Top 25 Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

As pure-hearted adventurers, your wanderlust list is likely endless!  You thrive on exploring new places and counting your experiences, not your tangible processions.  So when you find your forever favorite to discover the world with, you may find yourself Googling romantic things to do.  Therefore, Iceland might not be the first place you think of for a romantic trip, but it is a romantic country!  Allow these top 25 romantic things to do in Iceland to inspire you to book your trip here, now!

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway to Iceland 

Firstly, getting to Iceland is pretty darn easy these days.  Secondly, depending on where you’re coming from, the largest airlines flying often are Icelandair, British Airways, Delta (typically between May-September), Air Canada, and SAS.  There are countless others, but in our experiences these are the most reliable.

Thirdly, you may be torn on the best time to visit Iceland…  For example, the weather in Iceland may weigh in heavily on your decision or the activities you are drawn to doing may dictate the best time.  Fourthly, once you have purchased your plane ticket to Iceland, you’re likely venturing down the trip planning road.  Basically trying to figuring out car rental, best self-drive adventure, where to stay, things to do, romantic add on’s to make it even more special and memorable!

Don’t fret, there are romantic things to do in Iceland year round, we promise!

Why Iceland Should be your next Romantic Trip

Thinking about a proposal in Iceland?  Celebrating a milestone in your relationship or a special anniversary in Iceland?  Or maybe it’s finding your way to Iceland to get married (or elope) or embark on an unforgettable honeymoon adventure photoshoot!  On the other hand, maybe your travels to Iceland are none of those and you two just want to find picturesque hikes to discover together, no shame in that!  As a matter of fact, that’s the beautiful thing about Iceland is that she’s versatile and welcomes everyone to embark on their own unique journey.

Although, Iceland has quickly become an Instagramming hot spot forcing it’s way into everyone’s bucket list, there are still opportunities to have a different experience than your friend who came here last month.  To illustrate, if you do your research and consult with a local expert you can adventure to places off the beaten path to enjoy together without masses of tourists beside you.  Especially if you found this top 25 romantic things to do in Iceland blog post!

Top 25 Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

Romance comes in all different moments, shapes, and sizes.  Our idea of romance may not be yours, but we’re happy to share some of the most romantic things to do in Iceland with you today!!  Maybe you’ll even tweak a few ideas and make them your own as well, we dare you!


#1 Sea Arch Champagne Picnic

If you’re heading to Northern Iceland there is a dreamy spot tucked away in the Vatnsnes Peninsula named Hvítserkur.  It’s a 49 foot basalt stack that looks like a dragon drinking water.  It’s an easy hike alongside of the cliffs or beach to get away from any tourists (although can be muddy some days).  We suggest grabbing a bottle of bubbles from Duty Free upon arrival or Vínbúðin and having a champagne picnic for a few hours!

#2 Hiking & Hot Tubbing

What makes Iceland unique is that you can go for hike and reward yourself with a hot spring at the end.  The Húsafell Canyon Baths is a perfect example.  You can spend two hours of your day doing an exclusive hike to a private area where you will delight in gorgeous and unique geothermal pools!  Please note, this area is exclusive and only available to 20 or less folks at a time and booking a tour there is the only way to this private property area.

If that route doesn’t sound right for you, maybe try the hike to Glymur Waterfall and then end the day soaking in the hot tubs at Hotel Glymur!  Nothing like getting that “earned it” feeling on a hike with your favorite person and ending the day snuggling in a hot tub [Hello romance!]!


#3 Go Waterfall Hunting

Thousands of waterfalls await you… So why not make a day of it by building a day exploring as many as you can in one day!  Big, small, wide, powerful, volcanic, grassy, glacier or spring fed, etc the variety is endless!  Going waterfall hunting is high on our romantic things to do in Iceland list because there is a sense of awe, wonder, and absolute magic that comes with it!

#4 Hire a Local Guide for the Day

Wouldn’t it be super fun to see the Icelandic landscapes from the eyes of a local?  Someone to get you away from the crowds and show you pure sides of Iceland…  For example, our friends at East Highlanders offer a hike to Stuðlagil.  Perhaps even have it forever documented by a local photographer too?!  Imagine just the two of you bouncing around hand in hand getting lost in the moment, BLISS!  Meanwhile, if that’s not your thing, maybe have an Iceland luxury picnic at one of the locations the guide takes you… Few things compare to having cheese, wine, and an epic waterfall view!

