Luxury Icelandic Elopement

There are people you meet in your life that you instantly connect with and you cannot wait to get to get to know them better.  For me, that began with an amazing email from D+G who hail from Northern California.  Their first inquiry to me boasted about their daring list of adventures they’ve had separately and together.  Which, I’ll be honest was a quite impressive list, even to my adrenaline junky standards!  Ironically, they had originally set out to plan an elopement during the great rhino migration in Tanzania (which by the way, do you know I plan weddings there too?  Check out: Your Adventure Wedding).  But then some good news / bad news came and sent them to a different brilliant trek… Planning an adventurous Icelandic elopement!

The day… Let me take you back to that wonderful summer day in Iceland, we’ll fondly call, Tanabata.  What is that, you ask?  If you’re familiar with Asian customs, you might have heard of the inspiring “Star Festival” which is a legend that allows two lovers to meet in the Milky Way for only one day a year, which is on the seventh day of the seventh month… July 7th.  It’s lucky, it’s beautiful, it’s romantic, and it frankly gives me goosebumps.  Plus who doesn’t want an epic date for their wedding day, am I right?

My Iceland Adventure Weddings always begin before 7am so we can lead a very action packed 16+ hour day.  After all it’s Your Adventure Wedding, right? =)  We were out the door of Hotel Ranga and on our way to one of my favorite private waterfalls in Iceland via super jeep.  D+G “Ooooo, and ahhhhh” over the epic blue skies, lushness, and splendor of this private super-secret waterfall.  The day carried on to a luxurious and very romantically styled picnic on the side of what could be one of Iceland’s most powerful subglacial volcanos.  So exciting!  A wickedly awesome drive through some of Iceland’s sweetest canyons and then on to one of our last stops was a gorgeous black sand beach that had amazing basalt columns protruding from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Upon returning to Hotel Ranga, the couple was greeted with a stunningly styled (by us, Iceland Wedding Planner of course) intimate Iceland wedding reception for two overlooking the beautiful Ranga River.  Accoutrements included connections to nature within the rock centerpieces, organic salt Iceland wedding favors, an elegant Iceland wedding menu card, and flasks that said, “The Adventure Begins…”  A luxury elopement in Iceland screams details.  That’s just what this fabulous couple received!  As the sun began to set after dinner, we headed back out to a sweet little sod farm for a few more images ending our adventure just after midnight!

A remarkable couple plus an extraordinary day, surely equals mesmerizing Iceland wedding photos, as you’ll see below compliments of Photos by Miss Ann!  Enjoy!!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer and International Wedding Planner)

© 2015, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved

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