First Wedding Inside of a Volcano: Petra + Jan

Being the first to do something in Iceland since the tourism boom here in 2013 can be almost impossible accomplishment to achieve.  Although, we still say, it is more possible if you are one of our clients here at Iceland Wedding Planner as we are always scouting weekly Iceland wedding locations 😉

Southern Australian couple, Petra and Jan contacted us over year before their Iceland wedding date this past summer.  On their fabulous “must have” list was wanting a unique 2 day adventure wedding with their three sons joining them as guests.  They would not settle for anything less than being the first to marry somewhere unforgettable in Iceland.  I’m happy to say that these two (and their family to witness) married 700 feet down inside of a volcano!  Yes, you read that right… Jan and Petra were the first to marry Inside the Volcano!  Maybe some of you have partook in this adventurous activity to do in Iceland or hope to?

Before you get a little worried that we sent our Iceland wedding clients down into a volcano to get married… Please note a few items:

1- Thrihnukagigur Volcano (Translation: Three Peaks Crater):

This is a safely dormant volcano (last eruption was over 4,000 years ago).

2- We always pre-plan and take the associated safety precautions to ensure the well-being of our Iceland wedding couples.

Also Note: Our super jeep team is also part of the SAR Team which are Iceland’s first responders to mountain emergencies.  But luckily since we (Iceland Wedding Planner) began, there is a unique tour (the only in the world) that can take you down there National Geographic style.  Before this time, you would have to bring climbing ropes and setup a manual repel system yourself.

We met that early summer morning in July for Petra and Jan’s Iceland wedding ceremony.  The team at the Inside the Volcano experience welcomed our Iceland wedding group with excitement when we arrived.  As to this point, the Inside the Volcano team had only proposals, never a wedding ceremony down inside of a volcano.  We met at the meeting point, got briefed, and were ready to embark on our “Journey towards the center of the earth!”

The hike from the meeting point to base camp was only 30-40 minutes and it was an easy and lovely hike.  Along the way you are walking beside some of the oldest lava in Iceland.  You see small caves and caverns the lava created 100’s of years ago, you feel like apart of history as you make your way to the base camp.  Arriving to base camp, the energy and excitement was high.  The staff gave us the safety run down,  geared us up helmets and headlamps, and a synopsis of what will happen as we repel down 700 feet.  Our group of 7, made our final ascent to the top of Thrihnukagigur Volcano to then jump into the professional repelling system that would take us down inside of the volcano for their private Iceland wedding ceremony.

It is a about a 6 minute descent and you could feel how crazy excited Jan and Petra were!  Once at the bottom, it was unbelievable how large of an area we had to choose from (Inside the Volcano website quotes: 160 x 220 feet).  In an effort to preserve the lava, the Inside the Volcano team has set a rope barrier around, so holding an Iceland wedding ceremony in here for more than 6-10 people will be difficult (and definitely no seating).  The Iceland elopement ceremony was short, sweet, nature based (fire and ice), and officiated by my favorite Icelandic Pastor Egill.  The next group was on their way down so we needed to wrap it up with a couple of quick Iceland wedding portraits and head back up to the surface to warm up!

When we arrived back to base camp, the Inside the Volcano team, had Prosecco, hot Icelandic meat soup, and even red velvet cake ready in celebration!  It was glorious and so many laughs shared!!  Since we had began so early with this portion of their adventure wedding, we had the rest of the day to still explore together so we began our trek back to our meeting spot.  Jan and Petra loved some of the spots around the Golden Circle, so the Iceland adventure wedding day continued with a stop at an offbeat waterfall, Geysir Geothermal area, and then we headed further north to another set of waterfalls that Petra fell in love with.

So come along with us today as you relive their awesome Iceland wedding day locations!  Also head over to the super fun Offbeat Bride Blog to see more HERE as they recently featured their fabulous 2 day wedding adventure.

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