Iceland Marriage Proposal in a Cave

Fall heading into winter is one of the most popular times to propose and for couples to get engaged.  Likely because summer lovin’ turns to the cozy and cuddliness of fall.  The leaves fall to the ground and we wait for the bed of white to appear.  With the season change, we are all ingrained with a sense of hope.  Maybe hope for a bright exciting future together equaling an Iceland marriage proposal?

Traveling to Iceland to Propose

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada Matthew and Anita always had Iceland on their wanderlust list.  Curious to explore the offbeat places in Iceland and adventure every inch together, December was the month they finally settled on.  Little did Anita know though Matthew, contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team to plan a surprise Iceland marriage proposal!

Deciding on an Iceland Proposal Location

Countless places await you to discover when researching the best places to propose in Iceland!  But maybe you want help from local experts because the task is overwhelming?  Good idea that will surely leave you worry free!  Our proposal planning process is flawless, exciting, and leaves no room for confusion.

For example, from your feedback of top 3 proposal locations in Iceland, we craft a custom timeline for the day.  Also we ensure there is a plan A, B, C, and D ready to go as needed.  We give specific direction and guidance on how to propose to (IE, location within the location, timing, etc) so you can focus on your forever favorite and not be stressed!

Iceland Marriage Proposal in a Cave

Let’s get back to Matthew and Anita!  These two met our talent Iceland proposal photographer under the impression they were getting an offbeat tour experience.  However, after hiking and arriving to the cave that December afternoon, the photographer asked if she could have Matthew’s phone to take a photo for them to remember because the light was so nice.  While she was telling direction, she switched to her professional camera and Matthew got down on one knee!

Anita was super surprised by the Iceland marriage proposal and immediately, kissed and hugged Matthew in excitement!  Matthew proposed a lifetime of adventure to Anita with a Tiffany & Co. ring too!  Lots of giggles and smiles followed when she realized it was being captured!!  After delighting in a celebratory glass of champagne, they were ready to embark on an adventurous engagement session!

Exploring after Popping the Question

Nothing compares to the high you feel after a proposal… It is truly euphoria!  You get a blast of energy, ooze love, and likely your cheeks will hurt from smiling!  So adding in exploring interesting landscapes to your Iceland marriage proposal really takes the experience up a notch to a whole other level!  And adventure together is what they did!

Inspired to Plan a Proposal in Iceland?

Lastly, is Matthew and Anita’s Iceland marriage proposal leaving you utterly inspired to plan your own?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to help you craft an unforgettable day, feel free to contact us for more information.

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