Southern Iceland Adventurous August Elopement

Imagine jumping into a super jeep and being whisked away to say your vows in front of a private waterfall!  When you arrive you looks around to choose your Iceland wedding ceremony location and you stop in awe of the choices… Two waterfalls that face each other, mountains in the background, and a crazy green canyon that spans into even more waterfalls in the distance!  Some may say, heaven is here.  But we like to say it’s actually a Southern Iceland Adventurous August Elopement!

Southern Iceland Adventurous August Elopement

When we think about the best time to get married in Iceland, August makes us smile!  Southern Iceland is beaming in vibrant greens, blacks, blues, and the island feels oh-so alive.  Birds are flying everywhere including the puffins!  There is also a better possibility of having a good weather wedding day in Iceland like today’s Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement couple did!

Michiganders, Tim and Josalyn met while doing one of my favorite extreme sports, EVER!  Skydiving!  Fun Fact: Did you know I (Ann) skydived for like over 10 years?  …and use to write for a magazine called Parachutist?  Totally happened even though it feels like another lifetime ago!!

Okay okay okay… Back to the good stuff!  When Tim and Josalyn first inquired with us, they began their journey at Your Adventure Wedding searching for possibilities in Iceland and Norway.  These two have adventure literally at their cores.  Having spent years together pushing limits, challenging each other to do amazing things personally and professionally, traveling the world together exploring, and jumping off things (hello bungee jumping!), literally!

Fast forward to 6-16-16, and these two found their way to New Zealand.  They hiked, climbed, and explored the Southern Alps (K? Tiritiri o te Moana) and an epic mountain top proposal was made!  It was only fitting that they find themselves adventuring to another stunning country to get married in Iceland on 8-18-18!

So come and share with us Tim and Josalyn’s Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement!

Elopement Hotel in Southern Iceland

Choosing the hotel you will stay at during your elopement in Iceland can be a tricky decision if you haven’t hired us.  In hiring our Iceland Wedding Planner team, we custom craft amazing hour by hour schedules to our private property locations and pair each option with hotel that ensures drive times are low and the experience factor remains high!  It’s important to our Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement couples, that they can see and do as much in the 10 hours they are out in the super jeep adventuring!

Another important factor our team takes into consideration is does the Iceland wedding hotel uphold a North American style standard?  Believe us, if you’ve traveled across Europe, you know what we are talking about…  Side Note: No offense to our rest of world clients, but we Americans have extremely high expectations when it comes to customer service, amenities, quality of sleeping and eating!  No shame in that 😉  But our Iceland wedding planning team gets it and adheres to it.

Icelandair Vik, was chosen as Tim and Joselyn’s Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement hotel.  That morning the elopement in Iceland began at 5am with our hair stylist and wedding photographer getting right to work!  It was super sweet, during breakfast Josalyn surprised Tim with a beautiful day of wedding gift!  He was sooo shocked and appreciative to her thoughtfulness!

Our Iceland wedding super jeep team arrived at 8am excited to get the actual adventure day started!  These two loved the lush Ford Excursion they had to themselves too!  Everyone loaded in with their adventure wedding “go bags” and were ready to embark!

Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location

One of the interesting things about our Iceland wedding locations, is that we just about always end up scouting them in bad or overcast weather.  After all, if it looks amazing in bad weather, imagine how stunning it would be in nice weather?!  Furthermore, our Iceland elopement planning team often suggest specific locations (because of lighting) so certain times during the day which then all depends on the year.  Because if you do get lucky enough to have a blue sky Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement, it can change the way the light looks on the area.

For instance, we have previously held a wedding ceremony at this secret waterfall, close to the same time of day and it was raining, so no sun to offer challenging light on the waterfall.  It’s not a big deal for our Iceland wedding photographers, as you will see below but if you were after a certain “look” then it may be different than you hoped.  The good news, this Iceland wedding ceremony location, offers actually several waterfalls to choose from, a lovely mountain, and an inspiring super green canyon to choose from!

Tim and Joselyn loved the light on the main set of waterfalls and decided to elope in front of them.  It was dreamy and super special as they professed their Iceland wedding vows to each other!

Iceland Wedding Photos at a Secret Waterfall

To share a few quite moments together exploring, after your Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement ceremony, it important!  As a result, these two were all smiles while adventuring around the falls in the blazing sun and extreme wind!!

Cave Picnic Lunch during Iceland Elopement

Stopping for lunch is a much needed stop during their Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement!  Gotta refuel!!  For that reason, we took shelter from the crazy winds inside a private property cave.  It was there that the newlyweds toasted each other with Moet Champagne and delicious Icelandic hot dogs! Yummy!!

Iceland Private Waterfall Wedding Exploration

Adventuring to private waterfalls is such a welcomed activity for our clients.  Since, much of their pre or post wedding travels would be to the iconic and touristy waterfalls that line the country.  As brilliantly beautiful as they may be, there is something even more inspiring about being the only ones at a smaller more meaningful one!  Tim and Joselyn were blown away by one of our favorite private waterfalls in Iceland.  And rightfully so!

August Ice Cave Wedding Photos

During summer, ice caves can be hard to find.  But, our team has exclusive access to an area that we continued to scout and open up.  This way, our clients have access to a unique and real ice cave, year round.  Exploring the black glacier area was super important to Tim and Joselyn’s Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement.  And they had so much fun!!

Private Side of Dyrhólaey Wedding Photos

Ending the day on a black sand beach for Iceland wedding photos is pretty freaking epic!  Especially on a day that is busting with sunshine and warm temperatures (warm for Iceland is 56 Fahrenheit !).  The private side of  Dyrhólaey is one of our favorite locations, like ever ever!  Good reason why, eh?  Soooo pretty!  Special Note: This area is 100% on private property, this is not an area you may visit by yourself or without in advance permission.

Fairy Tale Themed Elopement Table for Two

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team, specializes in luxury adventure elopements.  So at the end of the day, the majority of our couples opt in for a surprise setup during their Iceland wedding reception dinner.  The theme chosen for Tim and Joselyn was Icelandic fairy tale inspired.  It had earthy elements of basalt garland, papyrus paper, brown and silver undertones.  Super duper romantic with the pillared candles too!

Are you left inspired after reliving Tim and Joselyn’s Southern Iceland adventurous August elopement?  If so, feel free to contact us to possibly craft your own unforgettable adventure!

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