Romantic Iceland Summer Wedding by a Waterfall

People travel to Iceland because it makes them feel like they are exploring literally another planet.  From the vivid greens, moss, volcanic black sands, crazy rock formations to the dynamic waterfalls of all sizes and spanning canyons.  Similarly, there is something to be said about discovering Iceland in summer and experiencing the midnight sun.  You’ll feel limitless and will easily find yourself inspired always wanting to explore more.  Likely the reason why many Americans flock to Iceland as it is such a unique landscape to adventure in.  Also why it proves to be an ideal setting for a romantic Iceland summer wedding!

Jennissa and Ryan

Connecting over similarities is one of the best ways relationships form.  So when Texans Jennissa and Ryan met for the first time they were surprised that her best friend lives in the same town as he does and that they both adore the JJ Gray Band.  Further into their dating escapades they spent their days to concerts, sporting events, skiing, traveling and their spontaneous adventures together.

Knowing right away it was love at first sight, Ryan was ready to propose fairly early on into their relationship.  Jennissa loves surprises so organizing a proposal that would both make her feel surprised, loved, and adored was important.  The Saint Ann Restaurant in Dallas was the perfect venue for the private moment between them.  Ryan had the courtyard decorated with candles and a guitarist playing some of Jennissa’s favorites tunes.

Truly a dreamy atmosphere to walk into!  And when Jennissa did just that she answered “YES” to Ryan’s proposal of a lifetime of adventures with him!  Immediately after getting engaged, these two lovers reached out to us wanting to help them plan an adventurous yet romantic Iceland summer wedding!  Come along with us today as we share their sparkling adventure wedding day!

Luxury Accommodation in Iceland: Hotel Grimsborgir

Very few hotels in Iceland offer a true 5 star luxury experience.  For example, one of the reasons why we partner with Hotel Grimsborgir is that they truly are a luxury resort from start to finish.  Offering also countless other posh amenities like hot tubs that are cleaned each day, high end toiletries, in room bath tubs, rooms with patio / balconies with 360 mountain views, room service, spa services, 5 star dining and craft cocktails.  What more could you ask for?

During our Iceland wedding planning time with Jennissa and Ryan, they wanted to embark on a half day adventure with their 40+ friends and family.  Which meant the day would have a later start.  Our hair and makeup team arrived around 9am to doll up the gals.  Although they were adventurous, they wanted to keep a few traditional things in place like having a bridal party and not seeing each other until Jennissa made her walk down the aisle to Ryan.

Meanwhile, while the bride got ready, our local Iceland elopement photographer captured gorgeous detail photos of the wedding dress and other delicate items.  Later that morning Ryan surprised Jennissa with a day of wedding gift!  She was spoiled with some amazing jewelry!  At 12pm the group loaded into 3 super jeeps and began the trek to a hidden waterfall so the romantic Iceland summer wedding ceremony could begin!

Romantic Summer Iceland Wedding Ceremony

High on this couples list was to have their romantic summer Iceland wedding ceremony at a waterfall.  Decor was also very important to Ryan and Jennissa.  Hence our team crafting a gorgeous setup of clear chairs and eucalyptus garland to line the aisle (More info in our Iceland wedding ceremony rental collection).  Then our exclusive Pastor performed a religious ceremony that lovely afternoon.  Pretty sure all of their guests had to pick up their jaws from the ground!

Waterfall Wedding Photos in Iceland

This summer day in Iceland was over 60  degrees!  Not only that but we were also in a drought!  So the dust levels were quite high and heavy in the air.  However Jennissa and Ryan embraced whatever came their way with big smiles and lots of hugs!  In addition to having a gorgeous wedding ceremony in Iceland captured in photos by our team, the Veiled in Motion team was alongside of us creating magic!  Fun Fact, both Iceland wedding video and photo teams were flying drones at the same time!

Iceland June Adventure to a Black Beach!

Next on the romantic Iceland summer wedding agenda was exploring a black sand beach.  The newlyweds and their guests basked in the sun and endless views!

Luxury Champagne Toast in a Cave

If planning a elegant luxury wedding in Iceland, a must have is a champagne toast!  To illustrate, our teams Iceland Day of Planner always rocks out a gorgeous display!  Complete with a styled table real glasses (unless you want to bring horns for your guests like this couple) and delicious bubbles like Veuve Clicquot!  Certainly it makes a lasting impression on your guests being able to enjoy a glass of bubbles and snacks in an unforgettable place!

Elegant Iceland Wedding Reception

Everyone has a different style when it comes to planning your reception decor.  The decision typically begins with if having a private room is a “must have” for your group.  For Jennissa and Ryan, it was.  Therefore, yet another reason Hotel Grimsborgir was an ideal location for their romantic Iceland summer wedding reception!  The decor was styled in golds, greens, eucalyptus, succulents, peonies, and hydrangeas.  When guests arrived, they were handed a glass of champagne before delighting in a 4 course meal together.

Lastly, are you totally inspired after reliving Jennissa and Ryan’s romantic Iceland summer wedding adventure?  Totally seeing yourself running around hand in hand in similar unique landscapes?  If so, please contact us for more details on possibly planning your very own unforgettable day!  Cannot wait to hear from you and get your custom Iceland wedding package and adventure started!

Iceland Wedding Video

Coming Soon!  The Veiled in Motion team is busy putting together their gorgeous magic from their day!

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