#5 Múlagljúfur Canyon Hike

Care to hike to a lesser known place that exudes a romantic mystery only a place like Iceland can only contain?  Múlagljúfur Canyon encompasses everything you could want to see on a hike.  From seeing a river, waterfall, crazy shaped mountains, to the breathtaking a view of Öræfajökull volcano you’ll be in heaven on this hike!

To get there, you’ll need to be near to the famous glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón.  Be prepared to hike in mud, slippery rocks, cross a river, and hike on gravel (proper hiking boots are a must).  Expect at least a one hour one way hike.  Note: Would be good to have a map or a local with you as the trail is not really visible and there are no markers guiding you.


#6 Spoil Yourself at the Retreat Hotel

If you’re a luxury hotel seeker, look no further than spending two nights basking in the lap of luxury of having your own private piece of the famed Blue Lagoon.  The Retreat Hotel offers a sublime experience especially if you book one of the Lagoon Suites which not only come with your own private lagoon but also a private butler to be at your beck and call.  Worth every single penny!  Their experiences begin at 1,109 Euro’s per night and range up to 1,800+ Euro’s per night.


#7 Star Gazing or Midnight Sun Exploring at Stokksnes

Grab some blankets, a picnic, and hot chocolate and head to Stokkenes on the Southeastern side of the Icelandic coast (near to Hofn).  There you will find the most stunning mountain called, Vestrahorn.  Perfect location to star gaze or explore during Iceland’s months of midnight sun!

Topping our personal list of romantic things to do in Iceland is visiting this stunning place year round.  During the season, this can be an amazing viewing area for Northern Lights.  However, the Northern Lights don’t even have to come out for it to be a magical night to remember!  Special Note: This is a private property area and there is a small admission fee, so please be respectful and pay it.

#8 Get Lost in Reykjavik

If the weather keeps you from venturing out of the city limits… Wander around historic buildings, countless museums, cozy café (we even have a Cat Cafe!), and sweet little shops (like the Handknitting Association)!


#9 Horseback Riding on a Black Beach

Likely, at some point you’ve found yourself curious about the Icelandic horse while trip planning.  Whether you love the style of their manes, intrigued by the clever trots, or the small body size, they are truly a unique beast!  What could be more romantic than taking one for a ride down one of Iceland’s iconic black sand beach landscapes?  Vik Horse Adventure will take you on an experience you’ll never forget!

#10 New Years Eve in Reykjavik

Very few things compare to spending New Years Eve in Reykjavik!  Icelanders go freaking NUTS with fireworks because from the 28th of December until December 31st, is one of the only times of the year it is legal to set off fireworks.  Fun Fact: There isn’t even really a “scheduled” show at a certain time, it is just all of the neighbors trying to out do each other, lol!

So book a hotel room downtown (our fave place to stay is the Tower Suites for prime watching from your window) and walk to the harbor or Hallgrímskirkja and delight in the big show!  Maybe even pair it with a NYE Celebration at Sea experience?!

#11 Helicopter Happy Hour in Iceland

Want to amp up the luxury and romance during your trip to Iceland?  For example, a perfect way to do that is book a private helicopter adventure!  Picture yourself having a helicopter happy hour in Iceland… I mean who freaking does that?!  Your friends or family that have been to Iceland surely didn’t!

#12 Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Listen to the glacier as it moves, cracks, and groans.  Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon is a lesser known place versus the famed Jökulsárlón.  Plan a private luxury lunch here and you won’t be disappointed!  Iceland Travel Tip: Stay a night on the lagoon in the Aurora Igloo Hut!


#13 Panorama Glass Lodge

Seeking a unique accommodation experience in Iceland?  The Panormana Glass Lodge may very well be your ideal place!  Currently located two areas of Iceland (Mosfellsbær and Hella) as of when this post was written maybe they can fit into your Iceland itinerary!


