Iceland Destination Wedding Reception Table Setup

One of the most often asked questions during Iceland destination wedding reception planning is table setup.  Do you want formal, semi, or casual?  Our clients often are after a food-drinks-conversation focused event after a full full day Iceland wedding adventure so most times we are setting the tables for 4 and 5 courses.

My friend Phoebe Parlade from Liberty Tabletop has been fabulous enough to educate us all a little more on specifics below, enjoy!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Adventure Wedding Photographer + Planner)

Things to remember when attending a formal dining event…

A formal event is a chance to enjoy yourself in a stylish and sophisticated environment. There are many different occasions where formal dining etiquette could be required, and following it ensures that everyone enjoys themselves. One of the most common instances of formal dining you might come across is at a wedding reception. In all formal dining situations, you want to make sure you make a good impression upon your hosts, companion, or fellow guests. They are important at a wedding reception, as you won’t necessarily be sitting with people you know, and wouldn’t want to embarrass the bride or groom with poor table manners.

Formal dining etiquette governs many different things, and is meant to make the meal run more smoothly. Much of it is for your own convenience. For instance, having several sets of cutlery makes it easier to eat each course. All you have to remember is to start with the outer set and work your way inwards with each consecutive course. A lot of the rules of formal dining are not as complicated as they first appear.

If you know these rules, you can focus on enjoying your evening. You won’t be preoccupied by the possibility of making a mistake, which could be embarrassing. Knowing these protocols is especially important in the case of events where you don’t know your fellow diners. You don’t want them forming a bad impression, particularly when it only takes a few minutes to brush up on your formal dining knowledge. Please see the walk through below for more information!

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