Relaxed Rainy Day Elopement Photos: Samantha + David

Low lying clouds, mist, fog, wind, the chilliness of the rain drawing you closer to your partner…  There is so much to love about rainy wedding days!  Plus, every single location then is evenly lit which for Iceland wedding photographers, is heaven!  Come along with us today as we share Samantha and David’s rainy day elopement!!

From New York City to Iceland

In the middle of the pandemic, David and Samantha cross paths.  And after an epic first date in Soho together, four more dates followed and they both knew they were “it” for each other!  After all, like-minded adventurous folks often gravitate to each other.  Whether they are supporting each other through their climbing careers or hiking in the mountains, they thrive on experiencing new things together.

However, when they began planning their Iceland wedding adventure, they realized their roots ran deep.  So in order to get the best of both worlds, they held a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony in New York City with all they love and adore.  Then they would come travel to Iceland for their honeymoon.  But the day in Iceland would be for themselves in the way they love to adventure together.  So they left a special set of wedding vows to be said to each other during their rainy day elopement!

Rainy Day Elopement Photos

Couples that learn to endure the storms together and find rainbows within, thrive.  To illustrate, it’s in the middle of those moments your bond grows.  You walk away from that experience feeling like you went through something no one else has.  Maybe even get that “I survived my wedding day” vibe, in the best way!  Samantha and David’s first magnificent Iceland wedding location was a highland waterfall.  In fact, the mistiness of the weather added to the mysteriousness of their rainy day elopement photos!

Misty Mountains

The rainy day elopement adventure continues through the Icelandic highlands.  Next, the couple jumps out to hike down into an incredibly vivid valley.  Meanwhile, it was shocking to discover that into August there was still snow at the base of the valley!  More evidence than summer never came to some parts of the highlands last year.

Wedding Photos on the Moon?

Being able to experience various types of landscapes, textures and tones throughout your rainy day elopement adventure through Iceland should be priority.  After all, those moments make you present.  And maybe even feel like you’re on the moon!  Cannot get those vibes in New York City!

Wide & Wonderful

When couples want to plan a waterfall wedding, there is a lot to consider.  From things like the logistics in getting there to choosing your favorite type (small, wide, or wonderful)!  However, visiting one during your rainy elopement adventure there is less.  For example, these two had the opportunity to explore together both in front and on top, have epic photos taken, and even have a quick lunch!

Newlyweds in the Icelandic Highlands

Furthermore, Samantha and David had been to Iceland previously.  Both felt Iceland had a peaceful effect on them no matter the weather.  Therefore, when planning and embarking on their rainy day elopement, they were game for anything and everything our Iceland Wedding Planner team suggested.  So enter in one of our sketchy hike waterfalls that they were rock stars getting to!

Splish Splash of River Crossings

What would an adventure elopement in Iceland be without crossing rivers via the super jeep and by foot?!   Next stop on David and Samantha’s relaxed rainy day elopement was a private property waterfall that cascaded into a canyon.  Such a majestic place to experience hand in hand!

Vows Over Vik Iceland

As the journey continued to the coastline, the skies opened and temperatures increased.  Here was the moment the newlyweds decided to recite their personal vows to each other.  Special ones for their ears and hearts only.  Further, the views around them were 360 degrees so it was really impactful.  For instance, it was truly vows over Vik Iceland!  Afterwards, they took time to search for cliffside puffins and be in the moment with each other.  And our Iceland elopement photographer may have captured some really stunning moments too!

Fire & Ice Waterfall

There is often a draw to fire and ice themes when you travel to Iceland.  Folks love to witness it in person.  For example, one of the most unique spots the newlyweds investigated, was a lava rock waterfall.  What makes this place so special is not only the shape of the lava but that it is glacial melt water running through.

Nighttime Ice Cave Exploration

Before taking off on their Iceland self drive honeymoon road trip… The forever newlyweds had dinner, shared a kransakaka, experienced an ice cave at night, and toasted the end with champagne!  Talk about an unforgettable way to end things, right?!

If you are intrigued by Samantha and David’s rainy day elopement, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us to see how we can craft something for you and your partner just as unique and private!

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