Secluded Iceland May Wedding: Kathy + Jake

Magic surrounds your wedding day no matter where you are.  There is a transcendent connection and countless smiles you share that will be remembered decades down the road.  However if you find your way to Iceland for your wedding day it takes everything up a notch.  Because you add in experiencing dynamic landscapes!  In fact, you’ll witness six incredible locations during Kathy and Jake’s experience driven Iceland May wedding today!!

Jake + Kathy

In circa February of 2011, Jake and Kathy met in NYC on the dance floor of a night club.  But years of med school kept them busy and going their own ways for several years.  Then in the summer of 2015, they reconnected over Facebook and reignited the chemistry previously found.  Their mutual love for travel, hiking, fitness, and supporting each other throughout their careers solidified their incredible bond.  Furthermore, their love grew even deeper when they did a Iceland self drive journey around the entire island!  Could an Iceland May wedding be in their future?

Thailand Proposal to Getting Married in Iceland

Next, in January 2019, these two were in Thailand for an adventurous couples vacation… It was day four of their trip and they were still a bit jet lagged.  Therefore they ventured out on a nighttime starry walk together.  Jake proposed shortly after the walk in privacy and following a month and half of planning.  Kathy was thrilled and said yes to a lifetime of adventures with Jake!  Woohoo!!

Once engaged, these two toyed with the idea of having a local wedding in NYC, but quickly realized it was not true to themselves.  So why not plan an adventure for their nearest and dearest instead?  Especially in a place they could have wedding photos taken in landscapes that exist nowhere else!  Instantly Iceland comes back into their vocabulary.  And then a Google search for a local Iceland Wedding Planner!

Quickly they found our team and realized they loved everything about our mission, motto, positive vibe, and exclusive locations.  Now let’s get all of the details on their stunning secluded Iceland May wedding adventure…

Iceland May Wedding Begins

Maybe you remember Kathy and Jake from their volcano eruption photos?  Days after their journey to the volcano, they embarked on their Iceland May wedding adventure with their guests!  The morning began shortly after the sun rose over the mountains.  Our Iceland wedding photographer documented all of their beautiful details and organized a first look too!  Taking a few minutes to yourselves can be very centering before you load into the super jeeps for the day.

Seated Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Every couple has a vision or a list of “must haves” in regards to their ceremony, especially planning a waterfall wedding!  Firstly, will you have a seated one?  For Jake and Kathy having their guests comfortable was important.  Plus the aesthetic of our black wooden chairs at their Iceland May wedding at waterfall was beautiful.  Secondly, getting married at a powerful waterfall also requires a sound system so your fabulous guests can hear it!  Kathy and Jake opted in for that as well.

Thirdly, sometimes adding in creature comforts like blankets can be a nice touch.  Furthermore, these two held a spiritual ceremony which also included personal vows.  Exchanging Cartier wedding rings and a kiss kicked off their newlywedded bliss!  Their group was so happy for them and in disbelief how stunning their Iceland wedding location was!

Picturesque Iceland Wedding Photos

Likely, you realize our adventure weddings are experience driven, not just playing dress up and getting pretty photos.  For example, everyone at Kathy and Jake’s wedding had the opportunity to explore, play, refill their water bottles from the waterfall, and most certainly indulge their five senses.  Truly creating some unforgettable memories during their Iceland May wedding adventure!

Exploring a Glacier View Waterfall

Seeing a glacier up close or far away during your adventure wedding is exciting.  Additionally, adding a waterfall in front it makes it somehow even more badass!  Now imagine having time to explore it in privacy…

Lunch Experience at Dyrhólaey Sea Arch

Have you worked up an appetite yet?  This Iceland May wedding group did too, so on with lunch!  But what kind of lunch experience can you have in remote areas of Iceland?  After all, our locations do not come with bathrooms or cafes!

These two decided to surprise their guests with a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ.  That way, they could experience a cultural tradition and get something warm in their hands!  Yum!!  Meanwhile, what better place to have a BBQ than the private side of Dyrhólaey Sea Arch Beach!  Next, following their lunch experience these two were able to discover the rocky beach together hand in hand…

Secret Canyon Discovery

Keeping secrets is only allowed on adventure wedding days 😉  And only when we talk about our private property locations!  After all, we want the locations to look as amazing as they do on your wedding day as when you come back to celebrate your 5, 10, 15, 25 or more year anniversary!

Our 5th experience during Kathy and Jake’s Iceland May wedding was heading into an extremely narrow canyon area.  You could hear Kathy and Jake giggles as they crossed the river and marveled over the canyon walls!

Luxury Champagne Toast

Astounding your guests with not only a lovely private place is impactful, but adding in champagne really amps up the energy and memorable factor!  Especially if you spoil your guests with Louis Roederer champagne, chocolates, fruit, and kleina).  Certainly this Iceland May wedding group were in heaven delighting in this luxury Iceland champagne toast!

Remote Waterfall Wedding Photos in Iceland

Once they cheered, snacked, it was time to adventure together!  This waterfall needed to be found and explored by them!  Plus who doesn’t want amazing remote waterfall wedding photos?

Enjoying Mountain Top 360 Degree Views

It seemed fitting for Kathy and Jake to end their Iceland May wedding journey atop a mountain surrounded by 360 degree views…  To illustrate, they were one of countless couples who were effected by the onslaught of Covid and had to postpone their original May 2020 wedding date.  So when they were up there reveling over the views, sunshine, and the fact that their magical adventure finally happened…  There was a serious sense of gratefulness and joy that overflowed from them as our Iceland Wedding Planner team watched them be fully in the moment with each other.

Cozy Iceland Wedding Reception

Having a private dining space for your reception can be very important to some people.  For instance, being able to have your own group together means you can toast, play music, and bring in your own décor, etc.  In fact, this is exactly what Jake and Kathy desired.  And their natural décor was just enough to provide elegance to the room too!  Lastly, their American style wedding cake was a beautiful crowning gem to end their Iceland May wedding with!

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