Snowy Heiðmörk Marriage Proposal

When couples plan their trip to Iceland, there could be many ambitions driving their adventure.  Could be a simple as they cannot wait to explore the variety of types of landscapes they will see throughout the island.  Instead, maybe they will embark on a several day hiking quest together seeing areas of Iceland only hikers can.  Further, Iceland may be a destination they are choosing to plan an adventure elopement or a wedding with guests.  Or possibly one partner is here on an internship and the other comes to visit for fun, who knows!  The latter is the case of Michael and Sara who had a very snowy Heiðmörk marriage proposal happen this winter!

Nature Reserve Near Reykjavik

Believe it or not, there is a stunning area less than 10 miles from Reykjavik.  Heiðmörk Nature Reserve (sometimes referred to as a recreational area) stretches over 7,500 acres.  It’s a dynamic area that is filled with clever hiking paths, caves, horseback riding trails, red cliffs, a gorgeous lake, little islands, forests, with both rocky and mossy textures too!  As a matter of fact, a favorite Iceland hiking trail to check out is the Burfell Trail which is an easy hike you can expect to spend 2-4 hours on.

Heiðmörk Marriage Proposal

Within Heiðmörk, there is a pretty special and colorful area named Rauðhólar, which directly translates to “red hills.”  This vibrant area was created well over 5,000 years ago thanks to an eruption within the Bláfjöll mountains.  Why does the area look so different than the rest of the preserve?  Good question!  Likely because they are “rootless craters” also called pseudo-craters.  Which means they look like craters but are not.

In fact, Kansas City native, Michael fell in love with this gorgeous area after contacting our Iceland proposal planning team, wanting to propose somewhere close to Reykjavik.  Mainly because he was only in town for a short time.  Actually he was doing a physiotherapy clinical rotation with the University of Akureyri.  So when his soon to be fiance landed, he would propose in Reykjavik, and then they would be heading back up north to spend the rest of her trip here visiting celebrating!

Turns out this specific day was one that the winter skies let loose with snow!  Our Iceland proposal photographer knew it would be a dreamy backdrop for photos and she was right!!  Plus to say Sara was surprised by the Heiðmörk marriage proposal would be an understatement!  Spoiler Alert: #shesaidyes!

Adventuring in the Snow!

The weather in Iceland didn’t bother these two one bit!  They seemed to just play harder as the mix of rain and snow fell.  To illustrate, Michael and Sara are both adventurous and are truly at their happiest while taking in incredible scenery.  So planning a day discovering offbeat areas with our team during their Heiðmörk marriage proposal photo session was right up their alley!

Endless laughs, cuddles, and connections followed every single step of the way, it was inspiring!  A sweet little mini picnic awaited them in-between Iceland proposal photos and exploring the area.  Fair to say they thoroughly enjoyed in the midst of the snowy conditions!

Waterfall Engagement Session

Next on the their Heiðmörk marriage proposal turned Iceland engagement session was discovering a sweet little waterfall!  The super cool thing about this waterfall is that you can not only explore the base but also take a short trek to the top.

Wool Shop Ruin in Hveragerði

As you might already know, much of Iceland is run on either geothermal or hydro power.  In the early 1900’s especially were a time when this was just beginning in the geothermal town of Hveragerði.  A wool shop was in this town and used the Varma River flow to power their shop.  Since then the wool shop has moved on but the ruins of the old building remain and have quite an interesting look beside the river still!  Michael and Sara had fun having a look inside and around the historical area.

Planning a Proposal in Iceland

Choosing an Iceland proposal location can be a challenge to select without having visited the place before.  For example, let’s say you decide on a location based on your internet research.  But then you show up early in the morning thinking you’ll avoid people, but then there are  still countless tourists, yikes!  Say goodbye to a private intimate moment…

However, that is where the expertise of hiring a local Iceland marriage proposal planner comes in!  That way, you can have a stress-free time planning an unforgettable proposal in Iceland in a location that is quite, breath-taking and exclusive to you!!  Lastly, if you love the idea of having a custom proposal plan put together for you like Michael and Sara’s Heiðmörk marriage proposal, feel free to contact us!

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