Iceland Wedding Photographer: Honeymoon Adventure Day

After holding an adventure wedding day in Iceland, why not add an additional day to the excitement and explore with a super jeep and your Iceland wedding photographer?!  That’s just what Australian couple, Jan and Petra did after their epic wedding day inside of a volcano.

When we began planning their Iceland wedding adventure with them they found themselves torn between all of the amazing Iceland wedding location options so they felt it would be best to book two amazing adventure days.  By having 2 days of Iceland wedding photography and exploring, it really gives you the opportunity to get a beautiful variety of types of locations.  You know, like private black sand beaches, canyons, secret waterfalls, amazing mountains, volcanoes, and even ice caves.

The morning of their post Iceland wedding photography adventure began super early at their sweet little AirBnB that had a glorious view of the Volcano, Hekla.

For years when Petra and Jan looked through photos of Iceland, they found themselves intrigued by the DC-3 airplane that is on Sólheimasandur.  But because this place is now a heavily populated tourist location and you can no longer drive to it (as the landowners want to preserve what little vegetation is trying to grow and do not want folks to off road drive to) we encouraged them to rent ATV’s to get there.  Plus, who doesn’t want to start a honeymoon adventure day with a ride on some ATV’s and what looks and feels like a James Bond movie!

After the adventure to the abandoned airplane, the Iceland adventure wedding day two, continued on with our awesome super jeep arriving.  As we loaded into our custom 6-door Land Rover, Petra, Jan and their boys were beaming in excitement!  A private black sand beach awaited them to explore during their Iceland wedding photos.

Vik Iceland is one of the villages that has almost doubled in size since the tourist boom started.  And rightfully so because it’s freaking adorable and there is so much depth in this place and endless days of exploring.  If we have a couple who loves high peaks and views that go on for days, the top of Reynisfjall is a spot we like to explore with them.  You must hike to the top if you do not have special permission or a permit to drive to the top (and our Iceland wedding planning team does).  Jan and Petra marveled over the views.

One of our favorite types of places to explore on a wedding day in Iceland are canyons.  There are many canyons throughout the country that are privately owned and are simply magnificent, like so much that we could explore them for days.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner and super jeep team, took them to an area that not only was a privately owned canyon, but that also had a secret waterfall, a hidden cave, stunning mountain shapes, and amazing rock formations intertwined with lava and moss!  Talk about an Iceland wedding photographers dream locale!  Plus more often then not, to get to our offbeat private Iceland wedding locations, we do not go down roads, we actually drive through rivers which is adventure itself on an Iceland wedding day!

This adventurous duo were thrilled to head to another exclusive area of ours to experience a black glacier.  They were just dying to strap on helmets again, slide crampons on to go explore ice caves!  I dare to tell you that we got pretty lucky this past summer and were able to take several of our Iceland wedding clients into an amazing ice cave area what was stable safe (Which is unheard of in summer and specifically in July, our warmest month.  Ice cave season in Iceland is typically between November-March, do you remember the ice cave wedding ceremony we had earlier this year?  Go back and check it out HERE).

During our hike to the glacier area, we spotted a super cool rainbow too!  Iceland as you know, is super unpredictable in weather patterns, so it is not usually a matter of if it rains, more like when it rains.  While they were ice climbing on a bit of the black glacier, we encountered some pretty significant rainfall during their Iceland July wedding photo session.  But Petra, Jan, and their boys smiled and laughed all the way through it.

After ice climbing on their post wedding day in Iceland, they sought shelter in an incredible ice cave.  And it was frankly, one of the coolest I think I have ever been in!  It seemed like it went on FOREVER!  And don’t even get me started on the layers of white, black, and blue!  Imagine how cool it would be to explore a natural ice cave on your Iceland wedding day?!  Our team is constantly scouting them so it could happen =)

Just as quickly as the rain came in, it went out and suddenly blue skies and sunshine emerged for their July summer post wedding day in Iceland photos.  Petra and Jan embraced the sunshine and each other as they ran around on the volcanic sand.  It was so much fun!

We hope you enjoyed Petra and Jan’s honeymoon adventure through the offbeat secret areas of Iceland!


Petra + Jan,

We welcome you back again and again for more explorations and adventures… there is still soooo much to show you!  Hope you find your way back here again soon!  Thank you for sharing your love, energy, and endless excitement with us!  It was such an honor and pleasure planning your Iceland wedding, honeymoon adventure, and documenting this incredible time in your lives!

With a smile,

Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Wedding Planner and Photography Team)

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