East Iceland Wedding Locations (Egilsstaðir Weddings)

One of the areas in Iceland most often looked over and “passed by” on ring road adventure routes is the beautiful East!  So when you go from North to South or South to North, do not skip over one of the most unadulterated and secret areas of Iceland, the East fjords! 

There are only a handful of locations that I’ve been to where I have felt at harmony in silence and extreme compulsions of excitement all at the same time and East Iceland definitely brought that out! 


One reason is because of the rich folklore that follows this area… Like the sea-worm monster (Wyrm or Lagarfljotsormur) hiding in the famed Lagarfljot lake area (which happens to be the deepest lake in Iceland) and many spots within the mountains and fjords being enchanted by elves.  I love Icelandic folklore =) The second reason is for the abundance of secret waterfalls both cold flowing and geothermal heated (Which is total heaven for me, being a huntress of secret waterfalls!).  Plus as a bonus, there are uniquely shaped mountains and secluded caves I have never ever seen before.  All of which would make a magical and unforgettable backdrop for your Iceland wedding photos!  Are you sold yet?

Iceland Private Waterfall Wedding - Iceland Wedding Planner

My most recent adventure to Iceland’s East Fjords:  I started my trek East from Vik after a gorgeous April wedding, so it was about a 7 hour drive (so from Reykjavik about 9-10 hours straight through or could have been a short 1 hour flight) and it was one of the most beautifully inspiring drives I have done within Iceland, especially once I got into the flowing fjord areas.  As I drove (even in the rain), I encountered tons of rolling hills through the mountains and I was side by side to the ocean, seeing reindeer jump alongside, and the landscape somehow became more vivid and rugged as the drive continued.

East Iceland Wedding Photographer - Photos by Miss Ann

The urge I had to pull into every fjord town was uncanny.  …I kept thinking what amazing locations are down that road?  I.MUST.GO.  But sadly, being early April, many of the fjord towns were closed because the walls of snow are so big (even too big for super jeeps to get through).  Fun Fact: The town’s people (like in Mjóifjörður), often have to sail by boat to get their weekly grocery provisions through the months of November and May.  Being such a remote area as well, locales also say they often see Northern Lights shinning from late August to late April.  #WorthIt

Mjoifjordur Iceland Wedding

Extreme sports junkies will get their fill in summer or in winter by exploring the landscape via super jeeps, ATV’s, snowmobiles, or going on winter hikes to isolated waterfalls and caves.  If you are a lower key adventure seeker you can kind solace in natural hot springs, bird watching, learn about what life was once like from an Icelandic farmer or fisherman, enjoy the silence of the earth under the stars (or the Northern Lights), or spend the day relaxing in one of Iceland’s best spa’s!

East Iceland Hot Spring - Iceland Wedding Planner

While out discovering East Iceland, you’ll find some of the most dynamic fjords I’ve ever seen, with names I can actually pronounce too =) Iceland’s deepest canyon also calls home to this area, which might one of the areas brightest most interesting gems.  The famed Vatnajokull Glacier can also be accessed from this side and you’ll also notice that the glacier seems whiter, the greenery is a vivid green I never knew existed and the black sand throughout this area is a shade of black I’ve never seen before.  Purity at its best lives in East Iceland.

East Iceland Wedding Photos - Iceland Wedding Planner

The town of Egilsstadir and surrounding fjord towns, are one of the oldest areas of Iceland and vaunts some of the most amazing elements and hiking areas I’ve seen, all within 30-60 minutes or less of the town center.  There are also several restaurants within the town I found myself totally addicted to eating at, so rest assured if you visit, you’ll be well fed and appreciating in the locale delights!

Seydisfjordur East Iceland Wedding-Photos by Miss Ann

Can you imagine yourself holding your Iceland Wedding or dreamy Icelandic Elopement, in one of Iceland’s largest forest areas?  Chasing secret waterfalls?

…Or what about romantically eloping by venturing up to the amazingly shaped pristine Snaefell volcano mountain and having herds of reindeer as your guests?  It’s possible and we’d love to hand craft some dreamy options for you to fill your adventure wedding desires!  Please contact us for more information on planning a wedding or elopement in East Iceland.

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Adventure Wedding Planners + Photographers)

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