Iceland Ice Cave Wedding: Tara + Josh

Can you imagine choosing a destination wedding location that will cease to exist for anyone else?  Seriously… Where you’re not only the first but the only couple ever!  When you plan an Iceland ice cave wedding, this is exactly what happens.  To illustrate, that specific ice cave will never ever look that same exact way as it does the day you marry.  Why?  Because glacier areas continuously change, melt and evolve.  This is one of the many intriguing reasons why Tara and Josh chose to get married in Iceland inside of an ice cave!

Australian Couple Chooses to Get Married in Iceland

Being in the industry of defense, these two found their way to connecting to each other while on assignment.  If you’re a weekly reader, you know we adore when serendipitous situations bring couples together!  Bonus too… Turns out these two had more in common than they initially thought too.  For example their love for Australia, careers, planning trips, traveling, hiking, dogs, and foodie experiences all drive their relationship to the next level.

After over 1.5 years together, they made the decision it was time to get start planning the next phase in their life together… marriage!  Why not, go against societal pressures (down with engagements!) and do what feels right for you and your relationship!  In 2017, these two were ready to go down the rabbit hole of planning an adventure wedding.  In fact, a type of wedding they didn’t even know existed until they found our Iceland Wedding Planner website!

Additionally, they fell in love with the idea of having an Iceland ice cave wedding ceremony after seeing photos of countless other ice cave weddings we have done.  They knew our team were experts at knowing how to plan an ice cave wedding!  Next, our team began planning with them in 2017, as they were looking to have a late fall Iceland wedding with a handful of guests in 2019.

Adventure Wedding Details

Getting married in late fall in Iceland means you will have short days, but it’s also comes with the opportunity to hunt for Northern Lights!  Adventurous wedding days like this, begin well before the sunrise.  In fact, typically we are having sunrise wedding ceremony during this time of the year in November.  Truly using every single second of our daylight hours!

Knowing that it would be very likely they would be getting wet, dirty, and exploring rugged landscapes, Tara and Josh had adventure wedding attire and then reception attire to change into after.  For instance, having 2 outfits during your adventurous Iceland ice cave wedding allows you to really do anything and not feel like you have to keep sometime pristine.

Personally we love adventurous brides who rock two Iceland wedding dresses and grooms who have stellar groom details!  Especially when it a grooms suit is made out of a durable material like tweed or wool which does not show rain, snow, or makeup!  Following getting ready together, these two and their 3 guests grabbed their adventure wedding “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep for the day!

Hiking to Iceland Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Trekking to your wedding ceremony location is really centering and oh-so badass!!  Furthermore, having only seen photos and videos of the location, they were totally in awe at arrival because it was even better in person!  Deciding to have a standing ceremony instead of seated is always a personal choice.  And this specific ice cave worked with their small guest count and looked fabulous!  Josh and Tara held an intimate Iceland ice cave wedding ceremony with our favorite exclusive Pastor!

Exploring Ice Caves at a Black Glacier

Likely if you are a fan of ice caves, you know they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some folks here in Iceland are even making man-made ones.  Our team sticks to the natural type that Mother Nature makes and the ones that are NOT touristy.  Zero folks will interrupt your amazing Iceland ice cave wedding ceremony, we guarantee privacy!

Since Tara and Josh haven’t explored many ice caves together (totally a first on their adventure wedding day!) they were loving the opportunity to discover several types within one area with our Iceland wedding photographer!  Love the lighting our team photographer did as well, how dreamy!!  Frankly, the textures our black glacier exude are the most unique we’ve seen.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Sunrise at the Glacier

Although sunrise happened during their Iceland ice cave wedding ceremony, the group did not see the sun come fully over the mountains until it was time to hike to our next location.  But man, when that sun came out it felt like a gorgeous spring day in Iceland!

Blue Ice Cave Elopement Photos

Next, the newlyweds traded in their glacier walking crampons for more technical ice climbing crampons for what was next on the adventure elopement itinerary!  These two wanted to have part of their Iceland cave cave wedding adventure to themselves so this was the point where they ditched their guests for a bit.  Also since they enjoy more of a challenge, ice climbing to the next ice cave was the perfect thrill to embark on!  This blue ice cave looked totally different than the others and was a sparkling beauty to explore!

Lunch at the Beach!

Sustenance is needed after burning off so many calories hiking to unforgettable secret places in Iceland!  And lunch at the beach sounded like the perfect way to celebrate such a wild experience they just had!  Nothing like having a hot lunch on a cold day… no better place for a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ!

Private Black Beach Waterfall

One of the most unique Iceland wedding locations in our opinion is our black beach lava rock waterfall.  When you visit, it feels like a place that shouldn’t exist which makes it even more storybook magical!

Iceland Wedding Location: Historical Lighthouse

Lastly on their adventurous elopement agenda was a little piece of history.  A journey to a historical lighthouse!  A place that use to guide the way of countless boats and lost fishermen.

Wedding Dinner in Iceland

Sunset comes quick during late fall and early winter days in Iceland.  Firstly, after arriving back to the hotel, the group took time to rest and refresh after such an EPIC Iceland ice cave wedding adventure!  Secondly, they gathered back together to delight in a delicious meal together.  Thirdly, following the meal, they partook in the Iceland wedding cake tradition which they found super fun and tasty!!

Nighttime Cave Wedding Photos

Keeping their fingers crossed for the possibility of seeing Northern Lights, the newlyweds, guests and photographer all headed out to hunt them after 10pm!  Unfortunately, after 2 hours there still was no activity so our team planned a lovely nighttime photo session in a private cave.  Complete with a “Wander” marquee sign and sparklers!  What a super fun way to end your adventure wedding in Iceland!!

Leaving inspired after witnessing Josh and Tara’s magical Iceland ice cave wedding?  And curious about planning your own experience driven wedding in Iceland… Please contact us for more information!

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