Getting Married in Iceland | Caitlyn + Scott’s Elopement Story

Making dreams a reality is what our adventure wedding planning team does every day of our lives.  Whether that means from a professional getting married in Iceland standpoint or from a personal point of view.  Because let’s be honest, life is just too freaking short to not be the happiest you could ever be!  So when a couple comes to us wanting a private adventure exploring the outdoors, moments of snuggling, and are overall looking for a once-in-a-lifetime EXPERIENCE, we deliver.  That simple.  Come along with us as their lovely elopement in Iceland story unfolds!

Soulmates Finally Meet!

First, I gotta ask, do you believe in soulmates?  Meeting someone and just knowing it in your bones you were meant to be together, forever kind of soulmates.  This weeks adventurous elopement couple, Caitlyn and Scott show you exactly what being soulmates look like!

Hailing both from Australia and individually interested in saving lives, they crossed paths professionally as paramedics!  Friendship bloomed into they could not live without each other… On that same note, I immediately think to what the fabulous Jeremy Taylor says is “love is friendship set on fire!”

Their relationship transitions to family status as they make a home for themselves in the southern outskirts of Sydney.  In addition to renovating their fabulous house, they raise their two “furkids,” Lexie, an English Staffy, and Banjo, a long haired Dachshund.  Often with the dogs in tow, they enjoy the great outdoors, go out to cafes drinking coffee, spending quality time together exploring together!


Eloping in Iceland

During our 120+ minute Skype call with Caitlyn and Scott the first time we met, they both said that they know weather can be unpredictable.  But being mentally ready, physically prepared they look to embrace it and immerse it as part of the story.  What I freaking loved most about these two when I put them in several “situational weather” conditions and ask how they would react is that they answered by saying at work we always have “10 plans” ready for every situation.  I laughed and said, so does our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Can you say perfect match?!

Likewise, since these two were planning a Nordic adventure trip in March and April, they wanted to have our Your Adventure Wedding team pitch custom itineraries in both Iceland and Norway.  At the end of the day they decided on getting married in Iceland and to honeymoon in Norway.  Probably because they could not pass up the cliffs, private property locations, and the Mars looking spaces!

Getting Married in Iceland

March 6th 2019, began as a cold, crisp, but gorgeous winter morning at one of Iceland’s only luxury hotels, Hotel Grimsborgir!  Caitlyn opted to handle her own hair and makeup so just our Iceland elopement photographer and one of our favorite video teams, Painted Sky Films arrived shortly after 6am.  This blushing bride chose to say see you later to traditional white Iceland wedding dress and choose a two piece YELLOW dress!  So free-flowing and fabulous!  And Scott’s Iceland groom details were equally as dapper!

Getting ready together is one of the best things about eloping.  You can help each other, laugh, and chit chat the nerves away!  After a few finishing touches, and rechecking what was in the “go bags” for the day they were ready!  It was finally time to make the dream a reality of getting married in Iceland!

March Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Snow fell overnight, so there was a sweet light dusting of it when Scott and Caitlyn walked outside to load into the super jeep!  Dreamy for getting married in Iceland in March!!  As they drove to the ceremony spot, the group heard about how the mountains use to be sea cliffs long ago before Iceland raised up out of the ocean!

Our favorite and exclusive Pastor hopped into the super jeep and joined the adventurous elopement party as we headed the final stretch to our Iceland wedding ceremony location!  He had crafted a very unique and inspiring ceremony that morning as the sun rose in all of it’s glory and warmth!  Scott and Caitlyn also said amazing personal vows to each other that both wowed the Iceland elopement photographer and Iceland wedding video team!

Exploring After You Say I Do!

An extremely important part of our adventure wedding experiences, is ensuring there is enough time our couples to EXPLORE by themselves.  Most importantly BE IN THE MOMENT, savoring it!  Not just jumping in and out of the super jeep for wedding photos in epic locations.  But, yes they still get amazing Iceland wedding photos, but the EXPERIENCE our team is crafting goes way beyond.

