21 Practical Decorating Ideas to Enhance Your Iceland Wedding Reception

When you plan a destination wedding in Iceland, often one of the details that get sacrificed is reception decor.  Which is a-okay if you are adventure wedding focused and/or needing to stay close to a budget number.

But…. If you have some extra funds that you can put towards even just 3 of the items below, you will create a more memorable visual experience for your guests / selves during your fabulous Iceland wedding reception dinner.  Many of the options below are affordable and will make a huge difference in your overall ambiance during your Iceland wedding reception.

1: LOVE Balloons 

This is a personal favorite of us here at Iceland Wedding Planner because this not only is super fun (warm and inviting), but it photographs well throughout the entire night.


2: Chair Ties

Having chair ties is an affordable way to dress up your Iceland wedding reception.  Imagine how beautiful the space can look when you add in a chair tie that compliments your color scheme too!  These can easily add to the “wow factor” to your guests.


3: Place Cards

I personally love having assigned seating place cards for several reasons, such as the following: They can bring full circle your color scheme, dress up the table, give your guests something to swoon over, they can act as a “meal choice” marker, they avoid chaos / awkward moments between guests.


4: Charger Plates 


5:  Create warm ambiance with tall candles down the table


6:  Iceland Wedding Dinner Menu’s

This is a brilliant and budget friendly (even do-it-yourself) item that makes a huge difference not only in the place setting (hello pretty Iceland wedding photos) but also to your guests!  It’s nice to know what they’ll be eating, you know?  …and this is an easy way to communicate to your guests what you are offering in the bar on your tab.  I adore pretty dual purpose Iceland wedding decor items!


7: Marquee Signs 

They add a fantastic fun flare, so why not!


8: Table Runners

9: Colored Napkins

I would say 85% of the Iceland wedding venues and restaurants offer white / white linens.  The other 15% does paper napkins.  So how about bringing in your own cloth napkins that goes along with your Iceland wedding color scheme or renting some from us?

10: Hang Something in the Room!

Examples could be… A bubble wall, glass globes, a background, lights, etc.



11: Iceland Wedding Party Favors

Everyone enjoys getting a little thoughtful treat!  Add to your guests Iceland wedding adventure experience by surprising them with a party favor!  Could be things like… Icelandic Chocolates, Salts, Wool Items, Soaps, Moss/Lava Candles, Books, etc to have as your Iceland wedding favors.



12: Icelandic Wedding Cake

Did you know there is a super cool Icelandic tradition that goes with the Kransakaka (Iceland wedding cake)?

13: Napkin Rings

14: Special Glasses that are themed


15: Chandeliers

Add a easy elegance to your Iceland wedding reception decor.  Can be fancy or rustic!


16: Craft Your Own Personal Sign

What a lovely way to add a bit of your personalities into your Iceland wedding reception!  Hanging a fun sign like “The Adventure Begins,” “Adventure Together,” or even simply “Just Married” is a fun reminder of why everyone came to Iceland in the first place!


17: Chair Covers


18: Embrace the local Nature into your Design Plan

Could be including items like… Driftwood, Moss (dried like the below, do not take live), Basalt Rocks, Wool, Reindeer Furs, etc (Special Note: Please talk to landowners before you even THINK about going scavenging).



19: Chair Signs


20: Add in your Adventures Together!

Have you visited a ton of places together or have a dream to adventure together to a long list of places?!  Then incorporate those dreamy locales into your Iceland wedding reception centerpiece decor!  Guests appreciate (and often “wow-ed” by) that personal touch!

21: Rent your Iceland Wedding Reception Décor from Iceland Wedding Planner!

It’s not easy to haul an entire suitcase(s) full of wedding planning decor to Iceland (remember, I’ve been there done that almost a decade ago!)!   That said, we encourage you to take a look at the Rental section of our website and inquire about the availability of an item(s) you love.


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