Spectacular September Iceland Wedding with Guests

Spending your wedding day surrounded by all of the people you love and adore in a country you’ve never been to sounds like fun, right?  But what about taking it up a notch and adding the factor of discovering private areas all together too!  An adventure wedding day is not about getting dressed up and having wedding photos in dynamic landscapes, it’s about the EXPERIENCE!  What you see along the way, hear from our amazing guides, what you’ll feel while at our private property locations.  Total unforgettable MAGIC and a 5 senses journey!  Imagine planning an Iceland wedding with guests that neither you two nor your guests will ever forget!

High School Friendship Blooms

Leanne and Patrick may have met in High School, but there was no love interest on either side.  At some point during college though, they realized their friendship should transition to a relationship.  After all who doesn’t want to marry their best friend!  Being together for well over ten years, these two have built an incredible life together.

For example, they pride themselves in their professional careers of Healthcare and Engineering.  Adore exploring the world near and far together, scuba diving, hockey, football, surfing, and hunting organic meat.  And even created a sweet little family with their feisty Russian Blue cat and their pup Brisket!  Further, one of our favorite traits about them is that they love to “get lost” together.  You know, the type of getting lost that requires you to put your phone down and be 100% in the moment.  #THIS!

Planning an Iceland Wedding with Guests

While deep into their relationship, they had planned a trip from Virginia Beach to Asheville, North Carolina.  Leanne thought it was a trip to celebrate Patrick’s new job, but it turned out to be way more romantic than expected!  To illustrate, Patrick surprised Leanne with a stay at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast and proposed on the beautiful property!  She said yes and planning their adventurous Iceland wedding with guests began!

Both being lovers of the outdoors and not being traditional style people, they were seeking something different to kickoff their next milestone together.  Initially thinking of eloping in Nepal, they both realized it would be stretch for friends and family to come.  So also on their bucket list was Iceland!  However, they first felt overwhelmed by all of the Iceland wedding location options!  Once they realized our Iceland Wedding Planner team were seasoned experts and also offering a very DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE than anyone else worldwide, they were hooked on planning an Iceland adventure wedding!

Why you may wonder?  As a couple, they are very outdoorsy and nature focused.  Leanne and Patrick wanted to give their guests something more than just an opportunity to come discover an awesome new country to see them get married.  Instantly, they fell in love with our teams full day experience driven wedding day concept.  Not only that, but the fact we could guarantee locations would be private and tourist free!  Providing the ultimate intimate wedding adventure experience, truly!!  A lot to be said about having a stunning location 100% to yourselves having that you “just discovered it” kind of feeling take over.

September Wedding in Iceland

September 29th 2019 came quick after planning with us for over 18 months!  Fall is a romantic time to get married in Iceland, the daylight hours get shorter as the chance for Northern Lights increases, the temperature starts to drop, rain can be hit or miss, and the ground cover actually begins to change like a proper USA fall believe it or not!

Firstly, morning began at Hotel Vik (previously affiliated with Icelandair Hotels), well before sunrise with our hair stylist, photographer, and makeup artist making things happen!  Secondly, from the invitation, welcome bags, Iceland wedding dress, and groom details, there were so many lovely details to forever document!  Thirdly, an intoxicating energy was buzzing throughout the hotel with their 30+ guests ready to go with “go bags‘ in hand!

Sunrise came and the group gathered outside to load into our awesome exclusive super jeeps!  How exciting!!  Patrick and Leanne’s Iceland wedding with guests officially begins…

Waterfalls and Wedding Adventures

Pretty sure very few things compare to having a waterfall wedding ceremony in Iceland.  Especially when you choose one of our private property waterfalls where we ensure exclusivity!  Immediately when your guests jump into the super jeeps, they are greeted by our high energy driver-guides.  While on the drive, your guests look out the window and see the unique landscapes, cross rivers, and listen to local folklore and geology.  Truly ramping up the experience right from the start even before we arrive to your private Iceland wedding ceremony location!