In choosing to hire our Iceland Wedding Planner team you are committing to having an experience driven Iceland wedding adventure which will be as unique as your relationship is.  And really, who doesn’t want that?!  These two newlyweds took full advantage of their discovery time at the ceremony location and even held their first dance as a married couple on a part of the frozen lake!  Say what?!  Reason 1,001 we ADORE Iceland winter elopements!

Sea Cliffs and Sunshine

Next on the adventure wedding timeline, were golden sea cliffs!  Amazing location for bird watching too.  So we all love the idea of sunshine during our hiking elopement, right?  It can be rare, during winter weddings in Iceland.  But when it happens it is the BEST feeling and I’m pretty sure everyone freaking BASKED in it from the couple, video team, super jeep guide, and our Iceland elopement photographer!

Cave Exploring and Hiking

Feeling like you’re the first ones to discover a place is an addicting feeling.  That’s what our Iceland Wedding Planner team’s mission is at every location we share with you.  Hiking in, not really knowing what to fully expect adds a unique level of anticipation and excitement to the adventure!  Getting married in Iceland should be filled with all sorts of unique surprises!

Mars Meets Icelandic Mountains

Seeing the combination of volcanic rocks, black sand, all Mars like features mixed in alongside of the ocean and mountains is a sight to marvel over.  It just so happened to be our Iceland elopement lunch stop too!  Complete with a traditional hot dog BBQ too!  Yummy!  For real though, who doesn’t want to have a hot meal after getting married in Iceland?!

Iceland Private Property Waterfall Adventure

Finding our way to a private property waterfall which requires our teams to rappel and over over the cliff to get the best shots was NEXT!  Our Iceland wedding photo and video teams are COMMITTED to safely getting the money shots 😉  Not to mention our Iceland elopement photos tries to get the drone up at as many locations possible for the EPIC angles! #worthit  Furthermore, on the way to the next Iceland wedding location, the group was tracking whales from the cliffs!  Spectacular and oh-so memorable sight!

Sunset Mountain Wedding Photos

Few things are better than snuggling up in a blanket, getting cozy with the one you love, and watching the sun dip between the mountains.  Being in the moment just like this, was extremely important to Scott and Caitlyn.  Such a romantic moment to share together in the midst of getting married in Iceland!  It’s fair to say the savored every single second!

Adventuring to a Geothermal Area

Hot and steamy locations like a private geothermal area can keep you warm as the sunsets into the mountains.  Light drops quickly and it feels like you’re in a race.  But really the shadows just add more delicious depth to the Iceland wedding photos!

Last Light Waterfall Elopement Portraits

Sometimes as you head down to more open points below the mountains in Iceland, you can be lucky enough to grab the last bits of light for some pretty elopement portraits!  That’s just what happened as the Iceland adventure wedding group explored the last location for the day.  Brilliant end to part 1 of getting married in Iceland!  But do not leave yet… There is still a styled reception and Northern Lights to come!

Cozy Iceland Wedding Reception for Two!

Romance at it’s best during wintertime in Iceland is spent in front of a fireplace.  Wouldn’t you agree?  There is something about the light from it that creates an ambiance that is hard to replicate.  For that reason, our Iceland Wedding Planner team decided to craft a cozy Iceland wedding reception for two in front of a fireplace!  In fact, I wish I could have dinner like this EVERY night, please!  Certainly, our newlyweds were delighted to see the setup and enjoyed an intimate meal to close out getting married in Iceland adventure day!  But then 10pm struck and the Northern Lights came out!  At the grooms request, they wanted to enjoy it without any photos.  We obliged 😉

Iceland Elopement Video

Are you left a bit in awe after witnessing Caitlyn and Scott getting married in Iceland in our adventurous, yet private way?  Our wedding planning team would love to craft a unique Iceland elopement package for you that is experience driven and private!  Please feel free to contact us for more information!  But wait, before you go do not leave without seeing Caitlyn and Scott’s adventurous elopement in Iceland video by our favorite folks at Painted Sky Films!

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