Glacier Waterfall Elopement: Kaylee + Joey

Do glaciers and waterfalls go hand in hand?  As a matter of fact, yes!  After all, you do not end up with an ice cave without running water!  So it would be fitting that if you appreciate all elements a glacier provides you plan an adventure wedding at one!  In fact, Kaylee and Joey spend their free time hiking, camping, going on road trips, and making memories that will last a lifetime.  Therefore, embarking on a glacier waterfall elopement was right up their alley!

Eloping in Vik Iceland

From living in a small town in Nebraska to being high school sweethearts, Kaylee and Joey’s connection runs deep!  For example, they built an amazing life together on a little farm with their two pups.  And after an unforgettable proposal at the Houston Arboretum they began brainstorming on the perfect type of elopement that

Next, they contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team hoping to plan their dream elopement.  To illustrate, they wan to spend the day hiking and getting dirty while they celebrate their love for each other. Furthermore, they also wished to spend the following week on a Iceland honeymoon self-drive thoroughly enjoy the sights, scenes, and offbeat locations!

Knowing how they like to travel and do things, the pair decided to do a partial day adventure elopement with our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  May 22nd 2023 began in the sweet Southern town of Vik Iceland.  Joey and Kaylee spent the morning getting ready together at Hotel Vik and then met our team in the early afternoon to begin their glacier waterfall elopement.  After the soon to be newlyweds grabbed their go bags they loaded into the super jeep to embark on their adventure!

Mountains Meet Glacier

One of the most dynamic things about glacier evolving is that as it recedes magical landscapes are pushed forward.  For example, The waterfall you’ll see in the distance in the below photos was only uncovered in the last 20 year on Mýrdalsjökull.  And the glacier piece that looks like it meets the mossy green hills broke away from the man glacier area leaving it standing alone.  Pretty incredible spot to explore from higher up too so you can take it all in!  Which is exactly what Kaylee and Joey did before their glacier waterfall elopement ceremony!

Glacier Waterfall Elopement

Next, Joey and Kaylee were given the choice of a private ice cave which required a hike.  Or they could choose a stunning glacier waterfall elopement as their ceremony location.  They did not hesitate as they were immediately drawn to how unique the waterfall was!  Meanwhile after a short hike through quick sand the pair were united in a heartfelt ceremony on the black sands.

Exploring Mýrdalsjökull

Following their glacier elopement ceremony, the newlyweds took time to have a firsthand experience with the crevasses.  Since it’s May, snow was still in the process of melting so it created a fabulous formation they got the chance to be the only ones ever to explore!  …and our glacier guide may or may not have found his way into some quick sand, lol!

Private Beach Waterfall

Continuing the fire and ice vibes, Joey and Kaylee travelled to a black sand beach waterfall following their glacier waterfall elopement.  For instance, a lava rock wall meets the ocean and then a river flows through to create this incredible Iceland wedding location!  Also, this is a fabulous spot to toast to their change is status to newlywed bliss!

Lava Cliffs and Black Sands

Additionally, these lava cliffs span for miles so it’s pretty incredible to witness.  Kaylee and Joey enjoyed every second as they discovered this private property beach area.  Furthermore, these black sands always look different as the Icelandic weather changes how tall they are, if the water runs close or far, etc!

Colorful Lighthouse & Playful Sheep!

A historical lighthouse was next on their glacier waterfall elopement itinerary.  In fact, it’s such a surreal feeling to walk through a desolate lava field and the history that follows!  Plus, on the way back to the hotel they encountered the sweetest sheep and lambs on the planet!!

Lastly, if you find yourself enamored with Kaylee and Joey’s Iceland adventure elopement and want to plan something just as unique, we’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us to start the conversation…  And if you want to hear about what they had to say about their amazing day with us, check out their Google Review!

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