Iceland Private Black Beach Wedding

Forgoing all things traditional wedding and opting in to do exactly what excites you as couple is an empowering decision!  For example, if you love to hike, then plan a hiking elopement.  And if you love luxury then maybe your mode of transport is via helicopter or you have a luxury super jeep take you to your perfectly styled ceremony, etc.  Bottom line, it’s about the two of you and the experience you will share as your story unfolds.  Either way, planning an experience driven adventure wedding encourages you to be in the moment, explore nature, and most importantly, be yourselves!  So come along with us today as we share with you one adventurous couples Iceland private black beach wedding!

Two Adventurers Meet

Rewind over 8 years ago, Spencer and Amanda were both attending the same college (thanks Texas State!).  During the summers in Texas, the thing to do is spend the weekends floating down the river on tubes.  Spencer and Amanda were both with a group tubing but not introduced formally.  However, Spencer remembers admiring Amanda in being impressed by her level of adventure and confidence.  From this moment we fast forward to many months later where their friend groups collided again. But this time it was Amanda who was curious to per sue Spencer after hearing that he was single.

As a result, of that second meeting and being formally introduced that time they realized how many things in common they had with each other.  Almost as if they just fit perfectly into each others lives.  For instance, both had dogs (shout out to Bella + Wayne!), are spontaneous, have a natural craving for travel, being active partaking in adrenaline driven sports.  Plus their professional industries overlapped him in Finance and her in Real Estate!

Furthermore, my favorite thing about these two was that even though they work 50-60 hours a week they always plan a weekly date night together.  Likewise, this keeps their long term relationship game strong.  Making time for each other and adventuring together feeds the relationship and allows it to thrive.  Cannot say this enough, but it’s oh so true!


Lakeside Proposal Turns to into Iceland Wedding

Okay okay okay, so how does this super cool activity driven couple then get engaged?!  Well let me preface the story with that these two love to wake board and surf together.  They took a day off together to head to their favorite lake with their favorite boat.  Admittedly Spencer recalls he was acting weird because of nerves and Amanda agreed.

Seems like find their way to a private cove on the lake was the best course of action for Spencer.  Once there he began spouting his admiration for Amanda and hopes for the future.  Enter in “ugly crying” Amanda (her words, not ours!) who of course was surprised and said yes!  Also the best part in this was that Spencer has previously gotten permission from her family before asking.  Swoon!  You’re a good man Spencer!!

Planning a February Wedding in Iceland

Due to the fact that planning a local wedding in Texas didn’t sound like fun they began looking towards the mountains in North American.  They went to Banff hoping to make a connection but everything felt cookie cutter and general to them.  After all, being together for 8 years, it was time to get married in a way that excited them in a place that was special too!  Being drawn to dynamic landscapes, Northern Lights and wanting to be married in February or March.  Next, these two started Googling “Iceland Weddings” and “Iceland Elopements” and found us and feel in love with our adventure wedding concept!

Although, Amanda did tell us right from the very beginning that a half day adventure wedding experience would be more suitable for them and their potential guests.  Our team appreciates and respects that type of honesty!  Above all, it’s important to know limits and be in tune with what you know you will enjoy rather than forcing your way through something.  Thus, crafting their February 25th 2019 Iceland private black beach wedding began!

Quite Morning Getting Ready

Firstly, in planning a half day adventure wedding in Iceland, the day began later than our usual 5am start time.  But this is exactly the sort of chill easy morning that Amanda and Spencer wished for. They parted ways after breakfast together.  Spencer got ready in his mum’s room and Amanda was being dolled up by our hair stylist while watching the morning light break and listening to a playlist her mum had surprised her with.

Our Iceland elopement photographer loved loved loved Amanda’s Iceland wedding dress!  Such a classy unique non-traditional choice.  Similarly staying away from the typical grooms attire, Spencer opted in for grey turtle neck and sports coat.  Shortly after 12pm Spencer and his mum loaded into the super jeep.  Since Amanda and Spencer chose to not see each other before the Iceland private black beach wedding ceremony, he needed to be blindfolded in the jeep!  Good thing it was super foggy morning in Vik so he didn’t miss any landscape views!

