Summer Vow Renewal: Savannah + Greg

Adventurous couples who love to camp and hike, often travel to Iceland during summertime.  After all, camping is the nicest when it’s fair weather and warmer temperatures!  Likely why Savannah and Greg chose to rent a camper van to self-drive around Iceland in July to celebrate a milestone anniversary of 9 years!  Therefore, checkout their beautiful Summer vow renewal at a private property canyon and waterfall…

Renewing Your Vows in Iceland

Deciding to renew your wedding vows in Iceland adds another level to your commitment to each other.  Likewise, many couples find it is a wonderful opportunity to write new vows to reflect your years together.  Further, some look at the milestone moment as a new beginning for their relationship.  For example, you spend a few hours or the day reminiscing over how far you’ve come as a couple.  Prevailing over all that life has dished out and all of the amazing opportunities that await your future together!

Also, maybe you wanted to embark on a hiking elopement originally, but felt pressured to go in a different direction.  Well, when you approach an upcoming anniversary like 1 year, 5 years, or any really, you may want to renew your vows the way you want to.  For instance, this was exactly the case for Savannah and Greg and why they planned a summer vow renewal in Iceland!

Summer Vow Renewal

Now on to the summer vow renewal!  Firstly, that fabulous July morning, Greg and Savannah from Huntsville, Alabama met our Iceland Wedding Planner team at a private property canyon.  Second, following a short hike, these two held an adventurous vow renewal atop a cliff within the canyon.  Third, within their intimate ceremony, they exchanged personal vows, rings (Greg surprised her with a new one), and kisses!  Furthermore, the weather in Iceland held too, so it could not have been more perfect!

Canyons & Caves

Next, once the summer vow renewal ceremony concluded, it was time for the forever newlyweds to adventure together.  To illustrate, once the ceremony spot was explored, they headed deeper into the canyon.  Additional waterfalls lined the canyon walls.  Also a super sweet small natural cave appeared!  Further back also opens to a Kauai looking area.  So fair to say there were no shortage of epic views!

Private Waterfall Wedding Photos

Continuing their summer vow renewal journey…  The pair bounced hand in hand over to explore a secluded waterfall.  So much love and adoration was oozing from these two that it was contagious!  Afterwards, the two hopped into their camper van and continued their Iceland self-drive trip or second honeymoon!  Lastly, if you’re ready to celebrate your wedding anniversary in an unforgettable way, feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!

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