Wild Adventure Wedding in May | Lana + Jason

Wild hearts cannot be contained by ordinary adventures or places.  They thrive on experiences!  Non-traditional couples come to our Iceland Wedding Planner team seeking a thrilling day celebrating their unique relationship the way they want to.  Exploring crazy beautiful private places hand in hand is exactly how Lana and Jason wanted to spend their wild adventure wedding in Iceland!

Christmas Day Meeting to Wild Adventure Wedding

Sometimes when you are up to your eyeballs in family activities, you need a break.  Specifically on Christmas Day, am I right?!  Around 10pm Christmas night, Tennessee natives Lana and Jason took a break from their families and met.  Turns out they hung out until the sun rose the next day!  Love when the conversation is THAT GOOD, eh?

Initially they bonded over both having the name breed of dog, Boxers (shout out to Mac + Gibbs!)!  But then these two very independent people realized they both had the same goal of spending their money on travel versus tangible things.  Truly living a life together based on adventuring together experiencing the world.  And that is totally what they have done as they have built their relationship up.

Faced challenges together like hiking Kilamanjaro (Tanzania), exploring on safari, island hopping in Italy, Costa Rica, and throughout the USA and Canada.  Jason and Lana, are super badass so planning a wild adventure wedding was 100% down their alley!

May Wedding in Iceland

The wild adventure wedding began around 5am on May 25th at Hotel Klaustur in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  Our Iceland wedding photographer, hair stylist and awesome video team Veiled in Motion were all rocking it out as Lana and Jason got ready separately.  To illustrate, everyone was a huge fan of Lana’s Iceland wedding dress too, couldn’t wait to see it blow in the wind!  Further, Jason donned himself in a navy blue tweed suit that looks oh-so handsome on him alongside all of his groom details!

Exciting First Look!

Couples decide to spend the mornings differently.  As a matter of fact, that is the beauty of an adventure style wedding is that there are no rules!  So whether you want to get ready privately, have it fully documented, stage a first look, or see each other traditional down the aisle for the first time, it’s your call!

Meanwhile, what felt best to Lana and Jason was to have a first look unveiling!  A few quite moments together before the chaos of their wonderfully wild adventure wedding would begin with their 10 guests in tow.  Super cute to see how excited they both were!  Locked and loaded into the super jeeps, the wedding adventure began!

Tiny Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Choosing to have a tiny wedding in Iceland (10 or less guests) is just the right number for many couples.  Basically means you’re bringing along your family or a handful of our favorite people to embark on an unforgettable experience.  Upon arriving to the private property waterfall, our team setup the ceremony seating and the spiritual pastor was set in place.  Lana was walked down the aisle by her father and they held a sweet ceremony in front of that gorgeous waterfall!

Waterfall Wedding Photos

Following the ceremony, these two newlyweds adventured in the rain together exploring the waterfall and rockiness of the canyon walls.  Drone flying was on the agenda of both the Iceland wedding photo and video team too!  Seriously an ideal start to Lana and Jason’s wild adventure wedding!

Mountains and Magic

Locals say that the mountains in the Icelandic highlands are filled with magic.  Personally and professionally we have been exploring them for over a decade too and we would be inclined to agree.  Not sure if it’s the vividness of the landscapes where a crazy green meets black sands or if it’s wild ruggedness of exploring raw landscape or all of the above!  Either way a gorgeous stop to have during a wild adventure wedding in Iceland!  Jason and Lana thoroughly enjoyed running around it though being their amazing selves!

Fire Meets Ice Under the Volcano

Traveling to Iceland all sorts of landscape types may be on your itinerary.  Often people come to visit because they seek the combination of being able to see volcanoes and glaciers.  I mean who wouldn’t want to experience where fire meets ice?  Being lovers of both elements, it was important for Lana and Jason to share with their guests a sub glacier volcano area Mýrdalsjökull.

For instance, the group crossed rivers by foot walked on the glacier, were surrounded by black sands, crazy ice walls, and came back to the super jeeps just in time for a traditional hot dog BBQ for lunch!  Epic addition and very enjoyable to experience during their wild adventure wedding!!

