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Hailing from Denver Colorado, Mike and Alli are constantly surrounded by mountain views.  Furthermore the area also boasts an an endless list of things to do.  Naturally, when they adventure together they seek nature, picturesque areas, and anything outdoors too.  Likely why once they got engaged, they decided to plan a small Iceland wedding full of daring fun!

Two Mountain Lovers Meet

Let’s travel back in time to over 5.5 years ago.  When Alli and Mike were working at the same company after college, but in different buildings. To celebrate Alli’s work anniversary she and a bunch of co-workers met for happy hour and to watch a hockey game.  Mike found his way there too for the big game and he thought Alli was really cute.  So there Mike was wearing a blue hat and enjoying the game.  Boldly, Alli came over and flirtatiously pulled off his hat with a big ass playful smile…  Thus it began!

From the moment they met, their lives changed.  Firstly, they not only compliment each other but challenge each other to be better.  A prime example of this is that Mike did not really travel much until he met travel bug Alli.  But he hasn’t looked back since!  Secondly, they have conquered countless countries in Asia, all over the USA and Canada, and found their way throughout Europe.  As a matter of fact, traveling to Iceland was one of their most memorable trips together.  Which is why they decided to return and plan a small Iceland wedding.

Thirdly, these two thoroughly enjoy spoiling their pup, anything to do with hockey, playing video games together, snowboarding, camping, and hiking in the Garden of the Gods.  Finding their way to good whiskey is often on the date night agenda too!  One of the things I loved about these two the most was that they work and communicate well as a team no matter the mission.  All of which made them perfect candidates for our adventure style weddings in Iceland!

Before the Iceland Wedding: The Proposal

In November of 2016, Mike had planned a date night at the Mexican restaurant they first went to when they moved to Denver together.  It was his plan to reminisce about how far their relationship had come and how many more adventures still to be had!  Completely, surprised Alli was THRILLED and of course said yes to Mike’s marriage proposal!!

Beginning the wedding planning experience, they quickly realized that local Colorado venues didn’t feel like “them” or do justice to their high energy relationship.  Plus having been to Iceland for a short 3 day expedition previously, they were hooked on the idea of being married somewhere that looks like another planet!  Both of them originally being from Saint Louis, it was not too far for their families to travel for the small Iceland wedding.

All of the above, led them to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team to create a uniquely custom experience driven wedding for them and their 20 guests to delight in!  Come along with us today as we walk you through their bad-ass intimate wedding adventure!

May Wedding in Iceland

Choosing to plan your Iceland wedding in May comes with several benefits.  For instance, although the temperature is a bit cooler and windier it is typically one of our least rainy months of the year.  Waking up the morning of Alli and Mike’s May 11th wedding day was exactly this way… Cold, windy, and never ending blue skies!  Glorious!

Mike donned amazing groom details and Alli came with two Iceland wedding dresses.  Once of those dresses was her mum’s which had been modified slightly.  How fun, right?!  Shortly before they along with their 20 guests loaded into the super jeeps for the day, Alli and Mike slipped away for a sweet little first look.  Further, each guest received a “go bag” or some also call it a “welcome bag” to bring along with them during the full day adventure wedding day.

Cave Wedding Ceremony

Knowing how unruly the Icelandic weather can be any day of the year, Alli and Mike opted for an indoor ceremony location for their small Iceland wedding.  A private cave, suited them perfectly!  The cave was decored with black benches from our Iceland wedding rental collection.  Also reindeer furs marked the reserved spot for the parents.  In the backside of the cave, had an elegant champagne toast table and a wish table.  Such a gorgeous intimate adventurous wedding ceremony!

Glacier Wedding Adventures

Did you know our Iceland Wedding Planner team has access to year round ice caves?!  Taking your favorite people not only explore a glacier for the first time together, but a private natural ice cave is an unforgettable experience, truly!  Meanwhile, in your mind, strap on the crampons and helmets and get ready to explore an ice cave with the newlyweds and their small Iceland wedding guests!!

Lava Rock Wedding Photos

Game of Thrones often draws people to explore Iceland.  We are always happy to take our clients and their guests to filming areas too!  Fun Fact: Our team member David Geir spent 15 years doing special effects for the Icelandic film industry so we know the secret spots intimately!  Having your super jeeps crash through crazy awesome rivers really amps up the experience of the day too!!  And who doesn’t want that?!

Discovering the Private Side of Dyrhólaey

Whether you are planning on spending 3, 5, 7 or 10 days in Iceland, it is likely Dyrhólaey lighthouse or sea arch will be on your agenda.  It is the most southern part of the main island of Iceland.  However, our local Iceland wedding photographers and planning team has access to the private property view point.  Which is our minds is the BEST point to view both!  Alli, Mike, and their guests would for sure agree as well!

Cliff Exploring

Eventually the day sadly has to come to an end.  Last on the agenda was exploring a stunning cliff which offers 360 views!  Such a dynamic way to end the adventure portion of the small Iceland wedding.

Small Iceland Wedding Reception in Vik

Often a request from our clients planning a small Iceland wedding with guests is to have a private reception.  A space that you can turn into your own, eat, drink and be merry together!  Our team did just that for Alli and Mike inside of restaurant in Vik where the views were endless!!  The group delighted in 3 courses and then a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Feeling pumped and inspired by Alli and Mike’s small Iceland wedding adventure?  If so, get in touch by contacting us to see how we can custom craft your very own unique experience!

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