Rustic Ranch Wedding in Iceland | Ciara + Jared

What intrigues me the most about our next featured couple, Ciara and Jared, is that they both separately moved by themselves hundreds of miles from all they know and love, to Alaska. They were both on an underlying mission for adventure!  How freaking awesome, right?  They are both strong-willed, independent, and live their lives as an ongoing exploration of landscapes, people and places in time.  It always amazes me how people like that are always drawn to each other.  Hence them finding each other, falling in love while embarking on world journeys together, and then settling on the idea of getting married in the mecca of dynamic landscapes, Iceland.

The groom, Jared contacted me first with a rather cute email way back in September of 2013 saying, “I’m on an initial scout attempt at epic wedding locations. Searched for Iceland and it brought me to your site.  You’re awesome, exactly what we are looking for.” And then a month or so later his bride Ciara, follows the message up with, “We can Skype soon but we’re currently moving from Alaska to Wyoming, so maybe next week?”   I totally laughed and enjoyed those notes for 2 reasons:

  1. Knowing Jared after 2 years of planning, he’s a hardcore adventurer (so is Ciara), a jokester, and pretty straight to the point too! …and Ciara wanted to make sure I knew why there was a delay in their response, you know she’s the super sweet thoughtful half of this dynamic duo.
  2. I am happy that even 2 years ago I was spot on my brand message of planning adventure weddings, my vibe, and obviously my virtual personality protruded its way out from my words for folks to be EXCITED when they contacted me. That’s the goal, you know?

When we started planning Ciara and Jared’s August 1st Iceland wedding almost 2 years ago, they were in love with the idea of getting married at the magnificent Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.  But after a super exciting pre-wedding day portrait session with them the Friday before their Iceland wedding day, I walked them around the area of the waterfall.  They both looked at each other and were overwhelmed by the amount of tourists flocking the areas (it’s changed THAT much in 2 years).

As you know from reading some of my previous posts, having an Iceland wedding in summer can be a bit of a challenge due to the crowds of tourists at all of the famed Route 1 stops.  I’m very aware and conscience that not all budgets allow the luxury of having super jeeps to escape the tourists so sometimes we need to get crafty on angles, get hiking, or I present plan “b” routes on the spot.  While, there were several nook and cranny spots I suggested to Ciara and Jared, that they could have had considered to have a more private feeling at the waterfall, in the end we executed “Plan B!”  There is a little hidden gem of a sod farm nearby we instead held their intimate affair.  Between the grass covered houses, rivers, pathways, cattle, mountains and the stunning 1800’s church it felt right for them.

The morning began at the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel with my “A-Team” of Iceland Hair and Makeup Artists and we were quickly out the door and on our way to the Icelandic Sod Farm.  The Iceland wedding ceremony scene was set with gorgeous colorful rose petals and unforgettable view as Ciara and Jared forever vowed themselves to each other at that Icelandic ranch.  The Iceland wedding day journey continued onto many locations inside the historical UNESCO site, Thingvellir National Park.  Afterwards, guests were welcomed back to a lovely Iceland wedding reception at the ION.  The reception was styled as if guests were stepping onto an Icelandic ranch, it was awesome! Wooden details, burlap, moss, petals for color, and a giant cow skin rug!  Swoon!  Anyhow, we hope you delight in their lovely Iceland wedding images take by Photos by Miss Ann, below!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Planner + Photographer)

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