Reykjanes Peninsula Free-Spirited Elopement

When you think about eloping in Iceland, what about it draws you in?  I would guess that it’s the variety of the dynamic landscape.  Nowhere else in the world can you experience so many different types of locations in one day.  That simple fact alone, offers a huge advantage over other adventurous locations to elope.  It can be tough to narrow down where in Iceland may be your perfect Iceland elopement location.  So many options await you from the North to the East Fjords, over to the West, and throughout the South!  Today we are thrilled to share with you an elopement in one of our favorite areas, the Reykjanes Peninsula!

The Reykjanes Peninsula is a stunning UNESCO Global Geopark.  You could spend weeks exploring the 320 square miles and not see the same place twice!  Furthermore, the area is chock full of basalt rock formations, black beaches, sea cliffs, geothermal areas, lakes, and moss covered lava fields!  Plus so much more like amazing mountains, and crazy awesome drift zones (hello North American and Eurasian plates)!

UK Couple Decides to Elope in Iceland!

Meet Laura and Oli.  They are a free-spirited couple from the United Kingdom.  They met over 13 years ago the old fashioned way.  You know when you actually went out not seeking someone and had a serendipitous moment of running into them in a public place?  Yup, both were on summer holiday from University when fate happened.  After that night they were smitten!  Since they were on holiday, they realized both were not in their home areas and if they wanted to make it work, a long distance relationship was the only option.  They rocked it for 4 years!

Once the four year mark came, Laura took the opportunity to move closer to Oli to close the gap.  They began building a life together and growing their relationship even deeper by doing on adventures!  They adore skiing so they often found themselves across the Austrian Alps, Canada, and even Andorra.  Exploring within the UK has been exciting for them as well as it gives them the opportunity to bring their Jack Russel pup, Denis!  Places like the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Bristol, and New Castle has filled their days for local ventures.

Furthermore, they adore the outdoors!  Hiking, walking, and spontaneous road trips to fill their eyes with wonder!  For instance they also adore picking a direction or city and have no formal plans.  Total fun free spirits!  And the weather doesn’t matter as long as they are together!

After an intimate proposal at home, they began thinking about where they would marry.  But nothing locally in the UK made them excited about wedding planning so they began to branch out.  Luckily they found our Iceland Wedding Planner team and the excitement for wedding planning was reignited!  They fell in love with our adventurous elopement concept and previous blog posts.  This route definitely felt more like “them.”  High on their “must have” list was not having any people around.  They wanted their big moment to be just them and the great outdoors!

Choosing an Iceland Elopement Location:

A lot of consideration goes into our team crafting unique Iceland elopement packages for our couples.  To illustrate, we ask them a never-ending series of questions which verifies their adventure level, how they handle weather, must have’s and what types of places leaves them an awe.  Our Iceland elopement planning team crafts custom schedules for our clients and our proposal document has a very “feel like you’re there” vibe to it so you can picture yourselves there.  At the end of the day, the Reykjanes Peninsula got Laura and Oli the most excited!

For our luxury elopements in Iceland, we encourage our couples to stay at places we know can deliver an extraordinary level of service and Hotel Grimsborgir wins every time!  I mean come on, you want to feel like VIP’s on your wedding day, right?  Who doesn’t!  So on that September 11th 2019 fall morning, our day began around 5:30am with hair and Iceland elopement photographer coming to the hotel room.

We love love loved Laura’s long sleeve Iceland elopement dress!  So simply yet oh-so elegant!  8:30am came quick!  Laura and Oli had a sweet little first look at each other, grabbed their “go bags” and were all smiles!  Our partner super jeep jeep team was waiting outside and was ready to embark on our elopement adventure through the Reykjanes Peninsula!

Reykjanes Peninsula Elopement Ceremony:

There are so many water features across the Reykjanes Peninsula, so it can be hard to narrow down what would be best for a Iceland wedding ceremony location. Laura and Oli both felt called to a sweet little lakeside cove area which has unique rock formations nearby.  It was a very special and free spirited elopement ceremony that morning by our favorite Pastor.  Special Note: Our team attains special permissions / permits from the land owners and the environmental agencies in order to drive down to this area.  And furthermore, we also ensure we do not  leave a trace behind us by raking our tracks in the sand.

Lakeside Elopement Photos in Iceland

This particular lake in the Reykjanes Peninsula offers a lot of variety of textures and tones for Iceland elopement photos.  Laura and Oli thoroughly enjoyed their time exploring around it.  They were in awe over the color of the sand, the interesting rock formations (one looks like a troll!) and the vibrant colors that surrounded them!

Iceland Elopement Photographer Captures Sea Cliffs

The sea cliffs all around the Reykjanes Peninsula are all picturesque.  I don’t think we’ve found any that aren’t!  Laura and Oli had so much fun exploring with our Iceland elopement photographer and around these golden sea cliffs!

Reykjanes Peninsula Black Beach

Around Noon it was time to head to a black beach within the Reykjanes Peninsula for a hot dog bbq!  There is something so fabulous about having a hot meal on your wedding day when it’s cold and windy, that’s for sure!  Also this was a perfect time to explore a private property lava rock beach and cave for Iceland wedding photos!!

Iceland Drone Wedding Photos

Our Iceland wedding photography team love having the opportunity to fly their drone for epic wedding photos!  Another set of textured sea cliffs and waterfall on private property was ideal for it!  Conditions were amazing and Laura and Oli looked incredible up there exploring and bird watching without the Reykjanes Peninsula!

Steamy Wedding Photos at a Geothermal Hot Spot!

There is something about steam that just screams romance.  Never mind the eggy smell as it’s all just part of the adventure.  You can hear the mud pots boiling around you as you explore.  And you might even wonder how hot they are, who knows!  The steam rises and falls as you explore the Reykjanes Peninsula geothermal area!

Iceland Waterfall Elopement Photography

In a town outside of the Reykjanes Peninsula, you will find a charming little waterfall and historic wool shop ruins.  The ruins of a shop use to craft their own electricity from the power of the waterfall back int he day.  And Laura and Oli loved the variety the Iceland wedding location stop brought so they were thrilled to explore both together!

Kransakaka: Iceland Wedding Cake

It’s a tradition in Iceland to have a kransakaka to celebrate an important day.  It’s a fun cultural element for you to incorporate too!  I mean who doesn’t want a sweet little Iceland wedding cake to delight in during their elopement dinner?!  Laura and Oli had one waiting for them after they returned from the adventure part of their day.

Did you enjoy their free-spirited elopement in the Reykjanes Peninsula?  If interested in potentially planning your own private adventure there, feel free to contact us for more information!

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