Private Iceland Wedding Explores Waterfalls, Caves, Canyons and Cliffs!

Privacy is sought out by couples worldwide.  Especially when you have a once in a lifetime moment happen.  It’s fair to say, no one wants to share those unforgettable minutes with a bunch of strangers on looking.  Likely the very reason why couples find their way to our company, Iceland Wedding Planner.  Our team prides ourselves on scouting weekly, hand picking private property locations to explore and crafting full day adventure wedding experiences!  Jonah and Allison were seeking a private Iceland wedding that would leave them in awe, totally inspired and begging for the day to not end!!  Ask and you shall receive 😉

 From Meeting in College to Planning an Iceland Wedding

Allison and Jonah met well over 5 years ago in their last semester of college in Florida.  Further, their mutual interest and degree path in Chemical Engineering made it clear they needed to spend more time together.  After a super fun first date to the city zoo, they could not deny the similarities.  For the next few years they embark on tons of foodie experiences, dueling each other in video games, shared passions for scuba diving and world travel.  From as far west as California and as far east as countless countries across Asia they created an everlasting bond.

What I adore the most about these two is that they conquer everything with a team mentality.  Always supporting, lifting each other up, and comforting when times get tough.  To illustrate this relationship magic, their proposal story is one for the books!  Picture this…  Travels to Japan got them exploring but a typhoon that was approaching Japan had other plans.  As a result, these two decided to hike up a mountain anyhow.  Jonah wanted to propose at the summit but 40 minutes into the hike and them being 100% alone, he decided that was the perfect moment to do it!  Allison was totally surprised and could not wait to say yes!

Every couple’s love story is unique.  Therefore, every adventure wedding should also exude those same type of vibes as well!  For instance, after getting engaged on a mountain in Japan, these two were looking to elope somewhere fun and stay as far as they could away typical wedding plans.  Rather, they were intrigued by our dynamic of offering private Iceland wedding adventures.   Plus, Iceland being on both of their wanderlust lists, it seemed like a pretty easy decision on where they would adventurously elope.  Thus Iceland wedding planning began!

Early Morning Wedding Adventure

June 4th quickly approached and they decided to bring their parents and the grooms brother along to also experience their adventure wedding in Iceland.  Often couples have to make the decision between eloping vs. wedding as they are both very different ways to celebrate the entrance into the next exciting chapter.  And at the end of the day, these two could not see themselves eloping and the better choice was to have the folks closest to them to witness.

Their private Iceland wedding adventure began around 5am at Hotel Vik with our hair and makeup team dolling Allison up!  Oh la la and her Iceland wedding dress and veil was so freaking DREAMY!!  Personally, we are HUGE fans of brides with fishtail braids.  Nothing beats a clean look for a dapper Iceland groom either and Jonah totally had his own style!  … for real who doesn’t swoon over a good old fashion bow-tie?!

Before grabbing their private Iceland wedding “go bags” and loading into the super jeep for the day, these two shared a sweet little first look!  Meanwhile it was time for the rest of their tiny wedding group to wait for them in the super jeep.  The excitement was electric!

Legal Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Planning to have a legal wedding ceremony in Iceland is super easy and stress-free with our team.  We provide you with the list of documents you need and a timeline to carefully follow.  For example, Jonah and Allison followed our directions and were legally married at their private Iceland wedding waterfall that fabulous June 4th morning.  Our exclusive and adventurous Pastor performed a stunning ceremony as the sun shined down upon everyone.  It was magical!  As a matter of fact, specifically when the almost newlyweds pulled out their vow books and read their own heartfelt declarations to each other.

Private Iceland Wedding Waterfall Photos

A sense of wonder is vibrant at this private Iceland wedding waterfall.  Whether it is the 5 streams that split off from the river down the lava walls or that there is a green that lives here year round, the area is alive.  Exploring it really makes you think about what originally made it form.

Once the ceremony concluded they explored around with our Iceland elopement photographer creating some stunning portraits!

Iceland Natural Cave Discovery!

Even during nice weather days, heading to a natural cave in Iceland can really give you perspective.  Meaning, it will make you feel small and part of history in some instances.  Some caves have been hallowed out by sheep, waves, erosion, etc.  Caves in Iceland back in the day were sometimes used as sheep herder huts and shelter for all sorts of animals and even bandits / outlaws!  Another fun fact for you is that many times in summer stepping inside of a private Iceland wedding cave, it will feel colder in there than outside.  Hence our team decided to have the traditional hot dog BBQ lunch for this group outside instead of inside the cave this fantastic June day.

Crossing Rivers and Exploring Canyons!

Icelandic highlands begin to open up in June and it becomes a very exciting time for our exclusive super jeep team!  Crashing through rivers may or may not be their favorite thing to do 😉  Most highland routes require river crossings to get to where you need to go. 

Having a skilled super jeep driver is important in venturing into crossing glacier rivers in Iceland.  It could be the difference of getting stuck for a few minutes to a few hours or not getting stuck at all!  Certainly, one of the high points of the day is rocking out to some cool tunes and splashing through rivers with your private Iceland wedding guests!  Likewise, it will not be like anything they had every experienced to that point.  Which then turns your wedding day into the even of the decade!

June Iceland Wedding in the Highlands

Areas in the highlands in early June likely still have snow around.  For instance, the hidden waterfall our team took Jonah, Allison and their 5 guests, had snow within the valley they hiked into.  Hiking weddings or elopements are such a unique way to put your “stamp” on the wedding day, really doing something you enjoy.  Above all, how freaking AMAZING do these two look exploring this hidden waterfall in Iceland?!

Amazing Cliff Views in Iceland

Experiencing diverse landscapes on your private Iceland wedding adventure is what enhances the experience in our minds.  Carefully we craft stunning options for our couples.  So to this point Jonah and Allison had experienced waterfalls, caves, canyons, and hiking.  Can you imagine what could be next?  Why endless 360 views via cliff side completed their adventurous Iceland wedding itinerary!

Intimate Wedding Reception in Vik

Lastly, after adventuring around for 10 hours experiencing amazing private property Iceland wedding locations, it was time to rest and refresh! At 7:30pm the group was invited back down for a semi-private reception.  Understated elegant decor (from our rental collection) for the table was followed by the group ordering a-la cart and trying out a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

In conclusion, it was a day filled with so much love, adventure, and excitement!  Leaving this post inspired maybe even wanting to plan your own?  Feel free to contact our team for more information on our process!

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