#14 Private Ice Climbing Adventure

Imagine yourselves pushing your limits while growing closer together.  Speaking from personal experience, some of the scariest and most adventurous things we do together bond us tighter.  Along with that comes an incredible sense of accomplishment.  So why not challenge yourselves to a little romantic adventure in ice climbing?  Booking a private ice cave or climbing adventure is the way to go if seeking romantic things to do in Iceland!  Try our friends at Vik Expeditions or Ice Pic Journeys if heading further East!

#15 Drink like a Local!

Love experiencing the local culture together?  Spend time drinking like a local trying things like Brennivin (aka Black Death) or checking our micro breweries such as Bryggjan Brugghús and Smiðjan Brugghús!

#16 Icelandic Cooking Class

Cooking is a way to express love and appreciation.  Plus, care to truly be immersed in Icelandic culture and gain experience to take home with you?  How about take a romantic authentic Icelandic cooking class together!  Doesn’t matter your experience level the fabulous folks at Salt Eldhús would love to host you!

#17  Exploring the Icelandic Highlands: Kerlingarfjöll

Heading into the Icelandic highlands comes with a real sense of adventure.  Exploring areas that are only accessible to the general population a handful of weeks out of the year makes it really special.  If you rent a F-Road worthy vehicle we encourage you to check out the mountain road Kjölur if you love geothermal areas and like to hike.  Many hours up into this mountain road, you’ll find a stunning mountain range called Kerlingarfjöll.  You can spend hours hiking and exploring here so plan accordingly and always make sure you’re very aware of the weather and road conditions.

#18 Semi Private Dinning Experience

Food feeds our relationships too!  So often while adventuring to new places we forget how much of an impact a luxury dining experience can be to sustaining the romance in our relationships.  After all, there is something really amazing about getting dressed up and embarking on a night on the town together!

One of our favorite places that oozes romance is the Grillmarkaðurinn (Grill Market).  In the middle of downtown Reykjavik with sexy lighting, earthy decor, delicious food, and an amazing wine and cocktail list sets the scene for a unforgettable night!  Iceland Travel Tip: Make in advance reservations and ask for a table for two in their semi-private dinning booths.


#19 Adventurous Couples Photo Session

One of the best ways to remember the places you explore is by having a professional document it!  What an incredible fun souvenir to walk away with!  On that same note, our team is happy to provide honeymoon adventure photoshoots in offbeat and private areas of Iceland.  Our licensed team takes you around in one of our 4×4’s or super jeeps to get you away from the typical tourist locations into areas where you are all by yourselves exploring!  Furthermore, our local Iceland portrait photographer captures all of the fun you have during too!  Contact us for more information!

#20  Find Abandoned Houses in Iceland

Stumbling on an abandoned house in Iceland feels like you’re a experiencing apart of history.  Why?  Because countless farms, villages and places have been abandoned because of industry changes.  People move away for better opportunities just like anywhere in the world but many times leave these relics behind that fall apart over time.

For instance, West Iceland and the Westfjords are filled with countless abandoned houses that are picture perfect!  Further, if you’re a “dark tourist” enthusiast this romantic thing to do in Iceland could be right up your alley!

#21 Kayaking a Glacier Lagoon Together

Ever think about kayaking or SUP in a glacier lagoon?  Zipping around huge icebergs feeling oh-so small and so excited you can’t peel the smile off your face!  Romance blooms here.  It’s a proven fact that people bond over adventure driven activities.  Whether it’s the adrenaline or the fear, it gets our hearts racing and our minds open to what the universe brings us.  Cannot tell you how many love stories we’ve heard between friends that transition to lovers because of an activity they bond together with.  Give it a go for yourself!


#22 Eat like a Local

Whether you love to eat chocolate, drink beer, or have local foodie experiences, Iceland welcomes you to indulge!  Check out our thoughts on the best restaurants in Reykjavik and in Southern Iceland!  Further, if you love fishing and seafood, you should book the Reykjavik Sea Angling Gourmet experience!

#23 Build a Sand Castles Together!

Have you ever built a sand castle in volcanic sands?  Try your hand at building a sand castle in every type Iceland has to offer… golden, black, or rocky!

