on most approaches into the KEF Airport, the pilots typically fly in viewing distance of it.  What a way to start your trip, right?  Secondly, it is what we like to call a “tourist volcano.”  Meaning it did not endanger any homes or farms.  However, at the moment it is threatening Road #427 which as locals we refer to as the “ocean road.”  Thirdly, the area was easy to access, compared to other volcanic eruptions in Iceland.  Therefore, visitors had the ability to hike to it!

Have you seen the Iceland pre-wedding session and luxury picnic our team crafted less than 2 weeks from when the eruption began?  It was pretty darn gorgeous!  Likely one of the many reasons why days before their adventure wedding with us, Kathy ad Jake opted in to have volcano eruption wedding photos!  Come along with us as you experience their journey…

Hiking to Iceland’s Volcano

Geldingadalur (also referred to as Fagradalsfjall á Reykjanesi) is the volcano area that is currently erupting in Iceland.  As of when this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post was written.  Thus, each time we head to the Iceland volcano eruption, it is different.  Maybe that is why it has been so addicting to many over the last 4 months!

In the beginning, visitors were able to get super close to the volcanic site.  However now, as the area grows with force the line of viewing gets pushed back further and further.  Our partner brand, Vik Expeditions offers a perfect how to hike to Iceland’s volcano guide, don’t miss it!  Next, in early May 2021, Kathy and Jake set out with us around 5pm.  Because we wanted to photograph them both in the afternoon light and evening darkness.  Why?  To craft EPIC volcano eruption wedding photos!

Iceland’s Volcano Erupts 1,500 feet into the Air!

Luck was with us that gorgeous May evening as the Iceland volcano was shooting out lava 1,500 feet high into the air at times!  Absolutely insane to see and hear in real life, truly!!  Frankly it was hard for Jake and Kathy to stay focused during their volcano eruption wedding photos because the scene was so once in a lifetime to witness!  Also the volcano was erupting intermittently (like every 8-12 minutes) so it was a surprise each time.

Nighttime Volcano Eruption Wedding Photos

Experiencing the glow of a volcano at night is unforgettable, that simple.  Then on top of that have volcano eruption wedding photos is legendary!  Our Iceland wedding photographer adapted to the challenging conditions (IE, finding a spot with less people, crazy winds, and cold temps) but also created MAGIC at night here!  Jake and Kathy are so lucky to have these images to kick off their amazing Iceland adventure wedding!!

Planning an Active Volcano Wedding

First and foremost, if you intend on planning a wedding at an active volcano, hire a local Iceland wedding planner.  As there is a lot of think about and prepare for before you embark.  To illustrate a short list of things to think about follow as you plan your volcano eruption wedding photos…

Iceland Volcano Wedding Tips:

  • Getting in advance permission from the landowners.
  • Checking the weather conditions before you visit.
  • Understanding the hiking route.
  • Packing your “go bag” and backpack for the hike.
  • Dressing for the hike to Iceland’s volcano (IE, layers, proper boots, and waterproof gear).
  • Scouting the location before you actually get married at the volcano.  Note: This is something a local wedding planner or an Iceland day of planner can do for you.
  • Safety aspects… Having a local guide with you that has a gas meter and a thorough understanding of the area (IE, where gas sits, wind direction, etc).  Furthermore, each time our team visits the volcano for Iceland engagement photos, we have a seasoned SAR (Search and Rescue) team member with us.
  • Having a plan in place for changing into your wedding dress up there; lunch / dinner or snacks; using the bathroom if you need (as when this post was written there are no facilities), etc.
  • Once you arrive, be prepared to pay for parking.

Lastly, although our team does not offer actual wedding ceremonies at the volcano in Iceland, we are open to proposals or engagement (Iceland pre-wedding) photos!  Why do we not offer this?  For instance, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would rather take you to places that do not have tourists.  As we believe in extremely private experiences.  In conclusions, feel free to contact us for more information if that is of interest to you!

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