Fall Iceland Wedding at Hotel Vik

When the seasons switch from summer to fall, you snuggle a little tighter and sometimes adventure a little harder.  Why?  You have the undeniable urge to do epic things before winter comes and forces you to stay inside or dress in 101 layers!  More often than not, fall is also a popular time throughout North America to get married because of those cooler temperatures and the colorful tree changes offering stunning backdrops.  Planning a fall Iceland wedding offers the same affect!

To illustrate, we still get landscape color changes, moody misty backdrops, you feel the crispness of the air and sharpness of the wind.  Truly makes you feel alive!  Or that “I just survived my wedding day feeling (lol,), either way it’s a GOOD FEELING!  Plus it’s a perfect storm for adventures and unforgettable wedding photos!  Especially when you know how to prepare for the weather in Iceland.

Larry and Krystal

How many people have you met that have had their pets bring them together?  We haven’t met many couples either!  So when our team sat down with Larry and Krystal for the first time to get to know them better we were swooning over the start of their little love story… Allow us to transport you to a town on the east coast, near to the federal capital of the USA.  Nearby to Krystal ad Larry’s individual homes, was a sweet little dog park.  Each would bring their pups to run, play and socialize with the other dogs.

But this is where it gets good… Krystal had two dogs playing and Larry had one running around.  Those 3 social butterflies became fast friends and formally introduced their owners!  Next, the dogs were inseparable from each other and Larry and Krystal quickly followed suit realizing the endless list of things they had in common and the wild connection they shared!

Connecting on countless things like a passion for travel, CrossFit, hiking, hockey, and of course their pups, these two grew their relationship fast!  Comes naturally when you find a person that compliments you and your lifestyle in every way shape and form!  Speaking from experience of course 😉

Dog Park Proposal Turns Fall Iceland Wedding Adventure

Returning to the dog park many many months later, these two were there witnessing the famed blood moon.  It was there after midnight and in -15 degrees Larry chose to propose!  100% surprised, Krystal gushed in excitement and said yes!  Having already planned a European trip to partake in Oktoberfest, these two knew a destination wedding would be a grand way to kick off the adventure!

Google searches of “Can you get married in Iceland” to “the best Iceland wedding planner” led them to our informative website.  Then realizing we offer a very difference kind of wedding day experience, they were hooked on planning a fall Iceland wedding adventure!  Things that were the most important to them was having an intimate private wedding ceremony with their nearest and dearest immediate family members.  No tourists, no interruptions, just them in the middle of raw rugged Icelandic nature!

Fall Iceland Wedding at Hotel Vik

One of our favorite things are Larry and Krystal is that they are realists.  During our initial 2-3 hour vetting call, they straight up said, “We know the weather is going to suck” but that it would just add to the wild experience and their story!  And oh it did!  That September morning was foggy, rainy and began before sunrise.   Our hair, makeup and adventure wedding photographer were all tending to Krystal and Larry’s needs and details.

Likely if you’re a weekly follower of our Iceland Wedding Planner blog, you know we are huge fans of hotels that can uphold a standard we Americans have grown to love and expect.  Hotel Vik (formally known as Icelandair Vik in 2019) is one of our faves and was the host hotel for Krystal, Larry, and their 10 guests.  Shortly before 8am the group gathered in the lobby ready with “go bags” in hand and exuding so much excitement!  Our exclusive super jeep team was outside ready to lock, load, and get the adventurous day started!

September Waterfall Wedding

Traveling to one of our very first private waterfalls in our portfolio, always brings back fond memories to our original mission… To introduce couples to the pure, untouched sides of Iceland which will leave you with a total “I just discovered it” inspired feeling!  Never ever does it get old saying to our groups, “Welcome to your private waterfall” as it comes into view!

Choosing to have have a few traditional elements within a non-traditional environment is a-okay!  Beauty of planning an adventure wedding!  Krystal and Larry wanted to have the traditional walks down the “aisle,” a seated ceremony, and a religious one.  Even though, the skies brought mist, it was such a dreamy heartfelt fall Iceland wedding ceremony!

Hiking in Canyons

When hiking is big part of your relationship, why not have it be a part of your fall wedding in Iceland journey?  Just because you have guests joining you, doesn’t mean you have to curb your level of adventure.  After all, that is the  allure of our style of experience driven weddings, your guests can opt in or out.

For instance, during this fall wedding in Iceland, there were a few guests which did not want to embark on the hike through the canyon in the rain.  So one of our team members stayed with them in the truck telling folklore stories and answering questions about Iceland.  Believe it or not, from the truck those guests who opted out of the hiking wedding location, they were still surrounded by incredible landscape views!

Pretty sure these two newlyweds enjoyed every single second of that rainy hike and have such fun photos to remember it by!

Is it Narnia or Iceland?

September can be hit or miss with rain but the good news is it crafts the most amazing things in the process… Like what you ask?  New waterfalls!  Cannot tell you how many times we’ve scouted an area or been to it and then suddenly on a rainy fall Iceland wedding day it looks TOTALLY different and leaves you full of inspiration!  Adore and thrive on that feeling, truly!  Especially when the areas look like their own little planet or transfer you to the magical world of Narnia!

Natural Cave Exploration

Natural caves in Iceland are almost as abundant as waterfalls.  There is something really special about exploring them during your wedding or elopement in Iceland too.  I would compare it to feeling like you’re part of history!  Likewise they are also a sweet escape from a rainy day too!

Discovering Misty Canyons

Remember how we said that rain creates such a dreamy mysterious backdrop for fall Iceland wedding photos?  Discovering their way through this gorgeous misty canyon was so inspiring!  Not to mention driving through rivers in the super jeep is a whole other experience in itself!!

Roadside Waterfalls and 360 Views

Sometimes weather challenges planned locations within our Iceland wedding schedule.  But don’t fret!  As advertised, our team always has a plan A, B, C, D, etc to ensure there is a equally stunning spot in its place!  So when the wind was too fierce to explore a nearby mountaintop, we “plan b” with a private property waterfall that is roadside and often missed.

Vik Restaurant: The Berg

Getting back to the hotel later that evening, the group had time to rest and fresh before sharing a meal together inside The Berg!  A delicious end to such an intimate unique day!  Finding yourself inspired and ready to plan your own private fall Iceland wedding at Hotel Vik?  We’d love to hear from you if so!  Contact us for more information on getting that exciting adventure started!

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