Discovering Ice Caves during Iceland Adventure Wedding

Heading in a different area of the glacier area, our Iceland Wedding Planner team had scouted a gorgeous ice cave for the group to discover!  Putting on helmets, lights, and crampons, the group was ready hike to a black ice cave.  Everyone kept exploding about how unique of an experience the newlyweds had gifted them!  Looking at the ice cave, it was really 3 within 1!

NOTE: Since this May wedding in Iceland the cave has since melted away, but don’t fret we are scouting there weekly 😉

360 Degree Views for Days!

Cliffs and 360 degree views always go together.  At the end of May these specific cliffs are also a gorgeous area to find puffins in their natural habitat!  Half the group decided to look for them and the others basked in the views of Reynisdrangar and Dyrholaey.

Iceland Black Beach with a side of Champagne

A glass of champagne always seems to taste better when you’re presented with a gorgeous view!  Jason and Lana added on a perfectly styled champagne toast for their group to delight in and it was such a nice surprise!!  Afterwards, our newlyweds danced, laughed, and hugged each other hard.  Although this was the last stop of their wild adventure wedding, they savored every second of it by listening to the waves and stealing kisses!

Intimate Iceland Wedding Reception

After an exciting 10 hour full day adventure wedding, the Iceland wedding group returned to the hotel to rest and refresh!  Gathering again together around 7:30pm at the famed Klasutur Restaurant.  The private room for their Iceland wedding reception was decorates in romantic handles and organic greenery.

Each place setting donned a grey wool mat, clear charger place, spring of eucalyptus, and a basalt rock name card.  Dreamy reception setup for 12 people!  Nighttime came quick and the group ended the evening with the traditional Iceland wedding cake experience!  Such a fun day for their tiny wedding group!!  …now just wait until you see their adventurous wedding video below!

In conclusion, are you leaving utterly inspired after being witness to Lana and Jason’s wild adventure wedding?  Intrigued on how to plan your own?  Feel free to contact us for more information!

Adventurous Iceland Wedding Film

Lastly, one of the most epic ways (outside of displaying your epic Iceland wedding photos) is to hire a talent Iceland wedding video team to remember your story in real time.  We LOVE working with Veiled in Motion from Boston, Massachusetts.  Why?  Countless reasons come to mind, but the main reasons are as follows:


1- Their energy is endless (like our team too). 

Big ass smiles are still on their faces 17 hours into the adventure wedding day.  For real, rain or shine!  Maybe you’ve seen Ashley + David’s crazy wet adventurous elopement from last year? They rocked every second of that super wet, windy, hailing wedding day!


2- Shoot along side our Iceland wedding photographer.

This is a huge positive to not only our Iceland Wedding Planner team but to also you the couple.  Why?  Because it means they do not need their own 15 minutes (or more) outside of what the photographer needs.  As you read above, this was extremely important to Lana and Jason and the dynamic of their day.


3- Crazy talented!

Both in shooting styles and editing the final Iceland wedding film.


4- They adventure together!

Couples who not only work together but enjoy hiking in thigh snow, enduring crazy winds, and running around creating MAGIC in the rain are our favorite!  Valery and Mark rock bring their “A-game” every single day!


5- They fly drone… even in the RAIN!

Your Iceland wedding video needs drone shots.  And these two fly have flown it in conditions that even made our Iceland wedding photography team decide against!  Specifically like this recent elopement at a highland waterfall.


6- No 6-9 month wait!

For real, many wedding film houses make you wait 6-9 months to relive your adventurous elopement day again!  But not Veiled in Motion, they work hard to get it in your hands way sooner than 6 months!  For example, the teaser for Lana and Jason came in less than 1.5 months!


So without further ado allow us to share with you Lana and Jason’s  Iceland Adventure Wedding film so you can see for yourself!  The first is the teaser and soon to come is the full video.  Visit this space again or stalk Veiled in Motion‘s site too!

….and their amazing full video followed this pretty little teaser!

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