Iceland Wedding Photos: Sarah + Sean

On Thursday, August 27th, 2015 I had the honor of planning and photographing an idyllic Icelandic elopement for a super sweet couple who hail from Oklahoma. Please allow me to introduce you to Sarah + Sean!

Right from the very beginning of contacting me, Sarah let me know that as a couple they value: Travel & Adventure. …heck yes, our ideal clients!

They chose to forgo a local wedding in their home state so they could turn their focus fully to each other and go on an adventurous day the two of them would remember forever.  Can I get an “Awwww” folks?!  Serious sweetness.  Their intentions were pure, passionate, and they were absolutely at home in the dramatic Icelandic landscape during their elopement adventure.

Don’t be fooled by the image header of captivating blue skies… Their summer Iceland wedding day went like this: Drizzle -> Rain -> Downpour of Rain -> Overcast -> Partly Sunny -> Steady Light Rain -> Blue Skies -> Cloudy -> Rain.  Sounds about right for a 17 hour adventure wedding day in Iceland!  But don’t worry, we have THE BEST clients!  …because these two just embraced and rolled with the unpredictability as you will see =)

Today I share with you Part 1 of their remarkable elopement in Iceland images, compliments of Photos by Miss Ann.  Stay tuned next time for Part 2 of their adventurous Icelandic elopement.  Did someone say Iceland glacier wedding portraits?!  I plead the fifth 😉

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Adventure Wedding Photographer + Planner)

© 2015, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved

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