12 Adventurous Things to Do After Your Iceland Wedding Day

We are not tour goers typically, as you I’m sure have figured out.  But there are for sure a few I would delight in over and over again now living here in Iceland!  So attention Thrill-Seekers, this is a specialized Iceland Wedding Planner blog post just for you!  Today I’m excited to share with you the 12 most adventurous things to do after your Iceland wedding day!  ….Enjoy!

#1: The Inside the Volcano Experience

A true “Journey to the Center of the Earth!” (hands down one of the most amazing tours I have ever been on).

#2: Snorkeling or Scuba Diving 

Through the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates in the famed waters of Silfra (which is within the Thingvellir National Park, UNESCO site).

#3: Paragliding

 See Iceland from a breathtaking viewpoint by booking a paragliding or zip-line adventure!  The folks at Zip-Line Iceland would love to show you the view from their unique world!

#4: Charter a Sailboat 

There is no better or exciting private adventure then having a sailboat to yourself (well that’s second to your super jeep wedding you already had by that time).  Whether you want to whale watch, go to one of the nearby remote islands, or watch a dreamy sunset private is the way to go for this Iceland post wedding adventure!

#5: River Rafting 

Rafting in Iceland is a daring experience! Imagine yourself battling the rapids of Gullfoss or on the many glacial rivers throughout Iceland!

#6: Visit the Westmann Islands!

The island is a geology dream and bird watching heaven!

#7: Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Here in Iceland, believe it or not we have some of the BEST and most challenging surfing in the world!  …and if you wish for a bit less of an adventure on water then try SUP boarding in some of the amazing glacier lakes!

#8: Hiking the famed the Laugavegur Trek

This amazing piece of landscape is open June to mid Sept. and is an awesome 3-5 day hike.

#9: Glaciers and Ice Caves

Are you game for daring expedition instead of just a tour?  Maybe abseiling down into an ice cave or something more daring?  Try our friends at Vik Expeditions, if so!

#10: Horseback Riding 

Imagine yourself trailing through remote areas of Iceland with this talented animal friend!

#11: Snowmobiling (Winter) or ATV Adventures (Summer)

In winter one of the best ways to explore the dynamic landscape first hand is to do it via snowmobile.  Then in summer connect with how green the landscape becomes by zipping along in an ATV!

#12: Caving

Iceland is home to countless lava tubes that are just begging for you to explore!  Sometimes you go so deep into a cave that you find iscles coming up from the ground!  Soooo cool, right?! Check out the below image we did during a couple’s post wedding session in Iceland (photographed in 100% darkness)!


No matter how you like to plan your adventure in Iceland pre or post wedding, make sure you walk away with no regrets, lots of photos and memories!


© 2017, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.

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