Upon arrival to the private property waterfall location, our Iceland Wedding Planner team set up our rental benches.  Patrick and Leanne chose to have half the group (the gals) sit and the other half stand.  Then our favorite and exclusive Pastor performed a meaningful ceremony all will remember.  On that same note, they both recited personal vows to each other as well!  Fair to say their Iceland wedding guests were utterly in awe afterwards!

Intimate Adventure Wedding Photos

While you’re adventuring together, your Iceland wedding photographer will capture each moment so you can relive it!  Look at how much fun Leanne and Patrick are having exploring around this amazing private property waterfall!  Can you picture yourself here too?

Driving in the Icelandic Highlands

There is so much of Iceland that is unexplored, untouched, and begging for you to venture to it!  Our team prides ourselves on taking you into these sort of places safely.  For example, the vast majority of the Highlands of Iceland require a super jeep on at least 38” tires, a snorkel, inflation / deflation system for the tires, proper gear, and a capable driver.

What does it mean to have a capable driver?  One who has a commercial driving license (to take people around), knows the truck he / she is driving, and understands the dynamics of crossing glacier rivers, and other rough terrain.

When you enter into the Icelandic highlands while having an Iceland wedding with guests, you’ll be stunned by the beauty that surrounds you.  Endless amounts of textures, tones, variety of landscape types, etc will really  leave you inspired!

Mountain Waterfalls and BBQ

What goes better together than having a traditional Icelandic BBQ at a mountain waterfall?  Not many things I think!  Especially during an Iceland wedding with guests!  Between chowing down on hot dogs, this group adventured around this crazy dynamic area completely being in the moment together!  Maybe even stealing a first dance, kiss or two too!

Hiking to a Private Waterfall

These two loved the idea of ditching their guests after lunch and changing the vibe to a hiking elopement for a bit!  That’s the beauty of planning an adventurous Iceland wedding with guests is that anything can go!  You and your guests can have your own separate experiences within the one overall one you embark on together.  No feelings are hurt and people are truly EXCITED for you to have some alone time!

Three Waterfalls within One!

No matter how many waterfalls line this tiny island in the North Atlantic none of them ever look similar to each other.  Therefore, when you stumble upon one that is 3 within one it’s an incredible natural gem!

Exploring a Natural Cave

Even when the weather in Iceland is decent, it can still be super fun to explore inside of a natural cave!  Especially a uniquely private one like Hjörleifshöfði!

Foggy Champagne Toast on a Black Beach!

Fog can definitely enhance the mysteriousness of an Iceland wedding day.  What better way in making it even more unforgettable for you and your guests than surprising them with an elegant champagne toast!  For instance, picture your guests toasting your amazing marriage while sipping bubbles, taking in the incredible view, and taking a little rock or sand from the volcanic beach as a forever souvenir!!  Bliss!!

Simple Iceland Wedding Reception

Sometimes having minimal decor for your Iceland wedding reception can go along way.  Simplicity at it’s best!  For real, just having white table cloths, linen napkins, nice chairs, place cards, and an Iceland wedding party favor is all your guests need to be impressed!  Plus being more practical in decorating for your Iceland wedding reception can allow you to have a more money in your budget for the rest of your Iceland honeymoon too!

Other perks of staying more simple can also mean you can splurge on treating your guests to cultural things like local food and a traditional Iceland wedding cake!  For example, Leanne and Patrick’s wedding menu was as follows…

Iceland Wedding Menu:

  • Course 1 – Creamy Angelica Soup (local herb soup)
  • Course 2 – Main Courses
    • Arctic Char
    • Lamb
    • Barley Risotto
    • Rosemary Polenta
  • Course 3 – Chocolate Souffle with local vanilla ice cream
  • Course 4 – Traditional Iceland Wedding Cake

Leanne + Patrick’s Iceland Wedding Video

Veiled in Motion team created a beautiful wedding film for these two adventurous newlyweds!  Enjoy reliving their Iceland wedding with guests in real-time below…

But before you do, how do you feel after experiencing Leanne and Patrick’s Iceland wedding with guests?  Likely inspired that a wedding experience like this is possible?!  If so, we would love to hear from you about potentially crafting your own custom experience driven adventure wedding.  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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