Iceland Winter Elopement in an Ice Cave

Having a winter wedding in Iceland can be an unforgettable opportunity on oh-so many levels!

For one, you have a really good chance of seeing Northern Lights during the months of December-March.  Two, during your Iceland elopement you could hold your wedding ceremony in natural ice cave!  …and how epic is that thought?!  An ice cave will melt over the summer and never exist again for anyone else, only for you in that moment!

But with all of that good stuff, there are some potential challenges that can also emerge with planning a winter wedding in Iceland…. Such as a snowstorm (or blizzard), gale force winds, and road closures.  It’s all about timing and having plan A, B, and C options in place ahead of time (and we got you covered!).

Knowing all this, Trishia and Chris who hail from the big island of Hawaii embraced all that winter could throw at them and were super excited to EXPLORE on their Iceland wedding day.  So come along with us today and experience their adventure wedding in Iceland!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-17 Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-39

The perfect combination for an elopement in Iceland: Lace Wedding Dress and BOOTS!

Our Iceland wedding hair and makeup team always does an incredible (and long lasting) job on our brides!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-3

Trishia’s Iceland wedding bouquet made me swoon hardcore! So wild and wonderful!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-27

…and Chris’ Iceland wedding boutonniere was the perfect mix of rustic elegance!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-12

Hiking to their Iceland wedding ceremony location!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-5

Safety first… time for crampons!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-7

My favorite thing about ice caves is hunting for new ones at the beginning of every season AND knowing they will never be the same after the season ends… Making it a naturally unique Iceland wedding location!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-10

The textures and tones an ice cave presents… Layers of black, white, and blue!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-11

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-21

Chris and Trishia’s Iceland wedding ceremony in an ice cave was simply INCREDIBLE!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-13

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-15

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-16

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-20

Oh la la the magic in their Iceland wedding photos!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-19

Fun Fact: Chris proposed to Trishia on a beautiful black sand beach in Hawaii so it was only fitting that we find some black sand near this subglacial volcano!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-25

Tiny people, Big landscape.

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-22

Add in the beginning of a snow storm, some cuddling and the romance ensued!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-24

Snow up to your knees at times, no sweat for this adventurous couple during their elopement in Iceland!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-26

After their glacier cave wedding ceremony, we found our way to one of the most AMAZING places I have ever found to have an Iceland Luxury Picnic!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-28

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-31

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-29

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-30

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-32

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-33

Seriously, most amazing place I have ever found… These two rocked the romance in it too!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-34

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-35

The colors and textures were indescribable for their Iceland elopement photos!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-37

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-36

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-38

The snow was really putting on a show for us!  All apart of the unforgettable Iceland wedding day EXPERIENCE!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-41

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-40

After all that white, we went on plan b… Searching for some GREEN!  This secret canyon is usually pretty green no matter the season but the storm took over as we arrived creating a super fun exploring experience!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-45

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-44

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-42

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-43

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-49

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-46

When Iceland gives you sleet and snow, you reply back with smiles and jokes!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-48

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-47

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-50

Plan C enters…. And I gave them GREEN!  The beauty of hiring a local Iceland Wedding Planner and Photographer… We know this place like the back of our hand!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-51

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-53

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-54

These quite sweet moments get me every time during an Iceland wedding day… Pretty pretty!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-52

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-55

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-56

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-57

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-58

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-61

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-60

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-62

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-59

An afternoon snack of dried fish and Brennivin (aka Black Death) was on the agenda and these two savored every bit!  It’s fun to introduce cultural elements to your Iceland elopement.

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-63

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-64

After a quick rest and refresh, they enjoyed a romantic delicious dinner for two for their Iceland wedding reception!

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-65

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding-66

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  1. This winter photo shoot is absolutely beautiful! I cant stop looking at these pictures. Chris and Trishia are such troopers for plan A, B and C. Iceland Elopement Adventure makes me day dream.

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