Iceland Private Black Beach Wedding Ceremony

Beaches are abundant on this tiny island in the North Atlantic, truly!  You can follow the entire 3,000+ miles of coastline and find the most amazing beaches you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  When our Iceland Wedding Planner team crafted unique itineraries to Spencer and Amanda for their adventure wedding experience, they fell in love having an Iceland private black beach wedding ceremony.  Thrilled to say they were the FIRST to be married at this location too!

Holding a very intimate wedding ceremony with his mum as a witness was exactly the kind of wedding experience they wished for.  They also spoke their personal vows to each other which made our whole team tear up!  Our Iceland wedding photographer was in heaven running around on the sand dunes capturing all of the amazing angles too!

Luxury Champagne Toast

Champagne always tastes better with a gorgeous view and with a side of sweets!  Am I right people?!  Amanda and Spencer added on our elaborate champagne toast to delight in after their Iceland private black beach wedding.  Which includes the following:

  • Luxury Bottle(s) of Champagne
  • Icelandic Artisan Chocolates
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Traditional Icelandic Pastries
  • Perfectly Styled Table

Black Beach Waterfall Wedding Exploration

By hiring our team, you get both wedding planning and an Iceland elopement photographer.  Our adventure wedding photographers are super experienced with all of our Iceland wedding locations.  Totally a must because weather, light and water levels can change dramatically and they know the best spots if that happens.  Always thinking plan A, B, C, and D regardless to ensure the very best Iceland wedding photos and exploration!  In short, once the ceremony concluded, the newlyweds explored around the Iceland private black beach wedding waterfall area.  Cherishing every second of it!

Intimate Canyon Discovery

February weddings can be a hit of miss when it comes to snow.  Some years we have had super heavy snow that has stuck around and others where the coastlines are snow free but the highlands and mountains are not.  Specifically, this last week of February this year did not have much snow along the coastlines, only up into the glaciers.

Loving beaches these two originally had another private black beach on the agenda.  However, when the day arrived our experienced super jeep team deemed the route unsafe.  Plan B came into action and actually gave our newlyweds 2 other locations in place of the one.  How fun is that?!  Hence the title above of intimate canyon discovery being the next Iceland elopement location they trekked to!

There is something really intimate about this narrow private property canyon and our Iceland elopement photographers LOVE photographing in it!  Likely just as much as our adventurous elopement couples enjoy EXPLORING it!

Loftsalahellir Cave Wedding Photos

Concluding their half day adventure wedding in Iceland was a hike up to an offbeat cave near Dyrhólaey.  A cave named Loftsalahellir (totally should have had it on our 55 unique things to do in Iceland post!).  It is a short 5-10 minute hike depending on pace straight up the mountain.  When inside you see a stunning view of the island of Dyrhólaey. Loftsalahellir wedding photos are so dreamy as you’ll see below.

Special Note: Be prepared to get muddy, stay on the path, and if you’re not an experienced hiker bring hiking poles.  Also do not taunt the birds around there or get near them.  The Icelandic Fulmar has a puking defense mechanism and if it happens, you’ll want to burn your clothes.  No joke!

Vik Iceland Luxury Dinner

All being so blown away with how their experience driven Iceland adventure wedding played out.  Countless epic locations and unforgettable memories made!  Arriving back to Icelandair Vik around 5:30pm, the group had time to rest and refresh before joining together again for dinner.

Selecting items from our Iceland wedding rental collection, Amanda and Spencer created unique tablescape.  The focus was bringing the outside in with a twist of romance!  Throughout the day we had been trying to outrun a storm that was coming and although we did during the day, sadly it meant no chance of Northern Lights hunting.  But Spencer and Amanda were happy to begin the honeymoon anyhow! 😉

Have you totally enjoyed the style of this 1/2 day adventure wedding in Iceland?  Maybe you want to plan your own Iceland private black beach wedding experience now?  Contact us for more information!

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