Luxury Honeymoon in Iceland: Kelly + Sean

Instantly when you think about honeymooning in Iceland the word adventure likely comes to mind first.  Maybe a close second is the word romance!  Combining two thrilling experiences in a dynamic landscape is the perfect storm to an unforgettable honeymoon.  After eloping in Norway, Sean and Kelly came to Iceland to honeymoon.  Our team not only crafted an adventurous elopement in the Lofoten Islands, but also a luxury honeymoon in Iceland!

Kelly & Sean’s Story

Did you know meeting your soulmate at work in a food fight is totally a thing?!  Sounds like something out of a Hallmark movie of something if you ask us!  Firstly, Kelly and Sean met as co-workers at the Gearbox Software company crafting industry changing games.  Secondly, to get Kelly’s attention, Sean threw a Twix candy bar her way one day and the rest is history!

As their love grew they began ticking things off of their adventure together list.  Initially they contacted us being interested in planning an adventurous elopement in Norway and Iceland.  Luckily our Your Adventure Wedding team custom crafts amazing experience driven itineraries in both and made it very hard to choose!!  Consequently, these two lovers chose to elope in the Lofoten Islands which is specifically in Reine, Norway on March 14th.  As a result, they began a luxury honeymoon in Iceland and booked an adventurous couples session with us!

March Honeymoon in Iceland

Previously, you witnessed how crazy the weather can be for a March wedding in Iceland, so a honeymoon adventure session is no different.  When our Iceland wedding hair and makeup team arrived between 5-6am, it was a full on blizzard outside.  In fact, our super jeep team had to take the gals to Hotel Grimsborgir to get the day started!  All just adds to the dynamic of the adventure, truly!

Shortly after sunrise Sean and Kelly hoped into the super jeep knowing we may have to plan b a few locations because of the storm that was happening and a worse one that would come in later on.  They were up to the challenge and had go bags in tow!  On that same note, the first location on luxury honeymoon in Iceland adventure day was discovering a gorgeous lava rock lake.  So many interesting rock formations, textures, tones, and features to explore!

Trekking to an Iceland Beach Cave

Doing short hikes during your honeymoon in Iceland are THE BEST!  Because you totally get that “I earned this” vibe as you view what you’ve hiked to!  One of our favorites is this Iceland beach cave!  And how stunning does Sean and Kelly look in this landscape?!  Love!!

Iceland Bird Watching Along Sea Cliffs

Often people flock to Iceland to bird watch.  There is something really magical about seeing the birds swoop alongside of the cliffs and sore in the sky against the strong winds and weather elements.  Exploring these sea cliffs in the South of Iceland is a glorious place to view the birds in the natural habitat!  Sean and Kelly braved the weather and winds to see them up close and personal during their luxury honeymoon in Iceland!

Discovering an Iceland Black Beach

Because the Lofoten Islands only offered golden sand beaches, it was important to the newlyweds to find their way to a black beach.  Seeing the snow capped mountains, violent sea, black sand and lava rocks was captivating to them and also to our Iceland elopement photographer!

Visiting Private Waterfalls in Iceland

Nothing like visiting a private waterfall during your luxury honeymoon in Iceland!  This one is our favorite both in ride there, hike, and gear (our photo has to be harnessed in and tethered from the super jeep!).  Soooo much freaking FUN!

Blizzard Honeymoon Adventure

Throughout the day, it felt like the winter storm was chasing us.  Finally it caught up to us and we had to “plan b”our next location to instead adventure to two others!  Seems like our plan b’s often end up being THE BEST because often couples are the first to go to Iceland wedding locations we have only scouted.  Specifically this sweet cave was a dreamy escape from the blizzard!

Luxury Honeymoon in Iceland

Certainly a luxury honeymoon in Iceland would not be complete without having a styled reception table and dinner for two!  Therefore, that is exactly how Kelly and Sean ended their week honeymoon in Iceland.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team was thrilled to create a special table for them to enjoy and also to take home.  The theme of the Iceland styled reception table was birds to go along with the adventurous elopement itinerary they just experienced!

Adore the idea of coming to Iceland for your own luxury honeymoon adventure?  We would love to craft exciting plans for you!  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that plan started!  Also, make sure if you haven’t witnessed their Lofoten Islands elopement, you go back to check it out!  Don’t miss it, it’s set within a magical winter wonderland!

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