#24 Take a Dip in a Historical Mountain Pool

Seljavallalaug is a mountain pool that was built in the 1930’s.  Located in Southern Iceland between Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss.  After a sweet 15-20 minute hike, you arrive to this gem.  NOTE: The area has become a bit touristy (and dirty, don’t plan to use the changing room) so we suggest going early in the morning or late evening.  And make sure you have headlamps if you’re coming or going after sunset!

#25 Experience an Icelandic Hot Dog, together!

Okay my American friends, don’t cringe at this romantic things to do in Iceland idea…  These are not dirty who knows what pig part hot dogs.  Rather they are delicious lamb based ones that come with the most yummy toppings (friend onions, raw onions, ketchup, spicy mustard, and something called Remoladi which in my humble opinion tastes like potato salad).

Because we are not a fast food thriving culture it’s common place to stop at a gas station and get a traditional hot dog, Coca Cola and a Prince Polo Bar.  Dare you to experience the goodness together while on your road trip through Iceland!

Romantic Places to Stay in Iceland

Selecting the right and most romantic place to stay in Iceland can really change the vibe of the trip… So choose carefully!  Our list of favorites follows below depending on the areas of Iceland you intend on exploring.

Luxury Hotels in Reykjavik:

  1. The Black Pearl Reykjavik- If you love lux apartment style living then we encourage you to try a few nights here!  This is our go to spot to book when we are in town treating our team!
  2. Tower Suites is another posh place to consider when looking to stay within the city limits of Reykjavik.
  3. Hotel Borg– Love the thought of history and romance being combined?  You’re going to adore every inch of this grand place!
  4. Reykjavik Edition Hotel – The newest luxury hotel in Reykjavik next to Harpa Concert Hall and the ocean!


Romantic Places to Stay in  South Iceland:

  1. Iceland Wedding Planner’s Honeymoon House in Vik!  -Picture yourself walking up with your love in the mountains with a view of Iceland’s 4th largest glacier.  Hiking around the property during one of your days and ending the night in the wood burning hot tub!  Truly connecting 100% with nature… No internet, bad phone service, the water comes from inside the mountain and the house is run on solar panels.  Your little off the grid luxury getaway.  Contact us directly for more details!
  2. Hotel Grimsborgir– Truly luxury accommodation in Southern Iceland.  From superior rooms to suites, and villas all with stunning amenities like private hot tubs and room service being available makes this an IDEAL place to base yourself during your romantic trip to Iceland.
  3. Frost and Fire Guesthouse– Is one of the most organic experiences we have personally had in Iceland.  They even cook their
  4. Hotel Stracta– Has some of the nicest suites we have seen!  Imagine having your own private hot tub and cozy bathtub after a long day of adventuring together!
  5. FossHotel Glacier Lagoon is one of our favorite luxury hotels in Southern Iceland.  It’s chic design, helpful staff, and stunning views all make it a romantic place to stay in Iceland!
  6. Iceland Luxury Lodges– 3 lodges able to accommodate anywhere between 2 people and 18 people.


Unique Places to Stay in Iceland:

  1. The Retreat Hotel is one of Iceland’s most sought after luxury accommodation types.  Worth the splurge if you’re celebrating a special milestone!
  2. Hotel Glymur– Is a fabulous base for hiking Glymur Waterfall and heading into the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  All rooms are either villages or apartment style offering plenty of space for you and your favorite!
  3. Panorama Glass Lodges – As we alluded to above, this could be a once in a lifetime experience for you!
  4. Traditional Black Timber House (Hafnarskógur)
  5. Deplar Farm if you’re looking for off the beaten path luxury and boutique experiences.
  6. Glacier Lagoon Aurora Hut / Igloo Experience.

Plan your Romantic Trip to Iceland

In conclusion, as you head down the road of planning your romantic trip to Iceland, make sure you leave yourself time to plan!  Specifically if you intend on coming during high season which is May to September.  A lot of our favorite places book out months in advance so to avoid disappointment book early.  Hopefully today this top 25 romantic things to do in Iceland blog post has left you inspired!

Curious about booking a honeymoon or anniversary photoshoot?  We got you covered!  Or how our team can help you plan a proposal photoshoot in Iceland?  We’re seasoned experts that would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that adventure started!

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